Touch me!

Author: crasiezt

I’m in favor of PDA. Totally and completely. Not the intense kind that would best be recorded and filmed for “pleasure viewing”. I like the subtle kinds…
I would love it if my guy would hug me (instead of giving me a lame handshake) before I got into the train. I would want him to kiss me goodbye at the airport if I were going away for a month to Venezuela. His arm around my waist or mine around his as we walk down the road to a restaurant for dinner…my arm through his while we are shopping for his T-shirt…his fingers finding mine, a peck on the cheek…I live for such stuff!
Sex has nothing to do with it. A touch doesn’t have to be sexual…sensual perhaps. Having his arm around my shoulder makes me feel good. Secure. Cared for. Not like I’m expecting to get abducted from a mall, but what the heck, he’s my guy and I want to be physically close to him! What is the point of having a boyfriend if I can’t hold his arm in public?


70 Responses to “Touch me!”

  1. Gonecase

    Hain !! Didn't get most of it ....what Venezuela, what PDA.

    However I got your point but didn't get the timing of the post!

    Did u have a fight over this recently ya koi purani kahani hai ??????

  2. Ankur

    i agree... everyone must be free of showing up their emotions!! :)


  3. Ankur

    i agree... everyone must be free of showing up their emotions!! :)


  4. Pranav Kumar V

    public or not, if its affection, it shows. It NEEDS to be shown!! All the time, anywhere...

    Later gater, see you when I see you... :D

  5. umangexuberance

    hmmm I couldn't agree more.
    there is usually nothing sexual about these little gestures. Its just one of those silent ways of showing "i care" or "I belong to you"
    adding another one to the list... I love having my hand held when I am crossing the road, may be its kiddish, but it makes me feel safe and cared for.

  6. CRD

    im not exactly pro-PDA. I mean holding hands, a subtle hug, and other subtle gestures are ok, but definitely not kissing or tight hugs...these are special pvt moments...besides, i dont quite like the idea of bystanders fantasising abt my gal while seeing me shower my love :P


  7. Prakhar

    "Zara Zara..." :)

    Jokes aside..m fine with these subtle PDA's..but thats just me..majority i guess is still against it!

    long time...

  8. Anonymous

    It sure does deliver a feeling of security... a feeling of 'mine'ness... a feeling of un-tellable glory!

  9. Mysterious Mia

    i know exactly what yur talking off n am with u babes....

  10. Anonymous

    i feel like kickin the ass of ppl who dun agree.......

  11. Pshycolitian

    completely agree :)

  12. sanely insane

    hain...he gives u a handshake???

    what is this world coming too!!!


  13. bhav

    yeah i completely agree crasiezt... and in your case i cant really comment on that nd hope u understand the reason why...coz if he doesnt do it we cant really ask him to show what he feels..But theme is good nd perfect...I like it.

  14. rudemoodnomush

    whats wrong with ppl who r against it....
    i mean whats the big deal if one is kissin or huggin ones partner n nt some1 elses'

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  16. Raj

    *nods in agreement*

    that intimacy, the warmth of her/his fingers, that glint in your eyes. yeah you shouldn't avoid it. or even try for that matter.

  17. Anonymous

    Okay! I am sure guys love to do all this too for the final ambition! So, I guess, no worries for you! Right?

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  19. Cane-an

    Get back to blogging!

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  52. Sach!

    hey! My 1st time here.. Loved it.

    And trust me, I feel the same for PDAs. If you love, show off. Just be polite.. don't shout your love: just say it.

  53. peter

    Hey was reading a very old post of mine, Saw ur comment there and dropped here to say ... "HI"

    ohh btw, I had written something about PDAs too, long back ! and the title was "PDAs Suck" ;) u get the drift ? yeah so won't comment further

    Happy blogging !

  54. BIG Omi

    how are u babe! missing you! come back soon!

  55. BIG Omi

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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