In Chink land

Author: crasiezt

I was going to make this post about the beauty of Gangtok-I was there for a holiday and loved it! The pictures say it all don’t they?

But this isn’t gonna be about my experience while rafting down the Teesta river, or the fact that I could see the moon at 12 pm, or the Chinese soldiers at the border (Nathu La pass) who were dying to take pictures with me *it was hilarious*. The highlight is not the ICL team’s players whom I saw at the airport, or watching the sun set at 5 pm every day, or even a pollution-free Gangtok devoid of traffic jams. My post is about car drivers…

About 30 odd cars (Innova and Tavera) and their drivers were at our service for 6 days, and we made complete use of them. Most of our day was usually spent in travelling to far off places on twisted roads with hair-pin bends. Hats off to the drivers for being so wonderful. Plus, they were really friendly and gave us a lot of information about the place. And every time I requested, they played latest Hindi/Punjabi songs on the stereo at a really high volume!

But little did I know that they were being treated like filth. On the last day my car’s driver was telling me what he and the others had to endure during the 6 days there-HELL. They were promised rooms to stay in, but didn’t get any. In that cold weather they used to sleep in their respective cars. There was 1 bathroom for them, but no water in there; they hadn’t showered for SIX whole days! Plus, they weren’t even given any food, even though they were told that food would be provided. They were left to fend for themselves. And the one time they were given, it was the previous day’s leftovers. No wonder they gave all the cheese sandwiches to the monkeys on the roads instead!

I can’t understand this inhuman behavior. Not even water for showers? How pathetic is that? Here I was relishing my chocolate soufflĂ© and taking several helpings of the fried fish for dinner, while they ate badly made momos to fill their stomach.

In a Capitalist society we exploit those who we can. True. And it’s probably fair too. But this kind of disgusting treatment is beyond me. They are working bloody hard and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, not like beggars at traffic signals.

*This was written in October 2008..posted a little late


I'm the MAN!

Author: crasiezt

A couple of centuries ago Aditi had tagged me. I was supposed to list 10 things I would do if I had the chance to change into the opposite sex. That’s pretty simple though! I would have spiky hair and a goatee, I would ride a real sexy bike, blah blah…

So I thought I’ll change the rules a bit *sorry Aditi*…here’s a list of 10 things I wouldn’t do if I were a guy who has a full-time steady girl-friend.

I won’t leave her unsatisfied in bed. Obviously I’ll come first, but I’ll make sure that my girl is satiated too:-)

I won’t have different rules for the both of us. No hypocrisy whatsoever, whether it is about having friends of the opposite sex, abusing in public or anything else…*I know she would hate it if I asked her not to do something and I did the same just because it’s OK for a guy to do so*

I won’t discuss my sex life with my friends. At least not explicitly. I mean it’s ok to say how much sex I’m getting, but to give vivid descriptions is just gross!

I won’t make up with her just before going to bed only so I can screw her. The only reason why I’ll patch up is because she’s my baby and it would be next to impossible to sleep while we’re pissed off with each other. *see I’ll be a nice guy*

I won’t hang up on her if we’re having a heated argument on the phone. I might yell, but I won’t hang up. *mighty tough, but I’ll try for sure*

I won’t make ugly faces if she makes a mistake. If it’s big, then fine, but not for something silly. And I will definitely not torture her by reminding her of her mistake for the rest of her life.

I won’t buy her expensive gifts all the time. If she’s so materialistic then I think I’m not the one for her…

I won’t treat her like some random girl when my friends are around and like a princess when it’s just the two of us. I’ll make sure my friends know of her existence, and she knows about them too. No saying “a guy…” when I’m referring to a friend; I’ll give her names instead!

I won’t lie to her. Whether big or small, doesn’t matter, a lie is a lie. So I won’t do it.

I won’t consider my work more important than hers’. I’ll give equal importance to what she does in her life too! *Basically, I won’t be an MCP*

At the end of it all, I just wanna say it’s fantastic being a woman. I love my life and I would HATE to be a guy!! By that I don’t mean I hate guys…what would I do without them:P


Fear of...

Author: crasiezt

Wow! Long time no see!!
I know I was supposed to continue from where I left off, but I wrote something else in the meantime...watched a couple of horror flicks that freaked me out and gave me nightmares...and the result is this piece that you are about to read...

