Little Girl

Author: crasiezt

Blue water as far as the eye can see
Sparkling sand moulded into a grand castle
Waves gleaming in the golden sun
And a little boy in red shorts.

A chick in a black bikini
Slathering sunblock all over her long sexy legs
Making sure no spot remains
And a cutie drools.

A little girl picking up grains of the pristine sand
Tossing the shiny diamonds into the water
The waves washing her face
Dissolving her tears…

She is drawing the sun
Making a big smile on its face
Fighting back fresh tears
Glistening with joy.


65 Responses to “Little Girl”

  1. Gonecase

    Ohho ! Desi beach ....Kya baat hai kya baat hai :P
    Par waise ek baat bata, ye chicks se obsession kya hai tera, har jagah sexy factor ghusa deti hai ?????
    Good one waise, ek baar fir....progress progress, ehehehe !!

  2. Prakhar

    Why the little one is crying?

  3. Anonymous

    Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on Randomness at its best took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

    BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  4. Anonymous

    Joyful post :)

    do visit me too.

  5. gunj

    samajh aata to kuch comment karti main!!
    abhi i just cant picture it!!

  6. rantravereflect

    different peopel on the beach-- well, i could almost picture all of them there!!
    ya paint an awesum pic with ya words!

  7. gunj

    btw just in case u dint notice..i tagged ya!

  8. Princess Mia

    I feel like Goa reading this post....

    BTW nice one, glad that u updated yur blog after a while eh

  9. geet

    abbey mujhe lagta hai tere mein isse bhi zayada talent hai,likhne ka ...i just know it!!!

    but this poem is nice,good observation..but why the little girl is crying??

    HUGS :-)

  10. geet

    @goneyy lol @ye chicks waala obsession.

    crazy mein vi yehi soch ri thi...

  11. Sutta

    You surely can do tons better!

    I agree with Gonecase, progress on the way! :)

  12. Beauty and the BEast

    This reminded me of something I had seen not-so-long ago along one of the konkan stretches

    The sand was a salty white and the waves crashed on those million grains in a lacey froth. The beach was almost empty save for a little girl dressed in a white skirt and blue top. She stood there letting the waves lick her feet and smiled, as one would smile affectionately at the greeting of an excited puppy. The setting sun formed a Halo around her, making her almost ethereal.

    I was wondering why she was on that beach all alone, when a body rose from the water. She was wearing a black bathing suit and as the the water glistened off her body, she reminded me of a mermaid with legs. She certainly did seem like she had sprung out of nowhere. She went to the little girl and hugged her and together the began walking away from me...

    I dont know why this stayed with me for so long, but it did! And your word suddenly brought this memory rushing to my mind...

    Its beautiful!

  13. Reeta Skeeter


  14. Friendly nextdoor guy

    really random!!
    no strings attached

  15. Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    I liked it yaar... but i am wondering ... why is the little one crying.. i dont like when kids cry :(

    tell her to stop crying... :)

  16. Ankur

    kewl... good one!!!

    i can actually imagine it!!!

    good work!!!


  17. Express

    Lovely, the end brought a smile to my face...

    Becoming a fan of ur poetry,
    You are too good u knw..

  18. Keshi

    sounds like my emotions today...

    beautiful yet sad. HUGZ!


  19. BIG Omi

    good one.... i somehow feel that its about you..

    thou if am weong i will be happy.. it had lotta emotions..

  20. BIG Omi

    typo- wrong*


    Was the pisture complete?Well i think need not be.It is never necessary that all pictures should be perfect.There are no reasons for everything..
    i liked the blog.
    i beleive we have just sensed the tip of an ice berg.
    waiting for more.
    When u get time do visit MAN IN PAINTING...

  22. ranjana

    i liked the way you have portrayed the diversity of beach

  23. geet

    oye kaamini.... maine sarkar raj dekh li.. ab bolo kaise??

    well after Oh-NO spoiler attack frm u...i started watching the movie and it sucked big was So slow and boring... abhishek modern bhikhari ho gaya hai yaar..uska kuch karo.. nahin uske baalon ka kuch karo...

    but then mazza nahin aaya..witin 20 mins of the movie, i stopped it and started watching it from the last to the start... i should say ..IT WAS AMAZING. the plot,death,plots,plot and lastly the boring govinda chants...

    sab teri meherbaani hai ladki..;)

  24. Echo

    ok if i understood it right,then the last line is anti climax!!hehehe!!(ok ok no dirt thr!)
    but yeah thrs this thing bout ur poems i noticed...they start on a fine note...mid way sadness dawns n when u think its gonna be a really sad n dreary ending,ur r taken by surprise by the positivity of the last line!!me likes tht!!a lot!
    oh btw-now i hav a proof tht i actually read it!!hehe!

  25. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Look who's talking! All your stories revolve around sex..but that's OK! Maine babe ke baare mein thoda sa likh diya to problem ho gayi!!!

