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Here's one of the most pathetic tags of all time. Drozzy you're a sicko for tagging me...you'll pay for this buddy! *Not an empty threat*

People you've already been warned about the tag. So you had better not abuse me:D
Read on...

Describe your perfect Sunday morning?
What morning?? I get up in the afternoon on Sundays!

Favorite song of all time?
That’s a real tough one…let’s say “Two Princes” (Spin Doctors).

How tall are you?
“Tall” is a very relative term, so I choose not to answer this question. But yes, the rain falls on me later than it does on a lot of people. *Yes Fiddi you can laugh your guts out*

If you could be successful at any job in the world, what would that job be?
A painter’s model. *Am damn good at sitting around doing nothing*

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
Someone else:P

If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
Do I want to drive them away? If yes, then I’ll cook an “elaborate” meal. If they really are my friends, and I want them to stick around, I’ll order pizza:D

What is your favourite word?
Serendipity. I don’t use it often, but I really like it for some unknown reason!

What makes you cry?
Doing such long and never ending tags;-(

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?
Definitely a sloth!

If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you’ve made, would you?
Nope. What’s the point? Then everything would become perfect. And there’s no fun in perfection is there?

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
Depends on its contents…

What do you do for fun?
Not do such fuck all tags.

Are you an outdoor or an indoor person?
Depends on what you wanna do. I mean, I can’t be trekking on my sofa, right?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
FIVE YEARS! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

What are you most proud of in your life?
My ass:P

When do you plan on getting married?
When I’m in the mood to commit suicide.

Get the number or give the number?
Give. Unless the guy is super decent or super shy!

Romance or Kinky Sex?
A heady mix of both!

How do you feel?
At the moment: mad…grrrrrr Drozzy for this tag.

What size shoe do you wear?
The one that fits me right.

What is your favorite clothing brand?
Levi’s (for jeans).

Water or 100% Juice?
I would ask for both, with loads of alcohol as well.

T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cingular/AT&T, or Sprint/Nextel?
Can’t be bothered.

Would you rather be hot or cold?
Is the question implying whether I prefer being in a cold or hot place? Cold definitely, with a hot partner and a bottle of scotch.

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
Which sadist thought of this question???

Favorite place to eat?
Place doesn’t matter, it’s the company that’s more important! *How philosophical was that*

Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other?
Definitely not the opera. The others are all good (especially a concert), and obviously depends on who’s performing.

Most Memorable Past?
The time when I could hold my breath and refuse to breathe unless my wish was fulfilled:D

Most embarrassing moment?
I guess the time when I walked out of the trial room of a big store (Shoppers' Stop) with the buttons of my shirt undone...Took me quite a while to figure out why people were so totally checking me out!

If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
Pick? Are we talking about toys here? Wouldn’t it be very heavy? *Sorry for the bad humour*. A Lamborghini for sure.

Your favorite Disney Films?
Anastasia perhaps. And Shrek. And Ice Age. And The Incredibles. And Finding Nemo.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Forgot to ask before I ate it. Yummy!

Do you support Paris?
In what? Doesn’t her lingerie “support” whatever there is to?

Where is Waldo?
Up someone’s sorry ass for all I care!

Favorite element?
Carbon. (That’s what gives us the DIAMONDS baby)

What was your last thought?
“What is my favourite element”

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other?
Firefox mostly.

Who are you going to vote for in 2008?
In which category? For worst tag of the year I vote this tag.

Juice and crackers or milk and cookies?
I say both.

Which is worse? A bad laugh or a bad cough?
Both are equally bad. How do you compare them?

Are you a cat or a dog person?
I despise cats completely, so the answer is dog, though I would prefer to be a few feet away from them.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
This is like asking “What would you prefer to eat: horse shit or cow shit?” Why the fuck would I want to be either blind or deaf?

Define yourself in 3 words…
I choose the same 3 words: CRAZY!

Do you eat cold cereal at night?
I don’t eat cold cereal. Period.

