Where is the love?

Author: crasiezt

Some things never change
Some people don’t want to
Things go from bad to worse
But what do you do?
Live with it!

Petty issue he says it is
You think so too
But before you know it
It snowballs into something big
And ends…

You don’t want it to end
You enjoy being miserable
You’re at peace with the sorrow
But you know it can’t last forever
It has to stop!

But what when it stops?
No joy, no fun, no happiness
Just gloom everywhere
Pain and guilt-why did it stop?
Maybe it should start again?

All this makes me wonder
Where is the love?
Only in movies, books and songs?
Or does it exist in my life?
Yes! And I love every moment of it!


110 Responses to “Where is the love?”

  1. Gonecase

    love is permanent..lovers r temporary..so y stick to one, when he's gonna ebb away into nothing..go out and explore....so why worry about gloom ??

    Waise pehle wo post, ab ye poem, ho kya raha hai ??

    Par poem achi hai :D

  2. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Oye meri line mujhe chipka di!!! Saale chor...copyright infringement:P

    You liked the poem? Coming from you that's a real BIG compliment Mr Poet:D Thanks!
    Cliched it may sound, but dil se likhi hai..you know that:-)

    As for "kya ho raha hai" well...like you don't know:P

  3. Gonecase

    I know teri hi line hai isliye chipkayi ki jab ye philosophy hai to tension kya hai ?? It was to remind you, no copyright infringement dhakkan :P

    Ofcourse I did like the poem, par tu complement ka to aise keh rahi hai jaise maine aaj tak tujhe koi complement diya hi nahi, grrrrr....

    Par waise ho kya raha hai, I don't know :P

  4. Crimson Feet

    :)... come to the greener side baby, come to the greener side!!

  5. chacha

    Krazy: tujhe bhi kucch ho gaya hai Sid ki to lag gayi, do ch***e mil gaye usse free fokat mein... khair you dont come across as miserable depressed whatever... thodi daadi waadi bana ke rakha kar fir :D

    Ya simple sa reason oil barrel aur biwi ke bhaav wala chakkar... $ aur bandiyo mein similarity... kya kare tujhe bhi life se bahut kuchch chaiye lagta hai.... same problem...

    khuda ne mujhe khuda banaya hota khuda ki laga deta...

  6. Echo

    nice nice...
    ending mast hai!

  7. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Of course you've given me compliments in the past..but they mean a lot to me..honestly!

    So do you want me to follow that philosophy? Bull crap!

    Ho kya raha hai???? I thought "personal lives" were not supposed to be discussed here..mu mat khulwa mera:P

  8. crasiezt

    Crimson: This is my greener side baby:P

  9. crasiezt

    Chach: Oye no depression...did you not read the last few lines of the poem? Am fucking happy!!

    By the way I didn't understand that stuff in asterix. If it is what I think it is, then spelling wrong hai..SMS me:D

    Awesome last line hero! Khuda ko tere se door rehna chahiye:P

  10. crasiezt

    Echo: You read it..LOL. Thanks babe!!

  11. chacha

    krazy: yup spelling is wrong... gadbad ho gayi :D

  12. Pranay

    Nice....but last line again...U r loving wondering if love exists in your life???? coz that's what it says..correct if I m wrong...;)

  13. --xh--

    pain and angiush? whn u r in love with ur life, what ever it throws at u, u enjoy it...
    love the ending :)

  14. Aditi ''Jiggs''


    sadness ha
    part of life

    i guess ill have to edit my name from the song n sing it for u :P

    ohh craziest hasde hasde tu jaara


  15. gunj

    do wat i told u to do....it will sure help...if not nw, but smetime soon!
    also thrz lotsa happiness ahead, just get ur OWN priorities clear first!!
    we need another talking session....buzz me wen free oka!
    love ya lots

  16. Alok

    When you look for Love
    In the bleak chambers
    Of others' minds
    When you wish someone to Love

    Remember to look, not see
    Love is everywhere
    But most importantly,
    Love is nowhere
    But inside you.

    Okay okay.. that was way too cliched, but I guess I've just summarised your poem, right? :)

  17. Anonymous

    Thats awesome poetry. There was a time when i used to write poems out of sheer pain n they were pretty good too, but since pain has vaned, so has my poetry....

    super post!!!

  18. Anonymous

    nice one and deep meaning poem!!