    Thanks waise:D

  26. crasiezt

    Prakhar: She's a kid, and kids have don't need a reason to cry or laugh:P

    Welcome here by the way!

  27. crasiezt

    Ray: Thanks a ton man! Will definitely give it some more thought!

    Welcome to my blog..and do keep reading!

  28. crasiezt

    Sam: Thanks dude!

    Will check out your page soon! Welcome to my space:-)

  29. crasiezt

    Gunj: LOL kya samajh ni aaya? It's so simple!!!
    Doosron ki tarah complicated poetry hoti hi ni hai mere se:D

  30. crasiezt

    Rant: And you make me smile with your words:-) Thanks babe!

  31. crasiezt

    Gunj: Yes I did notice..which is why I said "Grrrrr" in the comment:P

  32. crasiezt

    Princess: Thanks girl!
    Am so bloody busy that I'm replying to comments after a week..dunno when am gonna be able to update!!

  33. crasiezt

    Geet: Yaar poetry mein inna hi talent hai:-( I know I don't write poems too well, but phir bhi chaap deti hoon! Tereko pasand aayi, good hai phir:-)

    Yaar bachhe to ainwe hi rote hain na:P

  34. crasiezt

    Geet: Oye koi obsession ni to situation ki demand thi:D

  35. crasiezt

    Sutta: Hmmph!*sticks out her rather pink tongue*

    Dude, am not a poet..this is all I can write!!

  36. crasiezt

    Beauty: Thanks for liking my poem:-)
    I like your memory more than my poem though!!

  37. crasiezt

    Skeety: :-)

  38. crasiezt

    Friendly: Yeah it brings out the title of my blog so well:D Thanks!

  39. crasiezt

    Rahul: She did stop crying!! In the last stanza she overcame her desire to cry..
    "...Fighting back fresh tears
    Glistening with joy."

    Happy now? :D

  40. crasiezt

    Ankur: Thanks man!

  41. crasiezt

    Express: It did? Am glad! Been long since you dropped by..busy eh?

    And ahem! fan!!! I was about to get all happy, when i saw the ":P" smiley..and now I wonder if that was sarcasm!!

  42. crasiezt

    Keshi: Awwww what's up girl?

  43. crasiezt

    Omi: LOL how is it about me? Which of the characters is me there???

    It's just a figment of my imagination:-)

  44. crasiezt

    Man: Yeah it ain't the complete picture..coz like you said it ain't needed all the time!

    Thanks for visiting and all the praise too:-)
    Will visit you sometime soon!

  45. crasiezt

    Ranjana: Thank you so much!

    Thanks for dropping by here:-)

  46. crasiezt

    Geet: LOL ab se hamesha aisa hi karoongi:P *devilish cackle*

  47. crasiezt

    Echo: Yupp you did read it:D

    I never really noticed that myself to be honest! I just writing and I stop only when am done..maybe my brain functions that way or something...

  48. Akshay

    I need a beach holiday......abhi ke leye poem se hi kaam chalana padega...

  49. Anonymous

    wowo u know..i simply loved those last lines ma'am!!

    Fighting back fresh tears
    Glistening with joy.

    simply amazing!!!

  50. crasiezt

    Akshay: LOL! SO did you have fun at this beach:D

  51. crasiezt

    Samby: Shukriya!
    Glad that you liked my scribbling:-)

  52. Akshay

    oh si...Gracias Senora!!

  53. ♪♪HARINI♪♪

    heya this the first time im visitng ur blog n i totally loved it.... amazing poem...
    rock on.. cio later
    n chk my blog out when u can :p

  54. Anonymous

    achhi me accha laga :)

  55. Express

    Errmm, no, not sarcasm, go get happy! ":-P" :-D

    Yea, back home, pune kept me soo busy, just trying to cope up with collg and stuff now..

    How ve u been?

  56. crasiezt

    Akshay: Tengo el placer :D

  57. crasiezt

    Harini: Hey welcome to my page girl! Will definitely check out your blog:-)


  58. crasiezt

    Samby: Thanks yaar:-)

  59. crasiezt

    Express: Oh you're back!! Did you update your blog then? Lemme check!!

    I'm doing pretty good babe. How was the Pune stint?

    And thanks for the happiness:D

  60. C R D

    hey..u described everything just fine..but why is the kid crying?? :O

    or are u just trying to show how nature makes ur forget our sorrows?

    and oh, thnx for the comment :)


  61. Nitu

    Ok..frankly I am not getting it..How many characters, who is doing what and why?

  62. crasiezt

    CRD: It's for you to interpret why the kid is crying:-)

  63. crasiezt

    Nitu: LOL that was actually a very simple poem!! Read it again and you'll see

  64. Anonymous

    fantastic pic.. two young minds heading on their own. one on a defensive way, other towards self destruction.

  65. crasiezt

    Spectator: Thanks! And Welcome here:-)

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