I’m afraid
Of the dark
Of the evil spirit
Of the faceless ghost
Of the headless monster
Of the banshee with long hair
Of the kid with colorless eyes
Of the rotting hand trying to strangle me
Of the putrid breath trying to suck my soul
Of the decaying nails trying to scratch my face
Ah! Am a scared lil gal


Mugged! (Part-1)

Author: crasiezt

I’ve never been away from blogging so long I guess…just that I was occupied / preoccupied with some other stuff that changed my life. I got mugged last week. Yes robbed! This is what happened…

It was some time after 7 when I started walking home from. I didn’t have to, but since I was bound to skip my workout I thought I might as well walk. As always there was a lot of traffic (what else can you expect from Bangalore), but somehow it wasn’t affecting me. I put on my earphones, and the loud blaring music from my phone completely killed the menacing sounds produced by the honking vehicles all around me. All in all I was having fun walking!

What I didn’t foresee was Murphy’s Law coming true. You know, “when something can go wrong, it will.” I was very close to my place. Less than 5 minutes away. That’s when I decided I’ll take a different route home. Why? Just like that! So I started walking down that dark deserted road around 8. It’s a narrow street, lined with houses on both sides. Kareena was crooning “Chaliya Chaliya”, as my hair flew beautifully (I think) in the wind. When suddenly I felt a violent jerk around my arm, and the next thing I know my handbag has been snatched from me by a couple of guys on a bike.

I screamed. I think I’ve never screamed with so much fear, anger, shock all rolled into one. I ran behind the bike to see the license plate. But those motherfuckers were really quick and with a flash they disappeared. I saw a guy nearby, sitting on a stationary bike. I told him my bag had been snatched and I needed to follow the” biker boys”. He just refused!!!

I was shaking all over, but there was no time to lose. I ran some more, trying to figure out where those assholes would have gone in the labyrinth of streets. I lost a lot of precious time there. A car stopped beside me, and a guy stepped out to ask what was wrong. I told him what happened, and he offered to search the streets with me. I sat in the car and he ordered his driver to start the car. As we were searching I called up the bank and cancelled my debit and credit cards. No damage done there.

The search was futile. I knew it would lead to nothing; the fuckers wouldn’t be hanging around there, smoking a joint. But giving up didn’t seem to be the right thing to do either. After a few minutes I thanked the guy and got off the car.

I had to report the theft. I knew the police station was close by, but not the exact location. So I asked a guy walking by. Are you in trouble? Yeah, I just got mugged. He asked me if I knew the local language. Nope. He offered to come along, and did too. He translated whatever I said in English to Kannada (the language spoken here). Then a fat cop wanted to see the scene of crime, and I took him there. The Good Samaritan came along as well.

Now you’re probably wondering how this incident “changed my life” as I claimed initially. True, I lost a lot of stuff, right from the super sexy handbag to my smart new wallet…stylish goggles, cosmetics…and a whole lot of other girlie stuff. True, I had to get all my credit, debit cards reissued; the toughest was the PAN card. True, I lost my house-keys and had to get the lock changed (I wrote down my address on a piece of paper and kept it in my wallet) for the last thing I wanted was to have a burglary. But all this doesn’t change a person’s life does it? That’s because losing some material goods is not the worst that happened to me…

The fearless gal who could walk out of home alone at any time is a paranoid freaked out scared chick now. I keep looking over my shoulder to make sure that no one’s trying to repeat history with me. If it can happen at 8, it can happen at 7 too! I am terrified of walking alone. I need someone to drop me home or I need an auto. And the fact that I’ve walked from office to home at 10 pm is freezing my insides now…

There’s more coming up…fucked up cops, finding some of the stuff, difference between South and North Indians…Wait for the next update!


A picture of misery

Author: crasiezt

My Nani (grandma) told me the following story when I was a kid. Dunno why it just remained in my heart...and then I wrote it in college for a class assignment. Not wanting to let it remain in those pages forever, I’ve published it on my blog! Read it…

An old woman is sitting on a bed. She is dressed in a white sari, brown with dirt. Her hair is a combination of black and white, and is so unkempt; it would be difficult to imagine she had ever combed it. Her eyes are sunken in their sockets and she has dark circles under them. Her face is devoid of happiness and laughter. All one can see is shriveled up skin, bathed in gloom and despair.

Her face is expressionless as she looks around her 8x8 dark windowless room. Her gaze rests on the iron trunk beside the door. She gets up with a great effort and walks towards it. Sighing softly she opens it and takes out a black and white picture of a young couple with a little child. She is holding the picture in her hand, kneeling in front of the trunk, when without warning the door of her room flies open. A little girl of about 3 walks in; she has a very cherubic face, full of life. The contrast between the two is glaringly obvious. Dressed in a pink frock with sequins she looks very adorable.