What is your favorite TV show?
One that has a lot of blood and gore…yeah baby am a psycho:P *what kind of a stupid question is that*

Do you shower every single day?
No way!

Boat or bus?
Boat definitely. A yacht to be precise:-)

What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out?
I ain’t a kid no more, so the chances of him asking me out are completely ruled out. Ow (MJ ishtyle).

What is your favorite food?
Anything that isn’t made of “ghaas phoos”.

Do you read harry potter books?
The question should have been “have you memorized the harry potter series?” And the answer would have been a vehement YES!

If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
Jessica Alba’s power (Fantastic Four) of becoming invisible would be really cool!

Have you had a beer in the last week?
I don’t drink beer. Get me tequila!

Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

Favorite body part?
Whose? Mine? I think I already answered that:D

Flip flops or sandals?
What’s the purpose? Anything will do, as long as it protects my feet from landing in crap!

What do you do on fridays?
What I don’t do on weekdays. *Another hopelessly dumb question*

Do you like bananas?
Yes I do like to eat them. *And the point was????*

Whew! And that's the end of the tag...
I'm being very very very nice today to everyone in the blog world...so I tag nobody:-)


113 Responses to “Bullshit!”

  1. geet

    baby ..am proud of you for doing this tag.. jeeyo :)

    embarrassing moment ..lol i hv done tht .. i was drunk too... guys did hv expression ...but you should hv seen my expression seeing them n theirs ...

    was laughing all the way till the bananas question..

    to summarize all in a sentence ..


    hahaha love ya ...

  2. Gonecase

    LOL kudiye, inne saare common :D
    Tall wala point is really good and valid and painter's model my ass, wo bhi mehnat ka kaam hai :P

    ROFL for sloth, so true so true ...

    Aur har jagah alcohal, you are obsessed lady !! And for proud thing, hai daiya ! Besharam kahin ki :P

  3. gunj

    hi crazy
    i must say great tag!
    uve answered all the questions soo nicely!
    this tag speaks a lot about you!!

    P.S: shaadi.com pe laga de...teri shadi pakki hai :P

  4. gunj

    sarcasm apart...funny answers, but a shitty tag for sure!! im amazed at d brain behind those questions!!
    if i find dat f****R ill slap him on ur behalf :P

    thanks to ur answers miss india, it was a lil bearable !!:P

  5. DS

    that guy who invented this tag needs to be killed...how vella one can be to create such a tag!
    And cheers to ur patience to be able to answer them all :)
    Ur pics to at the begining of ur posts have been apt and so gud :)

  6. crasiezt

    Geet: Yaar I wasn't drunk..just slipped my mind that I should button up:P
    Tu bhi kar le tag aur super maar le uski:P Love you too babe:-)

  7. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Told you about the common factor didn't I!!

    Tall waale point pe mazak bana raha hai mera? Grrrr...

    Kisi painter ko pakad la phir dekhte hain:P

    Drunken sloth I am!

    You forget...I was born shameless:D

  8. crasiezt

    Gunj: Aise answers padh ke mujhe se shaadi kaun karega? I mean come on, who would wanna marry an alcoholic lazy bum:P

    You bet the tag was bad. But there's another one coming up which is shorter, but worse!!

    Tere mein dum hai to tag kar le:P

  9. crasiezt

    DS: I guess I am great to have done the tag after all!! How patient are you? Wanna try the tag:P

  10. chacha

    "How tall are you?" was funny
    "What is your favourite word?" Is it because of the movie by the same name?
    "If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you’ve made, would you?" huhh good hai
    "What are you most proud of in your life?" bang on target ;)
    "Would you rather be hot or cold?" Nopes question didn't mean that what you answered try again :)
    "Do you like bananas?" otherwise if question was "Do you like KIWIS?"
    you would not have thought otherwise, right?

    Finally itna gusse mein kyu ho Madam? mai hota to tag hi nahi karta... koi ni gussa bhi hona chahiye kabhi-2...

  11. Ankur

    Fun read! :)
    Kudos on being able to finish such a long questionnaire! I would have slept half way. I did one too, it had 20, but tiring still!

