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Tags are in the air or what!! Every 2nd post of mine is a tag! This one’s another interesting tag. And the tagger was Gunj! She tagged me some time back, and here’s what you need to do: list out 10 things you hate about guys! How tough can that be eh? So here goes…

  1. I hate guys who don’t understand any part of the word NO. I mean there are only so many times you can ask a guy to back off…but “he” still doesn’t get the point!!

  1. It’s very irritating when your man refuses to shave (referring to facial hair here). Agreed he looks rugged and handsome and all that, but what when you wanna lick ice cream off his face? What when your hair gets caught in his bristles? And what when he gives you a prickly kiss??

  1. I detest guys with no balls. I mean they are the kind that will pass comments on a girl when in a big group, but ask them to go up to a girl and strike a conversation and they will shit their pants. Bloody cheapsters.

  1. What is it with guys and defaming girls who refuse to date them? The minute she says “am not interested”, he will go ahead and tell the whole world she’s a whore! And if she goes out with him, he’ll tell everyone she slept with him! How pathetic!!!

  1. The above point leads me to this one: guys seem to think that outgoing, friendly and vivacious gals are obvious flirts; girls who abuse a lot are sluts; women who drink and smoke are easy to take to bed. Why???? I just don’t get the logic!

  1. I hate it when guys stare at a woman’s boobs when talking to her. Some do it discreetly, while some are so fucking shameless that it disgusts me. Women should probably stare at such guys’ crotch while they do so. Wonder if that’ll help or make things worse…

  1. I hate guys who think they can scratch themselves no matter who’s or who’s not around. Pocket billiards is their favourite sport. Gross!!!

  1. I hate guys who equate perspiration (read body odour) with masculinity. A lot of men nowadays take care of personal hygiene, and ensure they smell good, but there are loads that don’t, and being around them literally takes your breath away.

  1. I hate guys who are extra chivalrous. You know the kinds that will insist on dropping you home in spite of the fact that you can go yourself; the kind that won’t even let you pay the bill at a restaurant…Am not sure if you call that chivalry!
  1. Then there is just the opposite kind that thinks guys are superior to gals. I don't think men are even half a notch above women!

There could be loads and loads more, just as there would be loads about girls! So all you girls reading this post do the tag, and all you guys can do it too, except you’ll have to list 10 things you hate about girls! Go on and spew venom!


130 Responses to “LOSERS!!”

  1. Gonecase

    Hmmmmm.....purushon par aakraman ! Will agree with a couple of things, well, most of the things. But grrrr for the beard wala point, aalas naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai !!
    Moreover, beard is manly baby, if you don't like prickly kisses, I suggest you get yourself a new girlfriend or maybe a gay boyfriend ala Karan Johar style !!

  2. crasiezt

    I should have been prepared for a comment like that!
    I understand the laziness, but for how long?
    I hate to admit it, but your "new girlfriend/gay boyfriend" point was actually funny:D
    Jokes apart, how about being a little sensitive to your girlfriend's small demand?? *Said in a non-sarcastic manner*

  3. Express

    Ahem ahem, I hope I am not butting into private conversation here. But here goes my comment...

    Guys with no balls? very well said.
    Perspiration = masculinity? I don't know whether men do it, but if they do, man, gross.
    Extra-chivalrous guys are sick. And male chauvinistic pigs are sicker. And then men blame us women of not-being-sure-of-what-we-want. The truth remains, they are not sure of what they should deliver.

    But, you know what? I like the prickly kiss ;-) (blushes [:P])

  4. gunj

    my first reaction was "maar li " :P
    sexy post girl....kya mast dhoya hai ek k baad ek!!
    lemme start off too nw...roz roz aisa mauka nahi milta :P
    1)well i really havnt come across guys who dnt understand a no...i think its thanks to my "dont mess with me else ill kick u at the right place" image :P
    2)i loooove prickly kisses...u made it difficlt to sit here anymore...lemme send a noddy msg to him:P
    3)men with no balls...sure are suckers...i wonder why do they even call themselves men...i hav more guts than thm any day!!
    4)i too am a culprit thr...as in i might hav evn said such things bou certain girls, but not without enough proof...still i feel bad!
    5)pocket billiards :))
    6)body odour....holi pe bhi yahi stinky prob hota hai...maan ja! :P
    7)well i hate d extra chivalrous kinds too...i feel like tellin em to stop being our dadz!
    8)guys who think they are superior can go bak to mars :P

  5. gunj

    rotfl @ sid's comment!! im gonna go visit his page nw :P

  6. dRoZzY!!!

