Her unending Woes...

Author: crasiezt

She was burning. The fire seemed to engulf her frail little body. She wanted it to stop, but couldn’t do anything to stop the flame from raising its ugly head…She had never been so jealous in her entire life…

She has the sweetest boyfriend in the whole wide world. The kind others could only dream of! He isn’t the kind to get her flowers and stuff; she doesn’t crave for presents, but his little actions make her feel so loved, so wanted…like the time when he set the song “your body is a wonderland” as his caller tune for her on Valentine’s Day! Awwww.

So where’s the problem? In her stupid head I think! She expects him to be more public about their relationship, which he’s not. But then aren’t all guys the same? Any new guy she meets, whether in the real or cyber world, she tells him that she has a boyfriend. Not just so that she can ward off unnecessary stalkers, but also because she is proud of the fact that she has such a lovable guy.

He doesn’t do the same though. Only his “very good friends” know about her. People he doesn’t know much think he’s “available”. Is this merely because he doesn’t like to discuss his private life with the world, or something else? Why can’t he acknowledge her existence (read importance) in his life?

Both of them are into blogging. He writes very well, and she completely admires his style. She loves reading his comments on her page. But there are times when he comments on others’ posts and doesn’t reply to her. Obviously she gets offended and questions him. The reply she gets is very weird…lack of time!

She says, “If you were so hard pressed for time, how the fuck did you get the time to have all those long conversations with some babe on orkut? If you were so busy why did you reply to all those other people on your page? And not just your page, you were commenting all over blogville.” *Basically she is jealous because some of the comments were flirty* Plus she read some comment that referred to some other babes as his “buddies” and she wasn’t mentioned at all! Back to square one: people should know she’s his girl! God save me!!!

The truth is that the posts she was referring to (the ones where he didn’t reply to her) were pretty old. And c’mon how long could he keep replying to some silly conversation? She knew it too, but somehow she wanted to hear the same thing from him! Gosh women are so difficult!

Then comes another big villain: ORKUT! There was a time when she was very active on orkut, but not anymore. She doesn’t have the time. What pisses her off is the fact that he has the time to chat! And as if it isn’t enough that he chats while he’s in the office, he wants to chat even when he’s at home. As in not when she’s sitting with him, but you know, when she goes to pee or something. She leaves him alone for a minute, and he’s on that god damned chatting site, scrapping away to glory, or merely “checking” if he got any scraps!

He does feel insecure about her too. In fact, when they had just started dating he used to be super jealous of the guys she used to hang out with. She found that very endearing and cute! As time passed by it kinda got worse. His cribbing irritated her tremendously. But she knew he did that because he loved her so much and didn’t want to lose her. So she just let that be, and he got over his jealousy. She wishes to not be such a nagging pain the ass, but she doesn’t know what to do...Should send her to a psychiatrist I think!

She knows he’s not cheating on her. He probably never will. She knows he loves her a lot. She loves him like crazy too. She tries not to express how jealous she gets (sometimes for no reason) but she just can’t keep things to herself. She feels choked if she doesn’t spill it out to him. But in the process of “telling” him, she taunts him, and ends up hurting him. They fight often, but in no time they patch up and have amazing sex!

She loves being with him. She can tell him anything and everything without thinking twice. But at such times she feels so helpless. She hates crying ‘cause tears make her feel horribly weak and vulnerable. But that’s what she’s become now! She’s so sensitive to what he says…it doesn’t take her too long to start crying whenever they have a little squabble. She’s given up so much for him: right from cigarettes to her ego. But what does she get in return? *Voice of reason: LOVE you shithead! That’s what you’re getting from the dude*

Flip side: the guy’s version-
He is a nice guy. Good sense of humour, cute looking, intelligent, the kind that knows a lot about a lot of stuff. He never had a girlfriend before her. He likes her a great deal. No wait, he loves her with all his heart. But why should he tell the whole world about it? True, everyone around her knows she’s got a guy. And most of his real/virtual friends have no idea about it. But so what? Having a girl friend isn’t a big deal, is it?

That’s not the reason, but he’s simply not the telling kinds. He likes to keep things to himself. Why can’t she understand something as simple as that? Why does he have to declare his love for her from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Why does he have to say I LOVE YOU to her every time they speak on the phone? If actions speak louder than words, why can’t she feel his love when he holds her close and kisses her even though she has a really bad cold?

He feels lucky to have found her. She’s a real delight to be with. Not very pretty, but smart and witty (that was rhyming! LOL!). He always thought she’s not like the other girls. She seemed to be unaffected by the little things other babes would get worked up about. He thanked his stars for finding such a cool chick.

