Happy B'day!!

Author: crasiezt

Wednesday and Thursday were good coz it was my boyfriend’s birthday on Thursday:-) Gave him a few surprises, which I think he loved…I mean am sure he was stumped, but I dunno how much he liked the stuff…perhaps I should just have done a strip tease or pole dance for him:P

That’s the both of us in the picture…his face covered in a real thick layer of his b’day cake. My very own “chocolate boy”!!! Of course he didn’t appreciate the chocolate on his face as much as I did, and he rubbed his cheek against mine (not very clearly visible in the picture though).

I would like to take this opportunity to say that he tastes better than chocolate:D Love you loads Sidu. Mmmmmuah!


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  1. Reeta Skeeter

    Happy Budday to S!
    BTW the cake looked sinful :P
    akele akele khao tum dono aur mote ho jao... hu ha ha

  2. dRoZzY!!!

    theres so much cheeky itching inside to comment here...
    i'll just stick to happy burrdayyy!!!

  3. gunj

    happppyyyy buttdddaayyyy to sidu!(well i dnt knw his full name)
    seems like u had a great time!!
    surprises k details likh na!!;)

  4. geet

    babe such a tempting post in all the ways ..agree with dRoZzY ..

    abey ..i think i know this sidu..even though his face is unrecognizable ,his smile is unique :)

    happy waala budday goney...

    p.s: you ARE a Sexy beeeech!!

  5. crasiezt

    Skeety: S ki taraf se shukriya:-)
    The cake was so awesome (my choice my choice my choice...obviously)...and even though friends had come over, both of us polished off most of it in a couple of days:D

  6. crasiezt

    Drozzy: LOL what cheeky?? Say whatever you want to:D
    And thanks for the wishes:-)

  7. crasiezt

    Gunj: Thanks for the bday ki badhai:-)
    Surprises started a few days before the bday...and continued a few days after...details? ahem!yahan nahi:P
    BTW his name's Siddharth:-)

  8. crasiezt

    Geet: Teri paar ki nazar sahi hai:P Am impressed!!!
    Tempting kya hai???Bata na...
    Aur mujhe saxy kyon bola tune???Thanks anyways:D And thanks for the wishes too!

  9. Reeta Skeeter

    ...in a couple of days????

  10. crasiezt

    Umm yeah sort of. He cut the cake on Thursday, but we had very little then. And even on Friday we barely ate. But Saturday-Sunday it was almost over, and only one piece remained, which we finished yesterday:-)

  11. Gonecase

    Thanks for the wishes bachhe, the cake was delicious, the surprises were, well, surprising.
    As for the stuff, I liked, I liked...infact, I loved, I loved.
    No comments on chocolate-on-the-face thing but strip tease or pole dance, hmmmm, baad mein baat karte hain :P
    Love you too.

    P.S. Ye kya mere muh-kaale ki foto laga di hai ???

  12. elusive

    yuuumm cake tat looked :p happy Bday to Siddharth!

  13. crasiezt

    Awwwww inna pyara comment:-) Reply will be given in person:D

    P.S I think you look super cute in that pic!

  14. crasiezt

    Elusive: Yupp the cake was awesome!! Thanks:-)

  15. freesherry

    Happy budday sid :)
    and I am sure both of u had loads of fun
    but mera cake kidhar h??
    bolo bolo?

  16. crasiezt

    Freesherry: Cake...ummm..B'lore aaja mil jaayega:P
    We did have loads of fun! Thanks!

  17. Nirmal's Blog

    hey happy birthday to ur boy.....
    happy life 4 u..

  18. crasiezt

    Nirmal: Thanks man!

  19. Sweekar

    manny manny happy budday of the day!

    is that wallpaper UV reactive?

  20. chacha

    happy bday Sid... :)

  21. crasiezt

    Chacha: Shukriya Mr Photographer:D

  22. chacha

    Had real fun that day Krazy, but as Sid told you ladke log apne bday ko le ke itne senti nahi hote, at least I am that types. Baaki Sid bhai to apne mast hai hi.... don't worry you will have competition from me all along through out life, try your best to keep him interested in you, because I feel I can give you tough competition. On the other hand, you have it in you to compete, lets see, lets play the the game.

    Haha, ky bakar likha hai bey....
    bakchodi jindabad types...

  23. freesherry

    haan haan chinta not
    main aa ri hun fir ni chodungi dono ko.. cake to khake rahungi :D

  24. Champa Kali

    First things first - WTF!!!
    How dare YOU, balless worthless piece of shit, ask ME to not read you crappy blogs?!!
    totally pissed i am right now. and wont even pick up call and let u hear my raspy voice, when u grovel seeking forgiveness..saali kutti!
    *jumping in joy for having cursed in public place :D*
    btw - tell ur siddy happy budday belated and YOU ARE REALLY BECOMING FAT! *buhuhahahaha*

  25. crasiezt

    Chacha: Tu mujhe competition dega bakchod???Am way above competition man..from you or anybody else for that matter:P

  26. crasiezt

    Freesherry: Aa to sahi:P

  27. crasiezt

    Champa Kali: You are so fake!!Wait saala I'll call you and abuse you so much your ears will bleed:P

  28. Keshi

    Happy Bday to ur BF then :)

    Cute pic hun.