  19. Sutta

    I didn't liked the poem. :(
    But last line padhke happy for you!! :-)

  20. Princess Mia

    another good one from u, totally heartfelt i'd say....btw dropped in the email, mili ki nahi

  21. Princess Mia


    *but since pain has vaned, so has my poetry....

    aha....good to read tat it has vaned

  22. Beauty and the BEast

    I have always had this problem of 'letting-go', It always sounds so much easier than it actually is!

    And surprisingly when I was there and fighting, try as hard as I might I couldnt focus on the smiles we shared, it was all about tiffs. And now that the love(r) is gone, its all I can seem to remember.. how he made me smile!!

    Damn! This one was too close!

    Loved being here!

  23. Ankur

    **You don’t want it to end
    You enjoy being miserable
    You’re at peace with the sorrow
    But you know it can’t last forever
    It has to stop!

    beautiful lines.. but so not true!!! :)

    u wish that it never ends and yet it does... u dont feel miserable but when u lost it u urself become a misery, u r not in peace with the sorrow but u r in love with the love!!!!

    and above all u want the feeling to continue and last forever!!! :)

    still a beautiful poem, i have understood wat u want to convey, but still i think love is the most beautiful thing which happens to one!!! :)

    P.s. i m here Ms "in Meeting" :D

  24. Pranay

    No no. Got it...but the line still says something different... Anyway..Good u r happy...most of us don't have that luxury...:)

  25. Keshi

    true girl..we humans find it so hard to love w.o. putting conditions into it. Sadly.


  26. chacha

    All this is life, if not love.
    A simple (homegrown) rule of relations:
    The output and expectations have strange co-relation with time in case of relationships.
    Expectations increase exponentially and the results stagnates or never able to catch-up. And then one day, suddenly you break all the expectations and start a new relationship.. haha.. the same circle again.
    Who's fault? May be thats the way we are. Can we do a little analysis there. May be thats not the way we are. Or May be thats not the way we should be.

  27. C R D

    lovely poem...perfectly described the way a person feels wen just outta love...

    keep posting

  28. elusive

    **You enjoy being miserable
    You’re at peace with the sorrow

    many ppl might find those lines crazy but they are SO bang on! nice poem..passionate is the word :)

  29. Smokin Joe

    I normally dont like poems.. but this one i did, cause was i able to understand it. nice one lady!

  30. Nirmal's Blog

    i have heard WHAT IS LOVE???

    but this is first time WHERE IS LOVE??..lol

  31. geet

    abbey tujhe kya hua hai..itti jaldi updates..wahan goneyy yahan tu bhi..i was thinking ki weekend per check karungi...aur yahan dekhoo!!love ki kahaniyaan chappi jaa ri hain :-)

    poem:feels from the heart.. just simple true worlds...

    saala koi petty issues nai hote..the subject in the post should keep on communication with the person whaatever petty they are..else it will start building up...

    where is the love: pata hai..yesterday only i was had this question ..do people fall head over heels for their love... i mean Head over Heels yaar....atleast not in my case :-)...

  32. geet

    grr..i cant delete my prev comment.. full or errors..sorry hai..manage kar lena :P

  33. Reeta Skeeter

    At peace with the sorrow...naaaish...
    Happy blogging!

  34. crasiezt

    Chacha: Dekh ke type kiya kar bey..spelling mistake karta hai!! Chal koi ni...I got the point:D

  35. crasiezt

    Pranay: Wondering and realizing that it does exist in my life:-)

  36. crasiezt

    Xh: Imagine life without pain..seems utopian and boring! I like it this way:-)
    Thanks for liking the ending!

  37. crasiezt

    Aditi: That was really very sweet!! But babe didn't you read the last line? I'm happy!!

  38. crasiezt

    Gunj: Priorities? LOL!!
    Yaar ab sab thik hai..last line padh poem ki:-)

    Will chat over the weekend if I get a chance like last time:D
    Love you loads too girl! Tons of kisses to you:-)

  39. crasiezt

    Alok: Was that original? Awesome lines man! Real good stuff!

    Yupp you've pretty much summarised the "good" part of my poem, deleting all the glumness:-)

  40. crasiezt

    Ashu: Am so glad there's no pain in your life now..*touchwood*
    But is it necessary to feel pain to write something? Mostly yes, but I know people who write about stuff that they haven't experienced themselves!

