Delusional Painter

Author: crasiezt

I’m painting today

I dunno what

I dunno why

Can I even call it a painting?

Just because I don’t use paint, just because I don’t use a paint brush I’m not a painter?

Have I not painted pictures in your head with my words?

When I wrote about my happiness couldn’t you picturize a happy me?

When I wrote about my heartache you could see tears trickling down my cheeks, couldn’t you?

When you read of my drunken fiestas couldn’t you imagine a sloshed crasiezt stumbling around in high heels?

Am I a painter or what!


96 Responses to “Delusional Painter”

  1. DS

    yeah! u r a delusional painter...and paint a stumbling around in high heels picture rather than someone with a paint brush...hehe

  2. Gonecase

    Thank god ! You finally posted something, tere chahne walon ke din nahi beet rahe the, raatein nahi kat rahi thi :P

    But what would I do with your pictures when I have seen a happy you, a teary you, a "straight-line" you !

  3. gunj

    such profound thoughts!!

    han bhai han...tu painter hai!!
    uve also painted crazy pictures by being just you!!(wah wah...nw im not feeling left out :P)

    great pic to go with d post!!!

  4. Ankur

    hehe... wat do u wanna know?? ask specifically :P :P

    waise a post was due long time... :D

    everyone is a painter, atleast those who dream... paint a world for themselves :)

    wats ur painting like??


  5. Pri

    i always felt 'artistically challenged'! :(
    this post made me feel better...

    thanks!! :D

  6. elusive

    tu toh painter ki naani hai..
    and i painted you as mf hussains moms mom :p
    ya i can very well picturize a sloshed crasiezt in high heelz..nice picture the paint looks YUM!

  7. crasiezt

    DS: I didn't want people flocking to my blog just to look at my pic, so you'll have to make do with this pic:P

  8. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Yeah rite! Log inne velle hain to main kya karoon:P

    Vaise you do have a point paas ni hota uski pics chahiye hoti hain..but we're together all the time!! Mmmmmmuah for that:-)

  9. crasiezt

    Gunj: Now that you've said it, am a certified painter:D Shukriya:-)

  10. Crimson Feet

    ok ok fine!!.. I agree! you ARE a painter... now relax would you?! ...

    you almost got me feeling guilty there!! ;)

  11. crasiezt

    Crimson: LOL thanks!

    Welcome here:-)

  12. --xh--

    delusional or not, I am not venturing to guess, but yeah.. u r a painter who paints with words... :-)

  13. crasiezt

    Xh: That's real nice of you! Thanks:-)

  14. crasiezt

    Ankur: I know it's been really long! And even this post was written in a you know how busy I am:P

    My painting has all the colours possible with all shades and hues you can think's yours?

  15. crasiezt

    Pri: Hahaha join the club:-)

  16. crasiezt

    Elusive: Aila mujhe maar diya tune:P
    Thanks babe:-)

  17. Nirmal's Blog

    u wer a painter???...i thought u wer a photographer...lolss

    in both ways we get ur image...nice post

  18. crasiezt

    Nirmal: Thanks man!
    Isn't a photographer a painter too?

  19. chacha

    Are you a painter?
    In strict sense NO.
    By the good logic you have given, YES.
    If you take the second option then
    what you are painting is what one
    goes through in the life through words(written or said).
    Is everybody a painter then?
    Is "painter" a painter then?
    the question should be
    Who is not a painter?

    "Mallika-e-aagey tu janti hai", saala crap tha, load mat liyo. Ya crap ka rep kar diyo :)

  20. Alok

    Anything that forces a person to go inside themselves and experience something (even if it isn't what the artist wishes), is, according to me, Art.

    And yes, definitely, Blog Posts can be Art pieces!

    Good Art conveys what the artist wanted to say in the most powerful manner. Good art brings me closer to "God", even for a few moments.


  21. dRoZzY!!!

    you write such amazing stuff....
    but what was this post all about? i guess you got carried away a bit too much.

    i think you always do better than this!

    honest feedback... no a$$licking.

  22. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    Ahem. Got me thinkin!

  23. Keshi

    WOW fantastic post!

    **Have I not painted pictures in your head with my words?

    yes many times! And a very good one too hun.

    Love the way u wrote this post.


  24. Anonymous

    Yes! You are a painter. You colour times of people like me who step by your blog.

    Wonderful! And original...

