My 7 (not-so) deadly sins

Author: crasiezt

So I got tagged by Elusive, and here’s the product…

  1. Am as lazy as lazy can be! Maybe worse! Sometimes (read usually) am so lazy, that even though I need to pee, I don’t go to the loo unless my bladder is on the verge of bursting! So do I get the “Sloth of the Year Award”?

  1. Taking a shower is such a pain. I take a shower only if I need to go out (weekdays: office, weekends: party, movie, shopping). If I’m merely gonna laze around at home, then I don’t shower. Pssst I don’t even brush:D Long live breath fresheners!

  1. My toe nails are always painted. This is how it has been since school. Even if am wearing sneakers, my nails have to be painted the prettiest pink or mauve!

  1. I usually don’t coordinate my undies and bras. I just randomly pick something up. As luck might have it, the combination turns out to be pretty good without any effort. Of course I have also been known to wear completely mismatched stuff too:P

  1. I have a tendency to run my fingers through my hair. No matter how good my hair is looking, I will still do that. Dunno why!

  1. I like watching horror films. Even though they scare the shit out of me!!

  1. I hate mustard sauce. YUCK! I will go hungry, but won’t eat anything that has mustard sauce in it.

I tag:

Gonecase, Chacha, Skeety, Freesherry, Geet, Kanan, and Litun.

What do you have to do? Just jot down 7 random things about yourself! That’s it really! And then tag 7 people too!!

PS: Gunj, I was about to tag you, but you’ve already been tagged by Elusive:P


82 Responses to “My 7 (not-so) deadly sins”

  1. Gonecase

    Gawd ! You are crazy !! No brush, bath, pee and coordination, where is human race heading :P
    Naha liya kar bhangi :D

  2. crasiezt

    Hehehe dialogue maarne se kya hota hai...latakta (literal translation of
    "hang out")to mere saath hi hai:P
    By the way you have 2 tags up your sleeve now mister:-)

  3. chacha

    I second with krazy....

    btw, krazy, one clarification does it need to be 7 deadly sins, or at random anything, cause if former, I the fucking most noble soul on planet earth, I cant do no sin... haha

  4. crasiezt

    Chacha: Noble ka bachha:P Kuch bhi likh:-)

  5. gunj

    lol...those were some real interesting things about u!!
    i sure couldnt hav guessed em eva...just by reading you...and evn if we get a chance to meet...a lot of those would have still evaded my lil brain!!
    thanks to d tag...nw i knw :P

  6. elusive

    I HATEE mustard sauce. Infact I hate ppl who love mustard sauce. yea tats how much i hate it :p
    painted toe nails sounds cool..i hardly ever do tat..infact my feet someitmes look like i am some construction worker :D

  7. elusive

    I HATEE mustard sauce. Infact I hate ppl who love mustard sauce. yea tats how much i hate it :p
    painted toe nails sounds cool..i hardly ever do tat..infact my feet someitmes look like i am some construction worker :D

  8. Solitaire

    Are you sure that you are you and not me?
    Aah I think one thing sets us apart..the painted nails.
    Ok you are you and not me..

  9. freesherry

    u seriously are the "sloth of the century" :D
    and thanks for tagging me.. will try to do it asap :)

  10. Gonecase

    Tags will be done ASAP madam ji, thnx for the honour...aur dialog ye soch ke mara ki shayad ek aisa dialog reply mein aaye ki "aaj tune meri aankhen khol di" ...
    par tera case to bilkul hi hopeless hai :P

  11. Gonecase

    BTW, tag completed .. and god damn you, ab mein kise tag karun ??? Tere paas itne saare the, yahi log mile tujhe tag karne ko :|

  12. Kanan Saurabh

    There you have it...

  13. crasiezt

    Gunj: Am glad tujhe sachhai pata lag gayi:P Now that you know so much, should I kill you? Wait...then I'll have to kill everyone who's read this post...Hmmmm

  14. crasiezt

    Elusive: LOL construction worker:D Loved doing the tag...was good fun. sort of like rediscovering myself! Thanks:-)

  15. crasiezt

    Solitaire: Whoa! So except the painted nails we have everything else in common?
    Do the tag for sure:-)

  16. crasiezt

    Freesherry: Thanks for the honour:D
    Waiting to read your story:-)

  17. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Rota kyon hai saale..itni saari chokriyon ko tag kar diya tune...what else do you want:P

  18. crasiezt

    Kanan: Seen and commented:-) Good work there mate!

  19. geet

    oye ..gande insaan..thanks to those perfume/deo manufacturers..saved everybody...coz iss crazy gurl ke saath geet bhi point 2 & 4 share karti hai...3 Yo!!!s to us :P

    P.S: ye kya ..mujhe bhi tag karna hai?nahinnnn
    on a serious note..i am not in good mood..tried doing this tag on sunday but my mind was somewhere else..could not write even 1 point abt me...per i will do it ..abhi nahin :(

  20. Rohit Jain (felon)

    well, shit shit shit!!!!! firstly, you are an awesome crazy gal... :) ... 2ndly, shit, i missed out on this tag.. i would've loved to get tagged.. bt i suppose i've been off blogging past few weeks.. travel, new place, setting up things here...

    hopefully shall be active soon..

  21. Gonecase

    The more the better :P

  22. Keshi

    nice :) ur pretty NORMAL hun hehe.


  23. crasiezt

    Geet: Kya hua tujhe pagal? U ok now? Vaise am glad to know tu bhi choodi hai:P

  24. crasiezt

    Rohit: Yeah you missed the tag coz I had to tag only 7 people..but no harm can still do the tag:-) It won't be a criminal/social offence:D

  25. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Ek se khush nahi reh sakta tu:-(

  26. crasiezt

    Keshi: LOL thanks babe

  27. Reeta Skeeter

    hawww haye ram! no bath... cheee ;D
    Tag... mm will take it up sumtime.. pucca!

  28. geet

    rofl on 'choodi'...bachpan ke din yaad aa gaye...

    i dont know if am okay or not okay...

  29. crasiezt

    Skeety: Hehehe nahati nahi hoon but I still smell oh so wonderful:P
    Fatafat tag complete kar le:-)

  30. crasiezt

    Geet: What's wrong with you girl???

  31. Friendly nextdoor guy

    hee hee
    gosh!! i dint know you were following my blog so closely!!

    thanks for the comment though.

    i am

  32. crasiezt

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. crasiezt

    Friendly: I read 2 of your latest posts after you commented on mine:-)

    P.S Might seem like a silly question, but ummm what am I to do with your email id???

  34. shru

    i can relate to ur sins...i would be too lazy to pee while going to bed,so would wait till the next morng..:)
    o ya and call up my roomie on her cell fone while she is in the living room while im in the bedroom,to lazy to get up and tlk to her

  35. crasiezt

    Shru: LOL am gald I ain't the only lazy bum on earth!
    Keep visiting:-)

  36. Express

    I agree with the toe-nail painting thing. Without them my legs just seem too incomplete. I choose black though :-P

    Nice tag. Lovely blog :-)

  37. crasiezt

    Express: Black looks stunning on the finger nails too (they should be cut real short though, or you end up looking like a demon). I used to wear it earlier...over now, and I can't find it any where:-( *sob sob

    And thanks:-)

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