Pranay's tag!

Author: crasiezt

I feel like a stranger on my own blog!! Been ages since I posted something..I vow to not do that again though...

Ok so as the title of the post goes, this is a tag that I did coz Pranay tagged me. What was I required to do? In his own words...

"Write a Poem/Prose with the first letters of consecutive words being the consecutive letters in the alphabet.You can go upto as many letters as you can...Try to get to 26!!"

Here's the final product. Not half as good as what he wrote, but well this is it:-)

A Big Corny Dazed Elephant
Fires Guns Hanging Inside Jeeps
Kills Lions, Monkeys Nicely
Opens Packets Queerly
Relishes Some Taffy
Under Vines Weeps
Xylophone Yells ZZZZZZZZ!


11 Responses to “Pranay's tag!”

  1. Gonecase

    Acha hua school mein teri ABCD use nahi karte, nahi to bachhe G for Goat ki jagah G for Gun seekh rahe hote :P

  2. Pranay

    Hahaha...that was fantastic...definitely better than mine...I hope you had some fun doing it too.
    Even I had forgotten I had tagged you :P. Thanks for remembering. And please tag other people, let the tag spread...and make people remember the English alphabet. For adult literacy! :P

    P.S. And if I am not mistaken, Mr. Gonecase was tagged too..

    P.P.S. Welcome back. :)

  3. C R D

    fair attempt...

    mebbe i shud try too.

    who's gonna tag me?

    Btw blog updated 6 times in the past month...missed you every time...i soo love comments :P. plz drop by ASAP :d


  4. Express

    ah, just as it SHOULD be! Randomness @ its best!! :)

    but u knw wht crazy, mujhe ye tag samjha hi nai :(

    anyway, the elephant wala photu was super-cute!
    and I'm anyway gonna b happy coz,

  5. Mysterious Mia

    haha that was a good attempt i bet i cant even do that

  6. Passionate

    greeaaatttttttttttt :)

  7. bhav

    hehe nice one...poem to hai hi achi sath me elephant g bhi bahut sundr hain...:)

  8. Ankur

    nice to c u r still arnd!! :)
    hope u r doing good... and good effort!! :)

    Take care,

  9. Ankur

    Randomness at its best!! ;)

  10. Anonymous

    good 1 :)

  11. Anonymous

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