  25. Ankur

    ehehe... in a meeting... lier lier :P :P

    but i can imagine ;)


    and mine is filled with all the colors, but RGB is missing :P :P

    n btw... nice to see that u atleast take some time out from a meeting ;) :P :P


  26. crasiezt

    Chacha: Adrak ki gaanth ka zyada hi asar ho raha hai tujhe pe:P

  27. crasiezt

    Alok: Fundo that was!!
    Thanks for that, and welcome here:-)

  28. crasiezt

    Drozzy: Thanks for dropping by Mr Honest:P
    It was something I just wrote, and since I hadn't updated anything on my blog in ages, i thought what the hell:P

  29. crasiezt

    Busy: And the result was???

  30. crasiezt

    Keshi: Thanks a ton babe! Darn sweet of you to have said that:-) AM grinning from ear to ear right now..Chesire Cat:D

  31. crasiezt

    Kulpreet: It's always such a delight to have you around:-) Thanks a lot!

  32. crasiezt

    Ankur: Yeah man it was really written in a of those long and never ending kinds!
    No RGB? Too bad man!!

  33. BIG Omi

    hey painter babu .. i mean painter babe..
    yes .. i agree...u definitely are painter.. a damn good one.... coloring some of the beautiful moments of your readers..

    just to describe you-
    “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

  34. crasiezt

    Omi: Flattered:D Thanks!

  35. Ankur

    This was the short story you were talking about? :O
    Must say, lives up to its name, really short it is! :p
    And well if this was meant to be a painting, didn't come out with flying colours! :D
    I'd suggest you take a break, I should seriously start planning on that deserted island trip! ;)

  36. Keshi

    well guess what..ur a brilliant philosopher!


  37. Tairebabs

    I think art is all about reaching within ur self nd expressing ur feelings in any manner u can. Sometimes I sing, dance, blog or even actually play the piano. Its all art. Painting a picture in peoples minds. U just did that..though in a meeting. Lol!

  38. crasiezt

    Ankur: The short story is ready, and waiting to be posted...and no this wasn't the short story I mentioned:P

    But I wouldn't mind that trip:-)

  39. crasiezt

    Keshi: OMG!! That was a first...I really dunno if that's a nice thing or not though!!

  40. crasiezt

    Tairebabs: Wow you play the piano! That's cool!

    Welcome to my page...keep dropping by here:-)

  41. Tairebabs

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Tairebabs

    Thanks Crasiezt! I had fun reading your blog and will definately drop by regularly.

    Will add you to my favourite blogs.

  43. crasiezt

    Tairebabs: That's sweet:-)

  44. Anvita

    u are a painter for sure man.....good one gal!!

  45. Anonymous

    :-).... Yes you are a painter... !! You paint your feelings with the brusgh of ur writings...

  46. geet

    baby kya likha hai..matlab kya likha hai??

    abey you had told me tht u wrote this post while u were in a boring meeting... boring thi to ek bitching waali post hi likh deti ...sorry ..mere palle nai padi ye post...

    pliss pliss ek aur likh ab...*humble request from your phan*


  47. Reeta Skeeter

    Hehehe...can very well see why you painted this post :P

  48. Bored, Sweet Nothings

    Atlast, a post in true reflection of your true spirit.

    Just to make things clear - You are not a painter. Yo do not paint with words. You pain with words...saw that? that is called painting..biachy painting :p

    I get teary eyed when u are in ur two piece nothings and acting like bally sagoo is liddat chhati aulad of brad pitt *tauba tauba*.
    I picture u happy when u are screaming at auto wallahs and gaali deofying their seven generations - predecessors and successors. And the drunk bit, i am going to be nice to you and no comments.
    So, in conclusion u just are delusional. *hic!* I love it! :)

  49. Gross little somethings

    I mean i love me jhapping u, not the crap that u churn out and make me read whilst the whole time in my head i am imagining a self thrusted fork entered through one eyeball and being turned around to gather up the leftover bits of brain tht did not get fried reading ur nonsense.