  12. gunj

    lol...bilkul nai hai dum mere mein...sorry :P

  13. dRoZzY!!!

    i haven't stopped laughing for the last 5 minutes...
    even you bought this tag....
    i never thought you'd be game!

    thats my 4th victim.

    rain falling a few seconds later.... great stuff

    two princes (spin docs/chem brothers)... i love this song too. it has a great video too. reminds me of another one of its time.. in the army now.

    eating horse poop or cow poop is same as being blind or deaf.

    top notch... walking out of shopper's stop unbuttoned.
    there definitely are a few things money cant buy.

    reminds me of an instance when a guy and a girl go out eating one night at a great eating place inside a mall. the chiccie is using the restroom when they decide on the fly to make out. the guy enters the girlie restroom and boom.
    after 20 minutes the clears the exit and the guy zaps out of the restroom. back in the elevator there are 6 people (men, women and children) staring at the girls. poor thing the guy was too knocked out in the restroom and had forgotten to tell the girl that he had unbuttoned her shirts top 3 buttons in the excitement.
    *priceless again*
    **cheeky grinn**

  14. Sutta

    Wah kya tag hai, wah kya tag hai. :D

    Man what an embarrassing moment you had. Haha!!
    And hell yeah!! I don't like 'ghaas phoos' as well as beer too. :D

    Nicely done. :)

  15. Sutta

    And btw, unlike everyone else I didn't found the "tall" one funny.
    I'd already heard it eons back. :-/

  16. crasiezt

    Chacha: What gussa brother??? Abbey koi tag kare to it is basic decency ki tum use karo. But tehzeeb waali baat tujhe samajh ni aayegi saale:P

    Kiwi waali baat sahi hai...just bought some:D

  17. Smokin Joe

    Why do most of the people think in the same direction.. Come on.. u said u were crazy.. some curt answers would have been more like u!

    P.S. - Or maybe i was more expecting ;-)

  18. crasiezt

    Ankur: Thank you thank you:D

    I think I know which tag you're referring to. I have to do it too...and am not excited about it!

  19. crasiezt

    Gunj: Hehehe chicken:P

    Seriously wise decision!

  20. crasiezt

    Drozzy: The "instance you mentioned...of the guy and his babe..did you see it as a spectator, or hear about it, or were you the guy????

    And thank you for your precious comments sucker:P

  21. crasiezt

    Sutta: Thanks!
    Yeah man it was super embarrassing! And you don't drink beer too? Cheers hai phir to:D

    You've heard it earlier? I thought I invented it...grrrrr

  22. crasiezt

    Smokin Joe: Welcome to my page smokey:D

    Curt answers...well I was being nice for a change

  23. dRoZzY!!!

    that was a good question...
    what i was basically trying to explain was the embarrassment the girl faced. it was an example of passive empathy as i call it.

    you are always welcome for the comments.
    you should write a new post for this tag makes your blog look drag.

    (and here i decide to evade the question)

  24. dRoZzY!!!


    let me know how you like this one

  25. chacha

    Brother?? Puzzled me not because you called me so Krazy, but what made you say so ?? any insight.

    Tehzeeb ki market mein kimat kaha hai?, khair tehzeeb ki kitaab bhi hum kabhi likhenge allah miya ne chaha to.. waise bhi dil se tehzeeb chchodi nahi humne. bas waqt waqt ki baat hai...

    kyu dear??? haha :)

  26. Kanan Saurabh

    Though I would never bother answering so many questions.... You really are a dilligent tagger

  27. crasiezt

    Drozzy: I'm so bloody curious now man!! And something tells me it was you:P
    Yeah I saw the video. Some pretty funny lines there:
    "...a terrifying terrorist..."
    "...god damn it...allah damn it..."
    "I kill you"
    "I am Lindsay Lohan" *LOL*
    "...suicide hotline.."
    "...what was the last thing that went through your mind? My ass" *ROFLMAO at that one*
    Plus the spelling of the guy's name...and the 72 virgins bit...and the Washington monument. Good one mate!