  29. crasiezt

    Thanks babe:-)

  30. Kanan Saurabh

    Hey "Siddhu"
    Happy birthday (extremely belated though... I have been looking at women and ummm...debugging circuits.)

    Crasiezt...your bf is extremely lucky.

    Btw...should'nt you consider disabling anonymous comments?

  31. crasiezt

    Kanan: In spite of being "busy" you had the time to drop by! Appreciate it man:P
    Thanks for the wishes..delayed or not, it's the thought that matters:-)
    As for the "lucky" bit, I would say it's mutual:-)

    And why should I disable anonymous comments?

  32. Express

    hooii!! Its a daammmnnn cute post!! And you guys seem to be madly in love! Purfect!

    Celebrate the birthday and celebrate the love! May god bless you guys :-)


  33. crasiezt

    Express: Thanks for all the sweet stuff you said!
    Welcome to my page. Keep dropping by:-)

  34. Keshi

    n I just read that he's yummier than choc? LOL!


  35. crasiezt

    Keshi: Yeah he is:D

  36. Friendly nextdoor guy

    hey did i say something offending?
    you dint even reply once. hey im safe!! mean no harm to you yaar.
    just an ordinary guy!! trying to blog.
    im sorry if something that i said dint click. sorry

  37. crasiezt

    Friendly: Didn't reply to what?
    Am sorry but what's the context here???

  38. gunj

    oi oi oi!
    gonecase is sidu!! boy!!!!!!!! how cme i neva noticed!!!!
    say happy holi to d poor thing from my side :P ande maare honge tune usko bhi :P

  39. crasiezt

    Yaar kaash maare hote...I've developed some kind of allergy to gulaal and stuff, so no holi for me:-(
    But if I had played..uski waat laga deti main...He wouldn't have spared me either of course:D

  40. gunj

    lucky him!!
    waise i like it...gonecase n crasiezt!!:)

  41. crasiezt


  42. crasiezt

    And yes he's lucky:P
    To be honest, am lucky too:-)

  43. gunj

    i knw hez lucky(thanks to ur strip tease n pole dance :P)
    y are u lucky?? wo bhi kya aisa hi kuch karne wala hai tere liyez?? :P
    detailz plzzz!

  44. Ankur

    blogrolled you!

  45. Keshi

    them mebbe we should manufacture him? LOL!


  46. crasiezt

    Gunj: Tune ainwe hi mujhe bond bana diya:P
    I haven't done either for him yet babe, though it is my life's dearest ambition to! Kya karoon, the very thought of doing it makes me wanna laugh:D
    Am lucky coz he's a total sweetheart:-)

  47. crasiezt

    Ankur: Blogrolled you too!!
    Thanks for including me in your little list of bloddies (blog+buddies)!

  48. crasiezt

    Keshi: LOL nice try girl, but am not about to do that and let the whole world have a taste of my baby:D

  49. Express

    why?? why can't people let ur guy be?

    and babe, taste of ur baby, phrase makes me think of vampires n leeches. Grossest thought ever!!!

    reply 4m my blog,
    Man, i find u so cute!!!

  50. crasiezt

    Express: Dunno why they can't let him be! Should I be worried that he's so popular? Naaaah am not, 'cause he's mine:D

    Hahaha for the vampires thing...makes me wanna devour him right now:D

    And ahem! for the "cute" thing. And thanks for the blogroll. You're on my list too babe!

  51. Keshi

    ok ok I back off alright LOL!


  52. crasiezt


  53. Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. crasiezt

    Mishra: Hey why did you delete your comment man?
    And what was tempting?

  55. Friendly nextdoor guy

    thanks for coming by my blog again
    but still an answer to my previous messages is expected.

    i probably fall in one of the many categories of guys you mentioned.

  56. crasiezt

    Which message man? I really dunno what you're referring to!

  57. Pulkit Popli

    boyfriend....hehehe seem u had a lots of fun....nd bhai sidooo tune apne iklaute bhai ko nahin bataya lolz.........

  58. crasiezt

    Pulkit: Damn it, I didn't know it was a secret!!
    Yupp we had loads of fun...you should have been here too...heard lots about you:-)
    Welcome to my page by the way!

  59. Pulkit Popli

    oh yeah....he han't told me.....bt chalo it ws his b'day toh maaf kar diya usko... :P ....

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