    @gonecase: *standing ovation*... now thats like a man... thats the spirit!
    united we mock, divided we hump!

    @crasiezt: chivalry waala point not taken. and even the other regular ones... cmon... not that bad.
    we agree that boys will be boys but than we demand not to be ridiculed in public. is it less what we take behind closed doors? are we wrong when we actually tell you girls that you are putting on weight? is it our fault when we do not lie about chiccies' inability to read road maps?

    this demands a 10 pointer on my blog!!!
    damn you women.

  7. dRoZzY!!!


  8. Daak-rani

    There, I started reading your post but two paras in, i suffocated and died. So don't blame me.
    btw - i do hope u know that srk is also put next to karan johar for qualifying as gay boyfriend :D
    *giving self standing ovation for expletives pouring out of ur mouth*

  9. Rani ka Daak

    I really think u shud change ur fotu. Mad runaway wet dog from erragadda u look like - which is true mentally but still what to do, i will love u and want to protect u from my own gaalis *sigh

    I am thinking i shud call u again at 1 in the night :-?

  10. chacha

    Man... well well, where to start, where to end.... fucked up all around, many applies to me (now I can say just that I am honest nothing else in my lame defense, that of course is lame defense) anyway good going girl, i might score 8 outta 10 (actually i didnt count.. thodi sharam aa gayi :) )..

    chalo koi ni hope that, i will also score some 5 in 10 in 10 things some girl like about guys.. waise part and parcel of life... bachcho ko i guess, you dont count as guys and thoda concession dete ho... :)

    "looking at boobs point", i will surely not mind somebody looking at my crotch, its rare to find a guy/girl who just doesn't say about open society but believes in it too.. but rare doesn't mean it doesn't exist, my point of view though.... imho

    "outgoing, friendly and vivacious gals" wala point, yeah i want to say same thing, saala ladko ki izzat bhi aaj kal aise hi nilaam ho gayi hai, very true Krazy, there can be "outgoing, friendly and vivacious GUYS", girls, please dont take me as some loose character chap, bahgwaan k liye mujhe chchod do.. haha

    arrey haa, side kaise bond ban gaya yaar, may be will write one more copmment give me some time

  11. geet

    sabse pehle ROFL ....

    secondly ...i will say that this does not apply to all ..seriously .even though MEN do generalize points for all the women ,I would say tht not all MEN are like this.

    coming to your points:

    1. yes agree...but it is very situational .

    2.well i dont mind :P. will tell in person some more about this...

    3. yaar ye waali category tuchhe bandon ki hai..i used to see these kinda groups in college or gali ke awaara joker(uneducated)...bade pange liye hai aison se :)

    4 & 5 . yes...i have seen many doing this.if a gal is sleeping with her BF,they consider her a slut aur bande ki aish bolte hain...but crazy this is limited to indian(or some asian) guys...US has different POV..but these kinda guys are sure shot losers.

    6. guys staring at boobs is something i dont mind ...i shamelessly check them from top to bottom taking more break at the crotch area..yes i have done that.
    but again in america ,unless you have boobs & butt like that of 'Kim kardashian' nobody bothers to even check your existence.

    7.my team mate does this pocket billiards every min ..i swear ..ppl just laugh at him and he does not mind...aadat se majboor

    I HATE MCP to the core crazy.MCP comes along with EGO. saala when i give respect then i expect the same.these kinda guys are suitable to baby sit/housewife kinda stuffs..they will really get to know the real pain gals go through..

    i always crib to God for not making guys go through this menstrual cycle n pain...saala we work for same number of hours whole year like them but bear this added baggage...

    again all this does not apply to all the guys but really a specific group.