  28. crasiezt

    Chacha: Abbey ainwe hi bola tha...don't take it literally! Just a friendly way of addressing someone!

    Tehazeeb ki bhi le li tune:P

  29. crasiezt

    Kanan: Thankssssss!

  30. freesherry

    u had me rolling with laughter
    baut mast tha.. loved the painter's model and the tall wala :D
    u really r the sarcasm queen

  31. crasiezt

    Freesherry: You made my day by calling me that!! Zindagi safal ho gayi meri:D Thanks!
    Do the tag if you fee like. Not forcing you babe. Your call:D

  32. Express

    ohk, I\ should be proud of the fact that I actually read it all. Well, It ws funny and amusing and well done and motivating and smart and surprizing and shocking and blah blah blah

    Hehe, my fav line? what wud u rather lose a leg or a hand question! Man, some1 sure were mad at u 2 tag u into this, :-P

  33. Reeta Skeeter

    Anywhere, Someone else uffff

    I can’t be trekking on my sofa, right LOL

    I guess the time when I walked out of the trial room of a big store (Shoppers' Stop) with the buttons of my shirt undone...Took me quite a while to figure out why people were so totally checking me out!--------LMAO


    and then you tag nobody... how nice of you... ye BAHUT ganda wala tag hai... two ppl hv tagged me on it :|

  34. Anvita

    hey babes, pretty good tag ya, yur embarassing moment reminded me of mine... I was in a meeting with my boss and his boss we were kinda have an argument n suddenly my botton poped up n gosh that was fucking embarassing man..

  35. chacha

    ohh kool then Bro.. yo man...

    may be my minds spin too much, one day will put a handle on this and fuck the world.

  36. Ankur


    this was never ending.... visited ur blog thrice and tried my luck everytime..

    but it was all very funny to read... and u really fckued the tag hard... :P

    emabarrasing movement was really funny... dont tell me u were drunk then also... :P

    btw... thoda daru vich pyar mile le... ki nashe di yeh band bottle... :P

    enjoyed a lot!!!


  37. SambY

    If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
    Someone else:P

    that was clever......

    what do u do for fun
    no these fuck all tags...

    that was the best.....

    it was not that bad man... it was good..:-)

  38. Aditi ''Jiggs''


    that was a really long tag

    nicely answered!!!
    the tall one was good :D


  39. crasiezt

    Express: Am proud of you too:D In fact am proud of everyone who actually read it all!!

  40. crasiezt

    Skeety: Hehehe you picked out the cream of the lot:D
    Good luck doing the tag...bheja fry ho jaayega:P

  41. crasiezt

    Anvita: Thanks!
    I'm wondering whether your "moment" was worse than mine!! LOL

  42. crasiezt

    Ankur: Shit man you must think am some no-good drunkard that drinks all day long and falls down in the gutter with the pigs:P

    I wish I was drunk when "that" happened. At least then I would have some excuse for making an ass of myself in public!

    You bet the tag was never ending...but like you said, I did screw it pretty bad:D

  43. crasiezt

    Samby: You think it was good? Thanks!
    Try doing the tag, then you'll know:P

    Welcome here!

  44. crasiezt

    Aditi: Thanks! Congratulations for reading it all:D

  45. --xh--

    lambo.. good choice :-) man, this is one of the lengthoest and crazy tag i have read... phew! like the way you gave phata-phat answers :)
    and hey - nice template...

  46. freesherry

    thanks but no thanks.. mere me inne patience ke reserves ni h re
    main padh ke hi khush hun ;) :D

  47. Kulpreet

    At many places I thought it was me some years ago. We are all the same, isn't it?

    Seriously, I too - and still - love yatchs ( it is kind of related to my job). Love tequila... though whiskey is a bigger turn on.

    Best cheers!

  48. crasiezt

    XH: Yeah man Lamborghini is super hot!
    I looove my template so much:D Thanks!

  49. crasiezt

    Freesherry: Smart move girl:D

  50. crasiezt

    Kulpreet: Nice to see you here!