As the door opens, the woman’s attention is diverted from the picture. She hears a lot of noise coming from outside, of people laughing and talking, and loud music. The girl shuts the door and sits beside her, looking at her with love. She looks at the girl with a mixed expression of joy and trepidation. “You shouldn’t have come here Ritu. If Amar and Reena find out…” she says.

Don’t worry Dadi, mom and dad are busy partying. They won’t know. I just came to say goodnight. Oh! Goodnight then sweetheart says the old lady. Ritu kisses her grandma on the left cheek and leaves, shutting the door behind her. Sounds waft in momentarily on opening the door, and die down the minute it shuts.

For some time the woman sits in silence by her trunk, then she clutches her stomach tenderly and groans. She’s hungry; the anguish reflecting on her face. She rests her head against the wall, shuts her eyes and goes into a flashback…Amar is yelling at her. “So what if Reena scolded Ritu. She is our daughter. Why can’t you just mind your own business?” Another memory comes to mind, that of Reena reprimanding Ritu for sitting in her grandma’s lap…

With a start the woman comes back to the present world. She gets up with difficulty and opens the door. Slowly, very slowly she peers out, checking if anyone’s around. Making sure that the coast is clear she creeps out.

She goes to the kitchen and is looking around the room. It is huge, at least 5 times bigger than her room; has a high ceiling, a microwave on top of a cabinet, an OTG; the mixie rests on the kitchen counter beside the juicer. She seems disappointed and turns to go, when as if struck by a sudden thought she opens the door at the other end of the kitchen and walks out.

She is standing in the backyard, complete with several potted plants and a little pool. It would have been pitch dark, if the neighbours had not left the lights on. She takes a few steps uncertainly towards a huge pile of plates and forks. After ensuring that there is no one around, she sits down by the stack and starts eating whatever food is left in the plate hungrily.

Just as she is reaching for a plate a shadow falls on her. Startled she looks back and sees a very confused Ritu standing there. The woman is terrified. Without uttering a word, Ritu joins her grandma in eating, smiling serenely and looking at her with love.

“Ritu, where are you?” comes Amar’s voice. Before she can move her dad materializes in front of her. His eyes take in the scene and his face is filled with remorse and understanding…


Little Girl

Author: crasiezt

Blue water as far as the eye can see
Sparkling sand moulded into a grand castle
Waves gleaming in the golden sun
And a little boy in red shorts.

A chick in a black bikini
Slathering sunblock all over her long sexy legs
Making sure no spot remains
And a cutie drools.

A little girl picking up grains of the pristine sand
Tossing the shiny diamonds into the water
The waves washing her face
Dissolving her tears…

She is drawing the sun
Making a big smile on its face
Fighting back fresh tears
Glistening with joy.


Where is the love?

Author: crasiezt

Some things never change
Some people don’t want to
Things go from bad to worse
But what do you do?
Live with it!

Petty issue he says it is
You think so too
But before you know it
It snowballs into something big
And ends…

You don’t want it to end
You enjoy being miserable
You’re at peace with the sorrow
But you know it can’t last forever
It has to stop!

But what when it stops?
No joy, no fun, no happiness
Just gloom everywhere
Pain and guilt-why did it stop?
Maybe it should start again?

All this makes me wonder
Where is the love?
Only in movies, books and songs?
Or does it exist in my life?
Yes! And I love every moment of it!


Her unending Woes...

Author: crasiezt

She was burning. The fire seemed to engulf her frail little body. She wanted it to stop, but couldn’t do anything to stop the flame from raising its ugly head…She had never been so jealous in her entire life…

She has the sweetest boyfriend in the whole wide world. The kind others could only dream of! He isn’t the kind to get her flowers and stuff; she doesn’t crave for presents, but his little actions make her feel so loved, so wanted…like the time when he set the song “your body is a wonderland” as his caller tune for her on Valentine’s Day! Awwww.

So where’s the problem? In her stupid head I think! She expects him to be more public about their relationship, which he’s not. But then aren’t all guys the same? Any new guy she meets, whether in the real or cyber world, she tells him that she has a boyfriend. Not just so that she can ward off unnecessary stalkers, but also because she is proud of the fact that she has such a lovable guy.

He doesn’t do the same though. Only his “very good friends” know about her. People he doesn’t know much think he’s “available”. Is this merely because he doesn’t like to discuss his private life with the world, or something else? Why can’t he acknowledge her existence (read importance) in his life?

Both of them are into blogging. He writes very well, and she completely admires his style. She loves reading his comments on her page. But there are times when he comments on others’ posts and doesn’t reply to her. Obviously she gets offended and questions him. The reply she gets is very weird…lack of time!

