Touch me!

Author: crasiezt

I’m in favor of PDA. Totally and completely. Not the intense kind that would best be recorded and filmed for “pleasure viewing”. I like the subtle kinds…
I would love it if my guy would hug me (instead of giving me a lame handshake) before I got into the train. I would want him to kiss me goodbye at the airport if I were going away for a month to Venezuela. His arm around my waist or mine around his as we walk down the road to a restaurant for dinner…my arm through his while we are shopping for his T-shirt…his fingers finding mine, a peck on the cheek…I live for such stuff!
Sex has nothing to do with it. A touch doesn’t have to be sexual…sensual perhaps. Having his arm around my shoulder makes me feel good. Secure. Cared for. Not like I’m expecting to get abducted from a mall, but what the heck, he’s my guy and I want to be physically close to him! What is the point of having a boyfriend if I can’t hold his arm in public?


Pranay's tag!

Author: crasiezt

I feel like a stranger on my own blog!! Been ages since I posted something..I vow to not do that again though...

Ok so as the title of the post goes, this is a tag that I did coz Pranay tagged me. What was I required to do? In his own words...

"Write a Poem/Prose with the first letters of consecutive words being the consecutive letters in the alphabet.You can go upto as many letters as you can...Try to get to 26!!"

Here's the final product. Not half as good as what he wrote, but well this is it:-)

A Big Corny Dazed Elephant
Fires Guns Hanging Inside Jeeps
Kills Lions, Monkeys Nicely
Opens Packets Queerly
Relishes Some Taffy
Under Vines Weeps
Xylophone Yells ZZZZZZZZ!


SHE always knows..PART 2

Author: crasiezt

N didn’t want P to get mixed up with that shallow, two-faced conniving piece of shit. But of course he didn’t think she was any of these. He failed to see through her farce- all he could see was a bubbly, fun-loving, spirited girl. The idea that her man was friends with a super-fake person pained N. She was sure M had romantic/sexual feelings for P, but he was oblivious to this fact. When she did finally mention what she felt, he strongly denied that something of this sort was plausible. “She’s just your average girl” is what he said.

They had already had several arguments over this issue with no conclusions. Both of them would merely shout at each other for a while, sit in different rooms, and finally one of them would break the ice and they would end up having great make-up sex. After a few days the issue would come up again and the process repeated. A vicious circle with no beginning and definitely no end. N had no clue how she could possibly get out of this predicament.

Now N is sitting all by herself, thinking of the best way to finish off M and make it look like an accident, when P appears in front of her. He wraps his arms around her slender legs and looks into her eyes. She looks away, not knowing how to react to that sudden act of love and affection.

P: (Tenderly) She won’t stay with us. Don’t worry. I’ll think of something.

He kisses her forehead lightly.

4 years later..

N looks stunning in a red ghagra choli and resplendent jewelry- it’s her wedding day! The glow on her face is matched only by that on P’s visage. They look lovely together, basking in each other’s happiness; perfect. People keep coming up to them to congratulate them or just to chat up.

A DJ churns out the very best of Bollywood and Punjabi music as kids and youngsters have fun exhibiting their dancing talents (or a lack of them) on the huge dance floor. Chaat- from Golgappe to Bhelpuri, Chinese cuisine- from Koi Thio to Chopsuey, Indian delicacies- from Paneer Tikka to Butter Chicken…all spread out in the banquet hall, smelling as bit as divine as they looked. It was as if nothing could go wrong today. Then M stepped into the hall with a bouquet of orchids.

Their reactions were diametrically opposite. Her smile faltered, while his became, if possible, even stronger.

N: You invited her????
P: Of course I did. And told you too. Forgot? Ok ok look happy now. She’s right

M hugs N and almost hugs P but stops when she gets a malevolent look from N.

M: Wow N you look gorgeous! Great to have met you at last…and that too on such a special day!

N gives M a simpering smile.

M: By the way P, you’re looking quite hot too!
P: (sheepishly) Thanks. And it’s really great that you made it.
M: (laughs loudly) Don’t be so formal. You literally begged me on your knees to come…how could I say no? Anyway, congratulations guys!
P: Thanks thanks.
M: I need to be at another party, so I’ll be off. Just came to see you two for a bit.
P: That’s not fair. You just got here.
N: (icily): It’s ok if she has to go. We completely understand.
M: Sorry guys, but I really really have to go. Can’t help it. Got this for you.