    So you saw similarities? Obliged!

    I've never been on a yacht actually, I merely fantasize:D

    And I love whiskey too!!! I like all forms of alcohol, except beer and white wine:D

  51. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    Okay, the best part of this tag was the bull pic! ;) lol, had me in splits literlly. the bull has a cute, nice ass too btw. :P

  52. Manicured Satyagrahi

    In my constant quest to realise all ur fantasies, i am putting plan. next visit mein we sit on tankbund, eat butta and stare at chappoo chalaing romeos and chhamias. I know it doesent match up to the yatch thing, but heck! has more fun value.

    babe, for the millionth and twentieth time, u are exactly short. not just short but kinda like a tall dwarf so dont go around misleading people. And since i have full confi ki u will, i shall continue on my satyagraha pad.

    ps - so nice no my poem was? :D i and u are complete *gaali* for not picking up phone in raat.

  53. jeff

    A bottle of skotch? Tequila? Can we get you to commit suicide already so we can get married?

  54. Keshi

    clever n witty answers girl! :)


  55. crasiezt

    Busy: Yeah it's cute, but super HUGE too!

  56. crasiezt

    Manicured: Yeah babe the poem was super cute, but you fuckin sent it when I was sleeping. Lucky I didn't wake up. Grrrrr
    By the way, I say NO to tankbund:P
    Please shove the "satyagraha" up yours:D

  57. crasiezt

    Jeff: Welcome here!
    Ahem! I think I've hit an all time high on stupidity...I so totally didn't get what you meant:-(

  58. crasiezt

    Keshi: Thanks babe!

  59. Nirmal's Blog

    oops tat was really big....and many shit queries....

    i hope u njoyed a lot..lolsss

  60. crasiezt

    Nirmal: Yes Mr Sarcastic I did enjoy the "experience" :P

  61. Gonecase

    Tall wale point pe mazak nahi bana raha, usse appreciate kar raha tha. And as for other things, ab tu itna effort daal ke apni taareef kar rahi hai to maan lete hain, you shameless ass of sloth :P

  62. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Main aapka tahe dil se shukriya ada karti hoon:P

  63. dRoZzY!!!

    abe yeh jeff kya bol raha hai???
    talli ho kar tere se shaadi karega...
    yah fir yeh kuch suicide karne jaa raha hai and want you to go with him...

    abe isse koi bachao... latakne waala hai.

  64. Anvita

    it was the worst thing ever man, my Director n VP , f*** i cudnt bloody face em the next day....

    BTW, yeh geet kahan gayab ho gayi, bahut chap rahi hai lagta hai.

  65. crasiezt

    Drozzy: No idea man! I guess talli tha when he wrote that stuff:P

  66. crasiezt

    Anvita: She wasn't well apparently..dunno the details though

  67. Ankur

    seems like everybody's tired of doing tags and now have nothing left to write! :p

  68. crasiezt

    Arre not that man! I'm writing a short story:D Not able to decide how to end it..Will post very soon:-)

  69. BIG Omi

    Awesome post dudette..
    Totally rogered the tagger's pride... Wow.. Very first time i m praising sarcasm... And embarrassing moment thing was so funny.... thank goodness mine were not that bad... Loved your post... totally ..

  70. crasiezt

    Omi: Thanks a ton dude!! That was a lot of appreciation:D

  71. Friendly nextdoor guy

    you got a generous answer to "tag"

    and the bull was too too much!!

  72. BIG Omi

    oye have fab weekend...

  73. crasiezt

    Friendly: So you liked the picture?

  74. crasiezt

    Omi: Weekend was good man! How was yours? Mondays are so fucked up..grrrr

  75. BIG Omi

    yeah...very true... Mondays are sulking... Tuesdays, Wednesdays and fridays are no better.. he he..
    my weekend was awesome... spend some quality time with school guys.. then watched U me aur hum... good flick...
    on time watchable..

    so all in all ..awaiting next weekend..
    Take care

  76. crasiezt

    Oh! Movie is good? I saw a little bit on DVD. Not very interesting...I saw some relatively older films.."40 year old virgin" "the hand that rocks the cradle" and so on...good stuff! Am waiting for the end of the week too:-(

  77. BIG Omi

    wow.. and where the hell u got those good ol' stuff.. must say u had a real good weekend..

    btw u workin in which industry...