She says, “If you were so hard pressed for time, how the fuck did you get the time to have all those long conversations with some babe on orkut? If you were so busy why did you reply to all those other people on your page? And not just your page, you were commenting all over blogville.” *Basically she is jealous because some of the comments were flirty* Plus she read some comment that referred to some other babes as his “buddies” and she wasn’t mentioned at all! Back to square one: people should know she’s his girl! God save me!!!

The truth is that the posts she was referring to (the ones where he didn’t reply to her) were pretty old. And c’mon how long could he keep replying to some silly conversation? She knew it too, but somehow she wanted to hear the same thing from him! Gosh women are so difficult!

Then comes another big villain: ORKUT! There was a time when she was very active on orkut, but not anymore. She doesn’t have the time. What pisses her off is the fact that he has the time to chat! And as if it isn’t enough that he chats while he’s in the office, he wants to chat even when he’s at home. As in not when she’s sitting with him, but you know, when she goes to pee or something. She leaves him alone for a minute, and he’s on that god damned chatting site, scrapping away to glory, or merely “checking” if he got any scraps!

He does feel insecure about her too. In fact, when they had just started dating he used to be super jealous of the guys she used to hang out with. She found that very endearing and cute! As time passed by it kinda got worse. His cribbing irritated her tremendously. But she knew he did that because he loved her so much and didn’t want to lose her. So she just let that be, and he got over his jealousy. She wishes to not be such a nagging pain the ass, but she doesn’t know what to do...Should send her to a psychiatrist I think!

She knows he’s not cheating on her. He probably never will. She knows he loves her a lot. She loves him like crazy too. She tries not to express how jealous she gets (sometimes for no reason) but she just can’t keep things to herself. She feels choked if she doesn’t spill it out to him. But in the process of “telling” him, she taunts him, and ends up hurting him. They fight often, but in no time they patch up and have amazing sex!

She loves being with him. She can tell him anything and everything without thinking twice. But at such times she feels so helpless. She hates crying ‘cause tears make her feel horribly weak and vulnerable. But that’s what she’s become now! She’s so sensitive to what he says…it doesn’t take her too long to start crying whenever they have a little squabble. She’s given up so much for him: right from cigarettes to her ego. But what does she get in return? *Voice of reason: LOVE you shithead! That’s what you’re getting from the dude*

Flip side: the guy’s version-
He is a nice guy. Good sense of humour, cute looking, intelligent, the kind that knows a lot about a lot of stuff. He never had a girlfriend before her. He likes her a great deal. No wait, he loves her with all his heart. But why should he tell the whole world about it? True, everyone around her knows she’s got a guy. And most of his real/virtual friends have no idea about it. But so what? Having a girl friend isn’t a big deal, is it?

That’s not the reason, but he’s simply not the telling kinds. He likes to keep things to himself. Why can’t she understand something as simple as that? Why does he have to declare his love for her from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Why does he have to say I LOVE YOU to her every time they speak on the phone? If actions speak louder than words, why can’t she feel his love when he holds her close and kisses her even though she has a really bad cold?

He feels lucky to have found her. She’s a real delight to be with. Not very pretty, but smart and witty (that was rhyming! LOL!). He always thought she’s not like the other girls. She seemed to be unaffected by the little things other babes would get worked up about. He thanked his stars for finding such a cool chick.

But that was only initially. Things are so different now! She’s not the cool chick any more she’s just a “typical” girl. The kind that has problems with the boyfriend’s other girl pals. The kind that gets irritated for the silliest reasons. The kind that asks for explanations. The kind that questions. The kind that cries…Where did that happy-go-lucky kid disappear? He wants the same girl back. But how? If she has problems with him chatting on Orkut, she seriously needs to get a life. If she expects him to reply to her comments on posts that he had written ages ago, she’s being very childish. She’s his baby, but she doesn’t have to behave like one right?



Author: crasiezt

Puff! Pant! I put my bag under the train’s seat and collapsed. Few sips of water down my throat and I’m breathing normally after 5 minutes. That’s when I noticed his ignorable existence. Typical illad (a derogatory term for South Indians). Short, dark. Brick red cargos. Black T-shirt with some unintelligent stuff scribbled like graffiti on a wall where men pee regularly.

He was holding me tenderly, and we were swaying in time to Wonderful Tonight. He pulled me closer. So close that I could count the blackheads on his nose. His hand moved from my waist to my thigh and up my little skirt, giving me goose bumps wherever his hand brushed against my skin. And before I knew it, he lifted me up with ease and took me inside.