  12. Aditi ''Jiggs''


    nicely answered
    some of them really dont get the 'No' signs whose cheap-sters who have to courage to talk with a gal n have the guts to eve tease sh be crucified.

    awesome answers !!!


  13. Keshi

    WOW wut a FANTASTIC post! Not cos u pointed out some men who r really revolting, but for the way u identified em all and wrote abt em so neatly. Guess u hv some great experiences with some jerks ha..same here.

    btw it seems like Im a massive jerk-magnet lol!

    Anyways I love the post and the way u wrote em, cos I was nodding my head going 'I agree' for every point u wrote!

    **guys seem to think that outgoing, friendly and vivacious gals are obvious flirts;

    OMG this is sooooo true! And for the EXTRA friendly and outspoken girl that I am, I hv to cop that kind of treatment all the time! Some guys never get it do they *shakes my head in total disgust*


    Im not even going there cos I detest such species!

    *HUGZ* u go girl!


  14. crasiezt

    Express: You LIKE prickly kisses?? Your boyfriend is lucky then!
    Yes there are stinky pigs who think it is manly to stink...Weird but true!

  15. crasiezt

    Gunj: Shukriya for all the kind words:D
    Gonecase ki fan ban gayi tu to:P
    You like prickly kisses too??? Ajeeb hai!

  16. crasiezt

    Drozzy: So everybody is in love with Gonecase:D

    I am not ridiculing all men...just the swines! There are loads of good ones too:-)

    As for the "weight" issue, no man you aren't wrong.But you are definitely wrong about the road maps thing, coz there are innumerable women whose sense of direction is absolutely brilliant!

    Waiting for your 10 points against babes!

  17. crasiezt

    Daak Rani, Rani ka Daak: OMG you're so so so bitchy!! I can't be bothered to say what I want to...not here at least..But you're gonna get your skin removed on the phone:P

  18. crasiezt

    Chacha: Tu bakwas karta reh bas:P
    And you scored 8 on that list??? Damn, do I really know you!!LOL

  19. crasiezt

    Geet: Haan yaar, it's obviously not about all men...ni to hamara kya hota!! It's only 10 very very irritating traits that I wanted to write about.
    Tujhe bhi prickly kisses pasand hain?? Am I the only one that doesn't like them??
    YUCK for your team mate!
    I really wish your wish comes true and guys chum every month like we do...plus I wish that they can get pregnant...rape cases will definitely go down!

  20. crasiezt

    Aditi: Hey welcome to my page babe!
    And thanks:-)

  21. crasiezt

    Keshi: Am glad you agree girl! Such swines should be beaten up and made to eat dog shit every day! (Really dunno where that came from. LOL)

  22. chacha

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. chacha

    @Krazy: may be need to count again, but it shud be 7 or 8..
    "do you really know me?", well you know me very well yaar, dont break your head on some nonsense, you know me... full stop, I am that stupid normal fucking guy only which you can (may be, might) like in the end...

  24. gunj

    tuade vi fan han assi...but thanks to dat joke, wo extra points le gaya :P

  25. elusive

    mazzza aa gayi post padh ke..dho daala ;) agree with everything up here except for the stubble wala point ;)

  26. crasiezt

    Chacha: Tere funde mere sar ke oopar se nikal jaate hain:D

  27. crasiezt

    Gunj: Meri fan???LOL...maska mat maar, kuch ni milega tujhe:P

  28. crasiezt

    Elusive: Maaaan you too! Looks like I'm the only one that doesn't like it!!
    And thanks for the appreciation!

  29. dRoZzY!!!

    abe tag kaha hai?????

  30. crasiezt

    Drozzy: Be patient sweetheart:P
    I'm done with it, but will post it a little later:D

  31. dRoZzY!!!

    damn.... women.... the basic prototype that God made was sent to the factory for mass production...
    you folks are like God's Frankensteins.
    mothers, sisters, girlfriends, other-women, wives, hot-chiccies etc. etc.

    just the different voices... yah yah and maybe faces and bodies too

  32. rOhit

    Haha! Nice read.