But that was only initially. Things are so different now! She’s not the cool chick any more she’s just a “typical” girl. The kind that has problems with the boyfriend’s other girl pals. The kind that gets irritated for the silliest reasons. The kind that asks for explanations. The kind that questions. The kind that cries…Where did that happy-go-lucky kid disappear? He wants the same girl back. But how? If she has problems with him chatting on Orkut, she seriously needs to get a life. If she expects him to reply to her comments on posts that he had written ages ago, she’s being very childish. She’s his baby, but she doesn’t have to behave like one right?


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  1. Gonecase

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  2. Gonecase

    Is it how you declare your love to your partner that matters or how you declare it to everybody else, that's more important you stupid ass ???

    I totally agree with guy's point of view, different people have different views toward things, the partner should respect that !

    Cherish the love that you have instead of wasting time on petty issues !!

  3. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    I am totally speechless!! Literally. So will come back and comment properly again. :)

  4. Sutta

    I loved it. Coz I've been through both the phases. The one which girl faces and also the one which guy faces. But you know thats pretty normal on both sexes part.

    Guys generally don't like bragging about their love life to everyone. And girls do it all the time. Ofcourse, none has any stupid reason behind it.
    Its just the way both are!

    Venus and Mars both from different places so rather than trying to convert each other like themselves. We should just learn to LIVE!

    But then "thats" the whole game is all about. Isn't it? ;)

  5. Sutta

    And btw I guess the pic is 'bit' more than the whole subject. Just a thought! :P

  6. gunj

    i am sooo impressed!!
    dat seemed like days of my life blogged!!
    hats off to u!!
    n a lil thanku as well...gtalk pe mil...bataungi kyon bola

  7. Smokin Joe

    I am not sure what I am supposed to say, partly because its something like that I have seen happening infront of my eyes, and partly cause I always thought almost the same. Hmm..

    You know, I would have really liked this post to be double of what it is now, I could have read on.. surely, specially His version of it.

    I also have doubts of who's version is more saner/right. I think both are right in their own sense of it. I have always thought a lot about psychology (damn, why did i ever think about going for an MBA) and one thing that I know now, is that men and women, and because they are born and brought up in a typical fashion, different from each other in all the sense. Remember, as kids, most of the guys will be out in hard summer, coming back late. Now, so, they are obviously outgoing, as well as they are more practical. Females sit more than guys home (just a comparison with guys, not a hard fact), so they are more into How things should be, rather than how things are. And well, thats transcends later into 2 different psychologies. Something like, we always know how army kids are different from the other kids.

  8. rantravereflect

    woahhhhhhh:)loved the way it 's been written
    2 sides of th coin hmmm- tat was neat chick!

    i have a few observations: ya're able to understand n empathize with him, ya know his side of it, then just talk 2 each other, n get back to loving each other with these lil' issues put behind..

    i'm jussss like ya- soooo many fukn insecurities inside, soo many inexplicable complexes- (inferior n superior )that i dump it all on my guy, it's perfectly normal, but try working your ass out of it- it realllly heps.. i know, easier said than done :)

    release any negative energy in something ya really like- bloggin is one way for ya, just like orkuttin n chattin are ways for him. dancing/painting/cookin/ne other passions of yours can be followed to make ya feel better, if ya can do it with your guy, it'd be even better:):) i'm tryin it out, n it really helps!

    all these thoughts are all my own, no pressure babe!!

    finally, i think the kid in you that he loves is still there, it's so darn creative, so bubbly, so creative, so much there. can see tht kid in all your posts, even though i've been reading you only a while now:) get it back in ya, not for him as much as for you first :)

  9. litun

    hmmm Neha, I do not mean to sound discouraging ,but girl this post reeked of the girl who had posted those initial few blogs,not disclosing people's identities and who still gave away so much about her sadness and worries ,to everyone...
    And then came this girl, who was string, happy,happy from within and who made friends with life and boys and made a nice boyfriend :)
    So do not let go of that person..the first person ,I thought,was buried ...even if she tries to resurface, just do not let her get the better of the person she became...
    I fully understand,preaching is so damn easy..but again, have we not shown it before that acting on it isnt that difficult either?

  10. geet

    hmm insecurities....

  11. Anvita

    c'mon babes sach mein crazy ho eh?

    i dunno wat to say here, i totally understand the girls point of view n completely agree with her but babes boys will be boys too hai na....

    accha anyways will be connecting with u shortly will take yur email id from yur *buddies ;-P

    until i drop in an email to u....chill kar

  12. crasiezt

    Gonecase: I knew you would take the guy's side Mr Sensible/Logical:P

    But I wish you could see that the girl has a point too...something that the guy can help with, but I guess he won't!

  13. crasiezt

    Busy: Why speechless? Gimme a decent comment babe!

  14. crasiezt

    Sutta: I loved the way you've put it...so simply and clearly! Your comment makes more sense than my entire long and never ending post. Hats off!