    Thanks for calling it a super post:-) *elated*

  41. crasiezt

    Sam: Not sure about the "deep" bit, but came from the heart!
    Thanks dude:-)

  42. crasiezt

    Sutta: Oh you didn't!! Damn it I failed to impress you:P

    But thanks for the khushi for my khushi:D

  43. crasiezt

    Princess: Yeah babe completely from the heart that was! Thanks!

    And like you know, got the mail and replied..got another and replied too!!

    P.S Why the change of name? Watched Princess Diaries recently eh? Anne is so darn gorgeous, don't you think? Have you seen Devil Wears Prada? Awesome outfits in it! *turns red with envy*

  44. crasiezt

    Beauty: Totally and completely understand what you mean. And I agree it's tough to let go even if it's a small thing:-(

    Am sorry it ended that way for you, but life's still going on...You'll find someone else to make you smile..or have you already found one?

    Am glad you liked this piece. Keep dropping by:-) Welcome here!!

  45. crasiezt

    Ankur: Yaar kya likha hai? Samajh mein ni aaya:-( Will ask Gonecase to interpret it for me:D

  46. crasiezt

    Pranay: You got it finally:D
    What "differrent"???

    And what luxury man? It's a neccesity..just that you have to work towards it:-)

  47. crasiezt

    Keshi: Unconditional love would be so weird!

  48. crasiezt

    Chacha: Nobody's at fault. That's human nature. It's easy to say that you don't expect anything from your partner (or anyone else) in a relationship. But that isn't true!

    You always expect something..the degree varies with people, but it always exists. And isn't that what drives you to do better?

  49. crasiezt

    CRD: Thanks! But outta love?? Hey no way! Read the last line..am very much IN love mate!!

    Thanks for visiting..keep popping up:-)

  50. crasiezt

    Elusive: Thanks babe! Am happy you got the message!!

  51. crasiezt

    Smokin: Thanks dude!
    So you do understand something that ain't a cartoon:P LOL

  52. crasiezt

    Nirmal: Yeah man I'm original:D

  53. crasiezt

    Geet: Kinni mistakes kar di tune?? Popat:D

    Yaar poem likhne mein zyada time ni lagta:D Tu der se update karti hai, but I'm a little quicker:D Visit karti raha kar!

  54. crasiezt

    Skeety: Long time girl!!

  55. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    I love the positive end!

    This was really nice. Pat yourself on your back. :)

  56. geet

    visit to hum aapko karte rahenge sarkaar... you are the first blogger i visited after gunj.and you always hold a special place in my heart 'coz i like the way you are. mwahhh!!! hugs

  57. Keshi

    aha..we r like

    'u make me happy and I make u happy'

    so fake ya know.


  58. Anonymous

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  59. Emaan

    love is in my mommy's eyes when she kisses me with tenderness, and in my dad's hugs when he gets home from work :-)
    nice blog

  60. rantravereflect

    loveddddddddddddd ya poem babeee!! practical, pragmatic, no-nonsense- n jus like ya:):):)

    lurvedddddddddddd teh last line babeeee!!
    we love livin our love lives bollywood ishtyleeeeee- with the ups n the downs, n yehhh we tag n trudge along like life n love has never been betta:)

  61. Anonymous

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  62. Ankur

    haha... i can understand!! ;)


  63. Anonymous

    Seems Like you were DUMPED again. Get a life er.. Get a Boy Friend Loooser.

  64. Nitu

    Luved it..particularly, the last line. At the end, it all fall back to self.

  65. crasiezt

    Busy: Thanks babe! *pats back and looks around smugly*

  66. crasiezt

    Geet: Ab rulayegi kya:P
    Muah to you too babe..tussi vi kaafi special ho ji:D

  67. crasiezt

    Keshi: Totally:D

  68. Gonecase

    Anonymous Asshole:
    I would have loved to reply to your crap but since you don't even have the guts to stand up and speak, I pity you. I pity you for you being such a loser ! So no abuses from my side and I request everyone here to have pity on this poor soul...bechare ko maaf kar do !!

  69. crasiezt

    Ashu: Oooooh good stuff, lemme check it out:D

  70. crasiezt

    Emaan: Awwww that's what true love is all about:-)
    Thanks and keep dropping by!

  71. crasiezt

    Rant: Thanks a ton girl! Life is so filmy isn't it:D

  72. crasiezt

    Ashu: Oh there's more..darn I'll check it right now!!

  73. crasiezt

    Ankur: Dude what can you understand?