We were all over each other with no intentions of letting go. I could just make out the contours of his body in the light coming from the slightly open laptop. There was a mad hunger in his eyes, a hunger for me, matched only by my insatiable desire to straddle him and make him moan all night long. Our clothes lay in a pile on the floor, watching us like mute spectators, taking in the sights, the passion, the love, the sighing, the orgasmic screams…

Have you considered a career in modeling, came one of his many ridiculously stupid and pissing off questions. I was rudely jolted out of my fantastic sex-romp dream with my boyfriend. My happiness was being screwed by that pesky cricket. I mentally cursed him that he would have the most unsuccessful sex life ever. That is if he ever has one…

I’m spreading out the stark white bed-sheet on the seat, stifling a huge yawn. Please talk to me or I’ll die he whimpers. What the Fuck! Then suddenly he was on the floor, on his knees, bawling like an irritating kid, crying his heart out. There was nobody else in the compartment, so I was the only one to hear and watch the pathetic scene.

I was stumped beyond words. I stood there, feeling increasingly weird with each passing second, then stupid, and then really angry. Shut up! What’s your fucking problem? Stop crying like a wuss will you? If your life is so bloody pathetic, jump off the train…

The crying stopped just as abruptly as it had started. He wiped his face with the back of his hand, got up and walked away. I breathed a sigh of relief, finished making the rest of my bed, fluffed up the little pillow as much as possible, drew the curtains and lay down to sleep.

I woke up suddenly. I thought I was falling off a cliff. Rubbing my eyes with a shaking hand I got up and looked around. Nightmare! It was silent, save the noise from the moving train. Not a soul in sight. Not even Mr Annoying. But where was he then? Did he really jump off and die? A chill went down my spine for a fraction of a second. Fat chance! I slept again, pushing thoughts of that idiot out of my head.

Mom welcomed me with a smile that seemed to say so much…how’s my kiddo, you’ve put on weight, I like your t-shirt, you must be sleepy…I lay down on my soft bed, thinking of what I would do in the next few days. The last thing I remember is looking at the wall and smiling at the poster of an F1 car…

When I finally got up, my room was flooded with unpleasant sunlight. I was just about to yell at the maid to draw the curtains, when mom came into the room and announced that she was doing the laundry. I said “ok” and was going to roll back to sleep. “I mean give me the clothes you wore on the train NOW. Get up!” I got up grudgingly and gave her the jeans and t-shirt. As usual she asked me to check the contents of the pockets. I was sure that there would be nothing in them, but since she didn’t seem to be in the best of her moods, I complied. Obviously all the pockets were empty.

Sleepy though I was, I wanted to chew on some gum. I opened my bag to look for one. Amidst all the trash it was a little difficult to find a pack of Orbit. But I did eventually find my beautiful block of heaven. It was wrapped in a bit of paper though. I opened it.”You are a very bad girl. I’m only wanting to talk to you, and you is abusing me. I’m writing book and needing help. I’m acting like loser to see reaction. You is not being pity to me. You is rude. Not listening to me. Only chewing Orbit and is not offering to me also. When I write book, I mention I meet very bad girl on train.”


Delusional Painter

Author: crasiezt

I’m painting today

I dunno what

I dunno why

Can I even call it a painting?

Just because I don’t use paint, just because I don’t use a paint brush I’m not a painter?

Have I not painted pictures in your head with my words?

When I wrote about my happiness couldn’t you picturize a happy me?

When I wrote about my heartache you could see tears trickling down my cheeks, couldn’t you?

When you read of my drunken fiestas couldn’t you imagine a sloshed crasiezt stumbling around in high heels?

Am I a painter or what!



Author: crasiezt

Here's one of the most pathetic tags of all time. Drozzy you're a sicko for tagging'll pay for this buddy! *Not an empty threat*

People you've already been warned about the tag. So you had better not abuse me:D
Read on...

Describe your perfect Sunday morning?
What morning?? I get up in the afternoon on Sundays!

Favorite song of all time?
That’s a real tough one…let’s say “Two Princes” (Spin Doctors).

How tall are you?
“Tall” is a very relative term, so I choose not to answer this question. But yes, the rain falls on me later than it does on a lot of people. *Yes Fiddi you can laugh your guts out*

If you could be successful at any job in the world, what would that job be?
A painter’s model. *Am damn good at sitting around doing nothing*

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
Someone else:P

If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
Do I want to drive them away? If yes, then I’ll cook an “elaborate” meal. If they really are my friends, and I want them to stick around, I’ll order pizza:D

What is your favourite word?
Serendipity. I don’t use it often, but I really like it for some unknown reason!

What makes you cry?
Doing such long and never ending tags;-(

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?
Definitely a sloth!