    It should be MAN and not MEN. Hard Luck I'd say. Why include the entire fraternity. ;)

  33. Reeta Skeeter

    crazy: LMAO @ Pocket billiards is their favourite sport..
    nice post...
    drozzy: oyeeee!!! y don't u agree with the chivalry wala point? tell tell...

  34. crasiezt

    Drozzy: "...yah yah and maybe faces and bodies too."
    How fake is that man! It's the faces and bodies that matter most don't they? And you're trying to pretend like you're above such stuff:P

  35. crasiezt

    Rohit: Hey I'm not saying all men are like that! God forbid if that were to happen, what would I do:P
    It's just that I've come across pathetic creatures like the ones I've mentioned, but mercifully I know some who are angels in disguise too:-)

  36. crasiezt

    Skeety: Hehehe thanks! Tu bhi ye tag kar na...

  37. dRoZzY!!!

    are you crazy or are you crazy???
    my comment was for you not publishing the tag post...

    about me being fake... no way!!!
    you have a bad sight for men i should say.

    for me... i am ALL about bodies and faces. these are the 2 broad categories that form my benchmarks. for all other good-hearted (blah blah) girls, they are my amazing friends (FULL STOP).

    being fake... me???
    my middle name is lust

  38. crasiezt

    Drozzy: Man you got totally worked up over that! Relax will you Mr Lusty?

    When I said "you're fake" I said it in a very "typically me" kinda fashion. I sort of use that phrase all the time, and it's upto me what I want it to mean as per the context! Doesn't mean what you think it does!

  39. freesherry

    I agree with every one of those points!!
    you had me all fired up reading that :D

  40. freesherry

    by the way, finally did ur tag and have tagged u in return.. do the quessionaire wala tag on my blog :)

  41. geet

    oye chammak challo ... maine kar liya ye tag...

  42. crasiezt

    Freesherry: You did the tag! So cool...will check it out in a bit:-)And thanks for the new tag too!
    Am so glad you agree with all the points...three cheers to all gals in the world:D

  43. crasiezt

    Geet: Item ki bachhi abhi dekhti hoon:P

  44. Keshi

    yes, eww LOL!

    *MWAH* tnxx for ur support in my today's post!

    btw check out my post just before today's post. U'll like that one :)


  45. crasiezt

    Keshi: Anytime babe:-) You OK now girl?
    Will check out the post right away!

  46. Alisha

    hahaha...soo true!

    nice blog...particularly loved the pictures with each blogpost...

    kEep writin..



  47. Bogged

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Bogged

    eee ka post lagawat ho rodie!![:D] men are men!! disgust to hoga hi!!y talk so much?....i have a simple comment: Every woman tend to like a man who is fundamentally a woman!!

  49. crasiezt

    Alisha: Thanks girl!
    Welcome to my space:-)
    Try doing this tag if you have the time for it. Plus, it ain't gonna confuse you like the 7 random things tag either:P

  50. crasiezt

    Bogged: LOL Mr Bhojpuri:P

  51. DS

    Ah! what a bashing!
    seems these hate tags are easier to write...lolz
    but must say - you write well :)

  52. Friendly nextdoor guy

    you left a message on my blog, what am i talking about.

    thats what i wanna tell you!!!
    thats why i sent you my email id!!! get in touch, will tell you!!!!

    got it?

  53. crasiezt

    DS: Thanks! And welcome to my blog:-)

  54. crasiezt

    Friendly: I think I remember telling you that I don't add people I don't know...

  55. Khaansi ki Jaani

    OMG Neha! This post of yours is truthness personififed! So much so that they should add this up to the 12th class ISC english lit portion. You have been able to so poignantly state the truth. *Bow*
    Seriously babe, the way you have a way with words and the true poetry that flows out from your polished shapely long nails, just makes me feel like u have verbalised all that i feel.
    Reading your blog is something i look forward to doing everyday. It even means more than my breakfast.
    Btw, has anyone told you that u are drop dead gorgeous. A chik with brains. oh wow!You man is so lucky to have you.
    I am such a big fan that I wish I was born as a dog. Just so I could lick you up as and when i wanted.
    There u go, are u happy now?