M gives the bouquet to N, kisses her on both cheeks, says goodbye and leaves. The minute M steps out of the hall N checks the card on the bouquet. To it was attached a piece of paper which said:

N I’m sorry. Sorry for everything. I know I’m a bitch, but then all’s fair in love inne? Accept my apologies. It’ll make me feel a little better. Trust me, I’m out of your life, and your husband’s…for good.

N passed the note to P. He read it looking utterly perplexed. With great difficulty he looked into her eyes, and though she felt maddeningly superior to him at that moment she just said: I KNEW IT.

Moral of the story: A woman’s instinct is usually never wrong. She might not be able to explain how or why, but at the end of it all, she is proved right.


SHE always knows..

Author: crasiezt

This is a story about three people:

  1. Smart, independent gal- Naina (N)
  2. Her boyfriend, the introvert- Parth (P)
  3. And the vamp- Manjan (M)

“Manjan calling”, displays N’s phone’s screen. She doesn’t answer. She’s got better things to do than speak to some twisted little toe rag. P looks questioningly at her.

N: I don’t wanna talk to her. Don’t bother.

In a matter of seconds M calls P. N expected that but said nothing. P answered (obviously).

P: Hey babe ‘sup?
M: Nothing much. I’m in town so thought we’ll meet up. How come your woman didn’t answer my call?
P: Errrrrr. She’s out. Maybe she didn’t realize it was ringing…

N was half wishing that P would tell that pseudo feminist how much she loathed her. Fat chance of that happening though!

M: Lovely! Come down to Ambience. Movie, coffee and me…what say?

P hesitates. He wants to meet M, but knows N won’t come along. And if he left her at home to meet M, woe betide him!

P: Ummm ummmm…no babe, I have to meet a friend somewhere.
M: O come on. Don’t give me this bullshit. Tell that friend you’re sick. Who’s more important, that friend or me huh?
P: (nervous laugh) No really I can’t make it. Next time maybe?
M: You’re breaking my heart buddy…but OK. Next time it is. I’m gonna be in Delhi on the 8th and 9th of next month to attend a conference. How about if I camp at your place? The three of us can totally hang out then…
P: Yeah sure. Great idea!
M: Okie. See you then. Ciao.
P: Yeah. Take care. Bye.

P looks up to see N looking mutinous. His phone’s speaker was so loud that she had heard every word spoken by the vermin on the other side.

N: How exciting! Maybe I should crash at my friend’s place for a few days so you two can have some fun?
P: She invited herself. You heard that.
N: I didn’t hear you say no! Great idea is what you said.
P: How could I say no just then? And what should I have said? “Sorry M, but my girlfriend can’t bear to be within a 2 Km radius of you, so fuck it?”
N: That would have been the truth, but I’m sure you could have thought of some excuse. We both know how good you are at lying.
P: Fuck you. Just stop pissing me off ok. I don’t wanna get into this fuckall discussion all over again alright. YOU have a problem, YOU deal with it ok.
N: Yeah. It’s my problem. It’s my problem that you lie to me when you wanna meet that whore. It’s my problem that you guys are on the phone all the time. It’s my problem that she makes plans to see you whenever I’m not around. It’s my problem that I hate that filthy maggot.

N storms out of the room, banging the door shut behind her. She is fuming mad. If P looked closely, he would have seen smoke coming out of her nostrils. She was ready to breathe fire at him, or anything else for that matter.

This thing was really getting out of hand. She wasn’t just jealous or insecure. This was worse. She trusted P; knew he wouldn’t cheat on her, not for that fat bitch in any case. But she didn’t trust that spineless rat one bit. M was over-smart, manipulative and above all- a SLUT. She made friends with N and through her met P. Ironically N and M had never met. They were chat friends.

Over a period of time N told M about her boyfriend. Though N thought it was a little odd for M to take so much interest in him, she didn’t think too much about it, and finally M befriended him online. That’s when things changed.