If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you’ve made, would you?
Nope. What’s the point? Then everything would become perfect. And there’s no fun in perfection is there?

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
Depends on its contents…

What do you do for fun?
Not do such fuck all tags.

Are you an outdoor or an indoor person?
Depends on what you wanna do. I mean, I can’t be trekking on my sofa, right?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
FIVE YEARS! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

What are you most proud of in your life?
My ass:P

When do you plan on getting married?
When I’m in the mood to commit suicide.

Get the number or give the number?
Give. Unless the guy is super decent or super shy!

Romance or Kinky Sex?
A heady mix of both!

How do you feel?
At the moment: mad…grrrrrr Drozzy for this tag.

What size shoe do you wear?
The one that fits me right.

What is your favorite clothing brand?
Levi’s (for jeans).

Water or 100% Juice?
I would ask for both, with loads of alcohol as well.

T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cingular/AT&T, or Sprint/Nextel?
Can’t be bothered.

Would you rather be hot or cold?
Is the question implying whether I prefer being in a cold or hot place? Cold definitely, with a hot partner and a bottle of scotch.

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
Which sadist thought of this question???

Favorite place to eat?
Place doesn’t matter, it’s the company that’s more important! *How philosophical was that*

Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other?
Definitely not the opera. The others are all good (especially a concert), and obviously depends on who’s performing.

Most Memorable Past?
The time when I could hold my breath and refuse to breathe unless my wish was fulfilled:D

Most embarrassing moment?
I guess the time when I walked out of the trial room of a big store (Shoppers' Stop) with the buttons of my shirt undone...Took me quite a while to figure out why people were so totally checking me out!

If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
Pick? Are we talking about toys here? Wouldn’t it be very heavy? *Sorry for the bad humour*. A Lamborghini for sure.

Your favorite Disney Films?
Anastasia perhaps. And Shrek. And Ice Age. And The Incredibles. And Finding Nemo.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Forgot to ask before I ate it. Yummy!

Do you support Paris?
In what? Doesn’t her lingerie “support” whatever there is to?

Where is Waldo?
Up someone’s sorry ass for all I care!

Favorite element?
Carbon. (That’s what gives us the DIAMONDS baby)

What was your last thought?
“What is my favourite element”

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other?
Firefox mostly.

Who are you going to vote for in 2008?
In which category? For worst tag of the year I vote this tag.

Juice and crackers or milk and cookies?
I say both.

Which is worse? A bad laugh or a bad cough?
Both are equally bad. How do you compare them?

Are you a cat or a dog person?
I despise cats completely, so the answer is dog, though I would prefer to be a few feet away from them.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
This is like asking “What would you prefer to eat: horse shit or cow shit?” Why the fuck would I want to be either blind or deaf?

Define yourself in 3 words…
I choose the same 3 words: CRAZY!

Do you eat cold cereal at night?
I don’t eat cold cereal. Period.

What is your favorite TV show?
One that has a lot of blood and gore…yeah baby am a psycho:P *what kind of a stupid question is that*

Do you shower every single day?
No way!

Boat or bus?
Boat definitely. A yacht to be precise:-)

What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out?
I ain’t a kid no more, so the chances of him asking me out are completely ruled out. Ow (MJ ishtyle).

What is your favorite food?
Anything that isn’t made of “ghaas phoos”.

Do you read harry potter books?
The question should have been “have you memorized the harry potter series?” And the answer would have been a vehement YES!

If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
Jessica Alba’s power (Fantastic Four) of becoming invisible would be really cool!

Have you had a beer in the last week?
I don’t drink beer. Get me tequila!

Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

Favorite body part?
Whose? Mine? I think I already answered that:D

Flip flops or sandals?
What’s the purpose? Anything will do, as long as it protects my feet from landing in crap!

What do you do on fridays?
What I don’t do on weekdays. *Another hopelessly dumb question*

Do you like bananas?
Yes I do like to eat them. *And the point was????*

Whew! And that's the end of the tag...
I'm being very very very nice today to everyone in the blog I tag nobody:-)



Author: crasiezt

Another immature attempt at poetry...

Alcohol is bad

Says who?

How much do I care?

Mix it up

Take it neat

It’s divine

Red black or blue

Colours don’t matter

I just wanna get high!

I walk in a “straight line”

I say “I’m OK”

My eyes flutter

I see everything

I hear it all

But am drunk…Cheers!



Author: crasiezt

Tags are in the air or what!! Every 2nd post of mine is a tag! This one’s another interesting tag. And the tagger was Gunj! She tagged me some time back, and here’s what you need to do: list out 10 things you hate about guys! How tough can that be eh? So here goes…

  1. I hate guys who don’t understand any part of the word NO. I mean there are only so many times you can ask a guy to back off…but “he” still doesn’t get the point!!