    Basically, I am bored *yawn*

  50. Smokin Joe

    yup u paint.. and paint it well.. ur blog is a painting aint it. Ohh well, and one can paint better when high ;-)

  51. crasiezt

    Anvita: Thanks:-)

  52. crasiezt

    Samby: Very well put! Thanks:-)

  53. crasiezt

    Geet: Inni vaddi dhakkan haigi tu:P

    Chal koi na, will post something else very soon:D

  54. crasiezt

    Skeety: Really you can? Bata phir:P

  55. nefariousoutlook

    art is anything which can get people to pause and reflect..i am sure your post has done that have managed to paint a picture which has made people reflect ..keep it up painter :D

  56. crasiezt

    Bored/Gross: Your comments make blog-writing worth the effort!! Getting jhapped by you is the bestest feeling in the whole wide world babe...Mmmmmuah

  57. crasiezt

    Smokin: Never tried that combo...I have better things to do when am drunk;-)

  58. crasiezt

    Nefarious: Hey welcome to my page! And thanks:-)

  59. geet

    lol ..dhakkan.. kya pehchana hai :D

    thanku iss phan ka mann rakhne ke liye *bow* :)

  60. Crimson Feet

    hey... lovely new profile pic :)!

  61. Reeta Skeeter

    nothingness dear :P
    trying to rip apart that writer's block... crazy girl u :D

  62. Nitu

    Hmm... I m not sure,I m not sure..Sometimes I feel I am a photographer with a camera in my brain.

  63. Keshi

    mebbe u can do some detective work for me..come take part in my current post babez ;-)


  64. crasiezt

    Geet: That's the least (read max) I can do for you:D

  65. crasiezt

    Crimson: Thanks!

  66. crasiezt

    Skeety: Darn! You saw through me..and you're the only one who did! Kudos to you for that:-)

  67. crasiezt

    Nitu: That's a pretty nice way of putting it!
    Welcome to my blog fotografer:D

  68. crasiezt

    Keshi: Detective? Lemme c:-)

  69. Aditi ''Jiggs''

    yup u r gal


  70. crasiezt

    Aditi: Thanks babe:-) And welcome back!!

  71. Anonymous

    Long time, no addition...


  72. Anonymous

    hey great blog u hv, do visit mine

  73. geet

    hmmph !!

  74. Sutta

    Not bad not bad at all haan! ;)
    Aaaannnd you look soo happy in your pic. Wah ji wah! :)

  75. rantravereflect

    oooh delusional painter??? :)
    loved tat girl..

    i always wundered how i had a way with the pen, and not with the brush, but yeh, jus ralised we've all been painting everyday..

    paint aint a pain after all!!

    keep painting beautiful posts, our minds are ya canvass:)

  76. crasiezt

    Kulpreet: Yupp I noticed too...check out the new update:D

  77. crasiezt

    Ashu: Hey thanks! Will check out your page too!
    Welcome here:-)

  78. crasiezt

    Geet: Le daal diya naya post..naak mat fula ab:P

  79. crasiezt

    Sutta: Shukriya ji:D

  80. crasiezt

    Rant: Hey thanks babe:-) Will definitely keep painting...
    Welcome to my space:-)

  81. five_silver_rings

    Hmm... painting eh?
    Tell you what, expand on this a bit more.. write more. I think it'll give us a better perception about things :)

  82. geet

    bhains ki taang... kitthe ae ni post !!! tu gayi ...

  83. Thoogether in thyck n thyn

    And thoo were doubting thy comments? *Thoo thoo thoo*


  84. Sutta

    Naya post kahan?

  85. C R D

    hey ur a painter all are all of us...

    VEry beautiful post!!!! dep thought!!!

    ive made a new orkut community for bloggers . id like to invite u to join it. its pretty interactive.

    join this new blogger community.

    atleast have a look

    keep writing

  86. DS

    Oi! nayi post kahan gayi?
    But, I had read it ;-)
    The ending was just so hilarious!!

  87. crasiezt

    Five: Hehehe that's all I have to say about it! But you're more than welcome to read my other posts and build up a perception:-)
    Welcome here!

  88. crasiezt

    Geet: Yaar comedy of errors ho's up now:-)

  89. crasiezt

    Thoo: Huh???

  90. crasiezt

    Sutta: Ab dekh le:-)

  91. crasiezt

    CRD: Thanks:-)
    Will check it out for sure!
    Welcome to my blog!!

  92. crasiezt

    DS: It was there for just a few minutes and you read it?? You must be super vella in life:P
    Waiting for your comments on the post:-)

  93. Cecilia

    Good one most of ur posts..really good stuff in here..:)

  94. crasiezt

    Cecilia: Thanks babe! Welcome around here:-)

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