  78. Keshi

    hows u girl? :)


  79. Bogged

    hehe!! i liked it though!

  80. Pri

    good answers...looks like u super bugged at the person who tagged u with this :p

  81. neha

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. crasiezt

    Omi: Internet and television man:D
    Industry...hmmm..you wanna take a guess?

  83. crasiezt

    Keshi: Pretty good babe! Loved your latest post:-) Howz you been?

  84. crasiezt

    Bogged (Coyote): Then you should definitely do it!!

  85. crasiezt

    Pri: Hey welcome to my page:-)
    Babe you should try doing this tag...it's never ending...I mean it's one thing to read others' answers, but doing it yourself will surely kill you!

  86. BIG Omi

    I guess.. telecommunication

  87. BIG Omi

    or entertainment....

  88. Keshi

    thats good to know n tnxx! :)

    Im ok girl..just bloggin as usual. LOL!


  89. crasiezt

    Omi: Wow you're good with this stuff man! It's a mix of both..how did you guess though?

  90. crasiezt

    Keshi: How do you manage to blog so much babe! Another post on your page today!!! As good as ever of course, and with awesome pics too:-)

  91. Ankur

    wat... r u waiting for 100 comments??? :P :P


  92. Sutta

    Arre is the bull still filled with shit? :P


  93. Keshi

    cos I hv 12 hands :)


  94. BIG Omi

    ahem.. i m workin with same industry... but gotta a wider perspective... u say are u a part of some DTH or IPTV team... Tats kewl.. Have a nice day....

  95. geet

    kya bhains ka gobar hai ye...

    hamari shaan mein nayi post kyon nahin pesh ki gayi ...gustaakh ladki..

  96. Keshi

    update update update plz! :)


  97. crasiezt

    Ankur: Yeah man I should have waited for some more time:P

  98. crasiezt

    Sutta: The shit is out dude..read my latest post:P

  99. crasiezt

    Keshi: The babe with 12 and more hands, the blog is updated:D

  100. crasiezt

    Omi: Huh????

  101. crasiezt

    Geet: Yaar naya post daal diya hai..dekh le:D

  102. elusive

    is it that u update after ur comments cross the 100 mark :P
    If i set out to do tat i wud never get to updating mine :D

  103. crasiezt

    Elusive: LOL no babe..just been too busy:P

  104. Pranay

    Well...That was a long tag!!! How could you even sit through answering all that??!! Don't think it left any questions for other tags....hehe.
    Sorry could finish reading it completely...;-).

  105. BIG Omi

    hey congrats ... century of comments..

    Btw... wat huh?? .. ??...?? ..???

  106. crasiezt

    Pranay: I really wish they were exhausted!!
    Welcome to my blog:-)

  107. crasiezt

    Omi: I said huh for:
    ahem.. i m workin with same industry... but gotta a wider perspective... u say are u a part of some DTH or IPTV team... Tats kewl.. Have a nice day....

    Where did that come from man!!

  108. Gonecase

    Sahi hai mamu....100 comments...ab to dukaan ka showroom ho gayi hai :P

  109. crasiezt

    Just shows how jobless people are:D

  110. BIG Omi

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. BIG Omi

    Hey Crazziest,
    was busy wid exams..

    Arey if ya see ur earlier comment then you will see - u agreed that its combination of media and telecom industry.. and according to me the industry which has got attributes of both are IPTV and Dth... And i thot u workin with it..

    and i too work with something on same lines..

    anyways... i think i have cluttered and hotchpotch everything ...

    anyways chuck it..

    hows ya...?? tc... ciao..
    Omi (Free from all the exams.. academics)

  112. rukna

    love the image :)

  113. crasiezt

    Rukna: Thanks:-)
    Welcome here!

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