  1. It’s very irritating when your man refuses to shave (referring to facial hair here). Agreed he looks rugged and handsome and all that, but what when you wanna lick ice cream off his face? What when your hair gets caught in his bristles? And what when he gives you a prickly kiss??

  1. I detest guys with no balls. I mean they are the kind that will pass comments on a girl when in a big group, but ask them to go up to a girl and strike a conversation and they will shit their pants. Bloody cheapsters.

  1. What is it with guys and defaming girls who refuse to date them? The minute she says “am not interested”, he will go ahead and tell the whole world she’s a whore! And if she goes out with him, he’ll tell everyone she slept with him! How pathetic!!!

  1. The above point leads me to this one: guys seem to think that outgoing, friendly and vivacious gals are obvious flirts; girls who abuse a lot are sluts; women who drink and smoke are easy to take to bed. Why???? I just don’t get the logic!

  1. I hate it when guys stare at a woman’s boobs when talking to her. Some do it discreetly, while some are so fucking shameless that it disgusts me. Women should probably stare at such guys’ crotch while they do so. Wonder if that’ll help or make things worse…

  1. I hate guys who think they can scratch themselves no matter who’s or who’s not around. Pocket billiards is their favourite sport. Gross!!!

  1. I hate guys who equate perspiration (read body odour) with masculinity. A lot of men nowadays take care of personal hygiene, and ensure they smell good, but there are loads that don’t, and being around them literally takes your breath away.

  1. I hate guys who are extra chivalrous. You know the kinds that will insist on dropping you home in spite of the fact that you can go yourself; the kind that won’t even let you pay the bill at a restaurant…Am not sure if you call that chivalry!
  1. Then there is just the opposite kind that thinks guys are superior to gals. I don't think men are even half a notch above women!

There could be loads and loads more, just as there would be loads about girls! So all you girls reading this post do the tag, and all you guys can do it too, except you’ll have to list 10 things you hate about girls! Go on and spew venom!


Happy B'day!!

Author: crasiezt

Wednesday and Thursday were good coz it was my boyfriend’s birthday on Thursday:-) Gave him a few surprises, which I think he loved…I mean am sure he was stumped, but I dunno how much he liked the stuff…perhaps I should just have done a strip tease or pole dance for him:P

That’s the both of us in the picture…his face covered in a real thick layer of his b’day cake. My very own “chocolate boy”!!! Of course he didn’t appreciate the chocolate on his face as much as I did, and he rubbed his cheek against mine (not very clearly visible in the picture though).

I would like to take this opportunity to say that he tastes better than chocolate:D Love you loads Sidu. Mmmmmuah!


My 7 (not-so) deadly sins

Author: crasiezt

So I got tagged by Elusive, and here’s the product…

  1. Am as lazy as lazy can be! Maybe worse! Sometimes (read usually) am so lazy, that even though I need to pee, I don’t go to the loo unless my bladder is on the verge of bursting! So do I get the “Sloth of the Year Award”?

  1. Taking a shower is such a pain. I take a shower only if I need to go out (weekdays: office, weekends: party, movie, shopping). If I’m merely gonna laze around at home, then I don’t shower. Pssst I don’t even brush:D Long live breath fresheners!

  1. My toe nails are always painted. This is how it has been since school. Even if am wearing sneakers, my nails have to be painted the prettiest pink or mauve!

  1. I usually don’t coordinate my undies and bras. I just randomly pick something up. As luck might have it, the combination turns out to be pretty good without any effort. Of course I have also been known to wear completely mismatched stuff too:P

  1. I have a tendency to run my fingers through my hair. No matter how good my hair is looking, I will still do that. Dunno why!

  1. I like watching horror films. Even though they scare the shit out of me!!

  1. I hate mustard sauce. YUCK! I will go hungry, but won’t eat anything that has mustard sauce in it.

I tag:

Gonecase, Chacha, Skeety, Freesherry, Geet, Kanan, and Litun.

What do you have to do? Just jot down 7 random things about yourself! That’s it really! And then tag 7 people too!!

PS: Gunj, I was about to tag you, but you’ve already been tagged by Elusive:P


Broken...and healed

Author: crasiezt

Seems like break ups are in the air or something. In the past few weeks I’ve heard of so many…and all of them remind me of mine. It’s been several months since I broke up, and even though I don’t think of my ex-boyfriend normally, such incidents force me to. And then I don’t know whether I should feel happy that am not with a worthless soul like him anymore, or feel remorse that the relationship ended on such a sour note.