    I think we're both getting mixed up here..what I was saying is that I didn't understand your comment and so I'll ask Gonecase to figure it out..what were you referring to man??

  74. crasiezt

    Anony: I would love to reply, but as Gonecase- MY BOYFRIEND has already screwed you so royally, there will be no need to do that..LOSER

    But really I wonder what your IQ level is man..tsk tsk

  75. crasiezt

    Nitu: Thank you thank you:-)

  76. crasiezt

    Gonecase: *speechless with laughter*
    Mmmmmmuah for that awesome comment!

  77. Ankur

    abe mujhe laga ki tujhe samajh main aya par tu na samajhne ka natak kar rahi hai... ab pata chala ki tujhe seriously samajh main nahi aya!!!

    Sigh!!! :(((

  78. crasiezt

    Ankur: *feels super dumb*

  79. Tairebabs

    This post reminded me of all the relationships I have ever been in. The whole ups and downs etc. very nice. My favourite part:

    You enjoy being miserable
    You’re at peace with the sorrow.

    Nice post

  80. geet

    @goneyy : WAH WAH WAH ... taaliyaan :-)..for tht thoku reply to anony.

    @anony: if ppl have turned on the option of anony comments, that doesnt mean you keep shitting around..get a life !!

  81. Anonymous

    whooops! I am sorry for hurting your sentiments. I have realised my folly and vow to rectify my behaviour . I hereby am turning a new leaf. Old leaves shed.

    oh btw, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm

  82. Ankur

    ***feels super dumb*

    i can understand the technical problem with u... bhagwan ne tujhe aisa hi banaya hai na ;) :P :P


  83. Ankur

    btw...just kidding!!! :D :D


    P.S. mujhe laga ki kahin mera joke bhi samajh main nahi aaya toh ;) ;) :D

  84. crasiezt

    Taire: Oh thanks babe! I'm glad you see the conneection with you life:-)

  85. crasiezt

    Geet: Sid's reply was indeed awesome:D Let that guy fuck himself over and over again..he obviously has no life...

  86. crasiezt

    Ankur: I got the joke silly, but you still haven't gotten my point bozo:P

  87. nefariousoutlook

    loving without conditions !! well something that we as ppl should learn!!

    beautiful poem lady :)

  88. Keshi

    Hi sweetz!


  89. sukhi

    hi, saw u in bugs scrap.
    Me from HCU as well.
    seen u couple of times on campus.
    have been reading ur blog...quite interesting it is!
    saw u at daily breads this afternoon..wanted to talk but...
    please tell me where is spratt parlous.

  90. Sayani

    love like flowing river washes its as its course follows the rule

    a great expression

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  92. Sutta

    BOSS!! Time ho gaya for sumthin new. :P

  93. Rahul.. in the city of dreamz


    how do u find inspiration to write like this?

    first time writer.. million times visitor here :)


  94. crasiezt

    Keshi: Heeey 'sup?

  95. crasiezt

    Sukhi: I'm wondering if I noticed you at DB yesterday..you should have said hi!

    Which course were you doing at HCU? Am sorry but I don't think I know you:-( Gimme some clues here!!!

    But it's nice to know that you like my blog! Thanks and keep visiting:-)

    Spratt is on Brigade road..close to Eva Mall. There is a road adjacent Coffee Day. Spratt is a few metres down that street, on the left:-)

  96. crasiezt

    Sayani: Hey thanks! Keep visiting:-)

  97. crasiezt

    Alpesh: Shit man I had no idea!! I feel honoured beyond words!!!! Am on top of the world right now:-) Thanks!

  98. crasiezt

    Sutta: Your wish is my command master:P

  99. crasiezt

    Rahul: You've visited my page so much, but why no comments huh?

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I'll check out your page too..keep dropping by:-)

  100. crasiezt

    Just to make it a 100:P

  101. Linq


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  102. Bogged

    A green side on red letters!A band-aid to fix the wound, but is it required, eh!? Liked the poem rodie!Good use of red for the "start" and the "end"!!! Liked it rodie....:)

  103. Anonymous

    sahi hai..u ended it nicely....alls well that ends well aint it?

  104. crasiezt

    Alpesh: No problems man!
    Thanks a ton:-)

  105. crasiezt

    Bogged: Been ages since you came here coyote! Thanks!
    July ain't too far away now, is it:D

  106. crasiezt

    Samby: Thanks buddy!
    Yupp sab thik hai:-)

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