M and P exchanged phone numbers in no time (who asked for whose number first N had no clue, but she wanted to believe that it was M). Whenever they were online they would chat for sure- either would ping the other. In fact, M had stopped pinging N altogether! And even the times she called were out of formality or need.

Once when P was out of town, M messaged N, saying she was coming to Delhi for a spot of shopping, and wanted her to come along. It was obvious that M just needed company, not specifically N's, so she said no. Now M went ahead and sms'ed P that N was refusing to go out with her, and wanted him to convince his girl.

N was stumped when P called and asked her to meet M! Maybe, just maybe, he said, she had judged M too soon, and should give her another chance. Plus, he said, she kept avoiding her way too often, and it was not a nice thing to do. N was stuck. She didn't want to go one bit, but she didn't want to refuse P either; she said yes to M.

N cancelled her other plans as she had to go out with M. But all of a sudden M calls and tells her she’s gonna go with another friend. How rude was that! N was pissed off. But she didn’t wanna ruin her mood for that wretched woman, so she went out with her friends and had a lovely evening. Imagine her surprise, when at half past 11 that night M calls to say that her friend ditched her and now she wants to go shopping with N! N wanted to wring that nasty broad’s neck with her hands, but keeping her cool she just chastised M for calling so late and assuming N won’t have any other plans.

To top it all, when she told P of how M insulted her, and was taking her for granted, he just laughed off the whole thing. Why, she couldn’t understand, was P being such a fool? Couldn’t he see what was going on? Every time N said something against M he would defend her. On the other hand, this incident had offended N so much, but he was still taking her side, saying that she has lotsa friends, so it aint a big deal!



The F of FRAN

Author: crasiezt

Can you ever tell if a bride is going to cry at her wedding, especially if she’s going away to a different country? That would be pretty natural isn’t it? So when Fiddi didn’t cry I was rather surprised. I was expecting a river to say the least, but there wasn’t a single drop! Not even moist eyes man! Is that merely ’cause she still had a month before she actually left for the US? Or ’cause she was (is) so much in love with her guy and she couldn’t wait to be with him? Beats me!

Not like she didn’t shed a single tear. She did. Not on the D-day, but a few days before it…We were all generally gassing around, when her younger brother (Fasahad) came in and announced that he had written a poem for her and wanted to read it. We all got excited and sat down to listen to him recite. With trembling hands he held the sheet of paper and started reading the poem…it was about what an adorable sis she has been, and how much he’s going to miss having her around…it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. He was on the verge of tears and I could feel myself welling up too. And that’s when Fiddi rubbed her eyes and stepped out of the room…If she hadn’t cried then, I’m sure I would have slapped and made her!

I’m sure I’ll cry my heart out when I get married. I crumble every time I have to say goodbye to my parents and come to Bangalore, which happens every other month. If I can’t handle letting go now, how will I do it when I know am not gonna see them that often? What I can also never understand is why people get married. A live-in relationship is fine, isn’t it? Is marriage just a license to have sex? A legal form of prostitution, where the guy is a pimp and the woman his whore. One small difference is that the whore doesn’t put out for anyone but him.

We were all so busy having fun that we didn’t realize that ultimately she’s gonna get married and be off to a new place! Suddenly the whole process was done and I was hugging her for the last time…it struck me then that life’s gonna be different. True, we don’t stay in the same city any more, but now I might think twice before I call her at 2 am to crib about my new haircut. I don’t know how often we’ll get to talk; even if we speak, will that be for an hour as always or just 10 minutes? Plus she’s not gonna be in Hyderabad when I go visiting. Radhi and I will hang out of course, but we’re gonna miss that nut. The hyena-laughter, the whining, the sing-song tone, the scarf-covered head, the goosebumps…

I was trying to wear my nose pin today, and was totally reminded of how I almost broke your hand while my nose was being pierced. Am sorry for that sweetie…You know you’re the reason I joined orkut, you’re the only person I can call at any time of the day to discuss any damn thing (Radhi doesn’t have patience with me), it’s because of you that I absolutely love haleem and kheema now…Endless list, so I’ll stop right here. You’re the backbone of FRAN baby. I miss you so much so much so much. Love you. Muah muah and so many hugs.