Why does a relationship not last, even when you want it to? Is it because you didn’t try hard enough to save it? Or because the two of you were simply not meant to be? Or because your partner turned out to be an obnoxious pig? Should you stick around when your partner is every bit as pathetic as you know he/she is? How much should you take? When do you tell yourself “THIS IS IT” and walk out? I found the answers to all of these, but I also realized that every relationship and individual warrants a different answer. It’s all subjective, so there can’t be ONE definitive answer.

People say you can’t keep falling in love. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime concept. I disagree!

I’ve gotten out of one rotten relationship and jumped into a beautiful one. I let go of a bastard, and found a gem. Ok, he may not be perfect, but who am I to judge? I’m not exactly the perfect girlfriend either! We fight over the pettiest of issues…“Who’s that new person on Orkut you’re chatting with?” “New post on your blog, and you didn’t tell me”…blah blah!

But living in harmony with all the crap that we give each other is what makes the whole thing so beautiful! Mmmmmuah!


Toss the Feathers...

Author: crasiezt

Yoooohooooo another tag! Well alright I was tagged ummm ummm ummm…damn it! I can’t even remember when I was tagged! But I remember the tagger…GUNJ! Thanks a ton babe, and so firggin sorry for posting it after forever:-(

This, by the way is a very happy musical tag and the rules are:

1. Put your MP3 player/Media player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what.

NO more tears (Ozzy Osbourne)


Fallin high (Safri Duo)

And like how does it describe my PERSONALITY eh??

Take it easy (Eagles)

Yo baby!

Tera Mera Rishta (Awarapan)

Shit man I don’t feel that emotional!!

Sugar we’re goin down (Fall Out Boy)

Ummm not exactly!!

Aashiq banaya aapne-remix (Aashiq banaya aapne)

Darn!! Why did I have that song on my list!!!!

Highway to hell (AC-DC)

How rude is that!

Welcome to the jungle (GnR)

LOL I have nothing to say:D

I’m horny I’m stoned (Doors)

So now the whole world knows!!! *grins sheepishly

WHAT IS 2+2?
Toxicity (System of a Down)

Maaaaaaan I just wanted to know something elementary!

Yeh hai meri kahani-remixed (Strings)

No way!!

Time is Ticking Out (cranberries)

What is it with my tag and all the WORLD PEACE stuff!

All Star (Smashmouth)

Yeah baby am a rockstar:P

Fast Love (George Michael)

No comments absolutely:D

Cloud number 9 (Bryan Adams)

You bet!!!

Words (Boyzone)


Lemon Tree (Fool’s garden)

Hehehe sure!

Complicated heart (MLTR)

I don’t think so!

Smile (Lilly Allen)

Smiling when other people get their ass kicked is awesome isn’t it? Though I would prefer to laugh my guts out at other’s misery! *evil maniacal laughter

Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana)


Dard E Disco (Om Shanti Om)

LOL hilarious!!

Toss the Feathers (The Corrs)

I did:-)

It was a lot of fun doing it, so whoever reads this post, go ahead and take up the tag! Just let me know whenever you post it:-)


Take me away...

Author: crasiezt

It’s almost midnight. George Michael’s crooning “Kissing a Fool”. Am wearing an itsy-bitsy something (night wear), my hair’s wet (Ouch! A drop just fell on my shoulder, trickled down my back, tickling me…) and fragrant. I have angry red mosquito-bite-like rashes on my thighs. My freshly washed bras and undies are hanging from a clothes line outside.

I’m waiting for my baby to come home…*sigh



Author: crasiezt

Why does NOW remind me of THEN?
Do I LIKE getting hurt?
Do other people hurt me?
Or do I do it to myself?

I’m rubbing away tears of blood.
Stalling the dreaded agony.
Waiting for something to happen…

My heart’s aching like it did earlier.
My soul’s pained like before.
My very existence seems flimsy.
I feel like a cloud…
Blown away into nothingness.

Why does every dream have to end in a nightmare?

PS: My most pathetic post ever. But had to get that out of my system, though am not sure if it’s making me feel any better.



Author: crasiezt

It's TAG time..and a double tag in fact!

The picture below is of...does it need an explanation???Hell no! I still can't believe I saw it up close!

And this one was taken a week back in Kerala. Most people don't think it's wow, but I dunno why I love it so much:-)

By the way this tag is about posting a picture that you've shot...which you think is the best you've clicked so far, or is close to your heart for some reason.

Considering that I got tagged by two people (Gonecase and Chacha), I decided to post two pictures:-)

I tag: Litun, Gunj, Rohit, Geet. So go ahead and get clicking!!