  56. Khaansi ki Jaani

    OMG Neha! This post of yours is truthness personified! So much so that they should add this up to the 12th class ISC english lit portion. You have been able to so poignantly state the truth. *Bow*
    Seriously babe, the way you have a way with words and the true poetry that flows out from your polished shapely long nails, just makes me feel like u have verbalised all that i feel.
    Reading your blog is something i look forward to doing everyday. It even means more than my breakfast.
    Btw, has anyone told you that u are drop dead gorgeous. A chik with brains. oh wow!Your man is so lucky to have you.
    I am such a big fan that I wish I was born as a dog. Just so I could lick you up as and when i wanted.
    There u go, are u happy now?

  57. Gonecase

    LMAO...that last happy now explains everything...and here I was wondering, how is it happening that you are getting all these praises from your Jhansi ki Rani :P

  58. Keshi

    btw come play the game in my blog ;-)


  59. freesherry

    hip hip hurray!!!
    hip hip hurray!!!
    hip hip hurray!!!
    :D :D :D

  60. crasiezt

    Khaansi: Am OK with your bashing babe, this was so gross..I mean the whole dog thing..ewww..shithead

  61. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Yupp it was too good to be true!

  62. crasiezt

    Keshi: Game? Lemme c

  63. Friendly nextdoor guy

    blog more lady!!
    already got 61 comments, mine being the 62nd, if you accept it i.e.

    Please move to a more random lesser polar topic, hee hee

  64. crasiezt

    Friendly: Will write something very soon:-)

  65. Aditi ''Jiggs''


    uv been tagged :)


  66. geet

    madaaaaam ??? darshan doooo

  67. crasiezt

    Aditi: Thanks babe:-) Will do it for sure!

  68. crasiezt

    Geet: Yaar am sick...bad case of food poisoning:-(

  69. geet

    ohho take care sweets..drink lots of h2o ..just water okay :) ..it will help you

  70. Anonymous

    Well, when you have a son, help him grow up into a real gentleman. (Just remembered - Blast From The Past and Adam)

  71. Anvita

    hey another good one crazy.

    by the way on 'guys stare at a woman’s boobs when talking to her' I would say its just r desi men who bloody land up doing that, trust me people abroad wud never do that. On top of that if u look back at their crotch, am sure they will get wrong messages n it will make things worse.

    on pocket billiards that is so bloody gross man.

  72. dRoZzY!!!

    a 10-pointer on the boobed species is now in its making...

  73. crasiezt

    Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestion

  74. crasiezt

    Anvita: Hey welcome to my page:-)

    Yupp that's what everyone's saying...doesn't happen abroad. But I guess it would happen anywhere if the woman is super hot:D
    PB is definitely worse than gross..

  75. crasiezt

    Drozzy: Kuch bahwas likhi to teri maar loongi main:P

  76. dRoZzY!!!

    wait n watch

  77. BIG Omi

    Nicely done..
    BTW one confession: u will definitely hate me- i fall in second last ie chivalrous category... i will make sure i won't do that...

    Thanks for throwing light on that trait..

    Tc.. have a nice day

  78. crasiezt

    Omi: Maine teri aankhein khol di?? LOL

  79. BIG Omi

    actually all that happens at a cognitive level... well thanks for kholofying my aankein and saving a lot of bucks in wallet... next tyme w e meeting for koffee i will definitely ask you to clear the check... lol..
    Take care.

  80. BIG Omi

    Just temme something if your names starts from N...

  81. crasiezt

    Omi: Ah so you know my name too! Saale kahin pad kiya hoga blog mein..and now you're acting like a smart ass:P

  82. Smoochy

    On a similar note, I'd posted 10 reasons why a pint's better than a woman

    @drozzy: you rock buddy! the 'united-divided' comment was the best. keep the flag flyin high!

  83. Anonymous

    Thank u :) you should look at this emo boy one at this blog:

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