  15. crasiezt

    Sutta: Looking at the pic you would think the girl is suicidal:P

    It's just that I liked the image a lot and since am not writing depressing posts of late, I thought what the hell lemme use it here:D

  16. crasiezt

    Gunj: Tennu ki hoya kudiye? Inni zyada impressed?

    Am elated that you liked it so much..but it's a mystery why!!!

    We should definitely talk about it babe!

  17. crasiezt

    Smokin: The guy's version was shorter mainly because women love to ramble, while guys keep it short (in all respects..lol

    True, women are obsessed with how things should be...not all, but loads of them think that way. And like you said, that's just how it is!

    Very neat explanation man!

    PS: I've been out in the sun more than a lotta guys you might know:P

  18. Sutta

    I see I see! :P
    Gunjan se baat karo.
    She has solid reasons for being the most elated person after reading this post. Khushi ka thikana hi nahi hai uski. :)

  19. crasiezt

    Rant: Oops! You think the girl in the post is me? Not really! It is sort of me, but the post is pretty much fictional:-)

    I'm nagging and insecure too, but haven't reached that stage yet *thank heavens for small mercies*

    And loads of hugs to you for all the nice stuff you said about me..was it only to cheer me up:D

  20. crasiezt

    Litun: Long time no see!! Where have you been? Gosh I've missed your comments:-(

    And don't worry girl, life's good. It's not a true story that I've painted here. Semi true, but mostly fiction and an exaggeration of the truth:-)

    Am still the crazy crasiest! Muah

  21. crasiezt

    Geet: Fiction hai bey ghonchu:D Apun chilled hai!

  22. crasiezt

    Anvita: Shit man everyone seems to think am talking about myself!

    The girl's basic character is inspired by me in real life, but I've added a lot of fictitious situations. The guy's sort of like my Sidu:D

  23. crasiezt

    Anvita: And uh who are these "buddies" that have my mail id??? *scratched head*

  24. Pranay

    Absolutely fantastic post...
    Just coz u presented a reality that all of us know but few can express. Have been through both phases too I guess.
    And it's true, both of them are right in their opinion.There's no right or wrong in a relationship, only his opinion and her opinion.....sigh.

  25. Anvita

    oke if u say its ficticious , i believe it...n when i meant buddies i meant the two G's

    take care sweety!

  26. Gonecase

    Ofcourse I will, I am a guy too after all :P
    And I am getting what you are trying to do here ..

    Aur vekha ki khapp paayi tu itthe, mera naa badnaam kitta :x

  27. crasiezt

    Pranay: You bet man! All we can do is sigh! Thanks:-)

  28. crasiezt

    Anvita: The 2 Gs...hmmm...I think I know whom you're referring to:D

    Am ekdum changa girl, don't you worry one teeny weeny bit:-)

  29. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Ki hoya? Tu te sadda hero haigga soniyo:P

  30. elusive

    Wowwie...badhiya likha hai..sumtimes i SO wish i was single..no insecurities no questions no answers.hmpf.
    But then woh bhi toh nahi hota :(
    I liked it tat yu included the guy's version too..but then guys are always SO wrong..insensitive pigs :D

  31. gunj

    well i needed it...will tell ya why!!
    but loadsa thanku fo it :)


  32. geet

    chorrr..maine to bola hi nahin non-fiction hai... pakdi gayi na

  33. Anvita

    chal good if yur all changa....

  34. Byzantine

    deja vu... just flip the genders... a post i badly wanted to make myself... DARN!!

  35. Pri

    uhoh...the problem called 'love' :-/

  36. Anonymous

    very deep post :) loved it

  37. rantravereflect

    darn- i thought it was a personal reference :)
    newayzzzzz, i meant every word of teh compliment :):)

  38. Crimson Feet

    Simple pains of a non-single life!
    A menace, a cricket, an irritating strife!
    Ah! I am so much at peace with my existence! :)
    My singlehood, my plural pursuits,
    The lovely lack of a lamenting presence!

  39. Keshi

    very well written hun!


  40. crasiezt

    Sutta: Yupp spoke to her! And I know why she's super khush with this crap I wrote:D

  41. crasiezt

    Elusive: Insensitive yes, but can't do without them too:-(

  42. crasiezt

    Gunj: Haanji I know why you needed it..sab thik hai kudiye:-)

  43. crasiezt

    Geet: Uff tere comment se laga..but yeah it does have a little bit of me in it:D

  44. crasiezt

    Anvita: :-)

  45. crasiezt

    Byzantine: I seem to be getting the same response from all!! Suddenly I've started liking myself for writing this post:D

  46. crasiezt

    Pri: You nailed it miss:D

  47. crasiezt

    Ashu: Wow you called it deep! I thought I was being a raving lunatic..but thanks:-)

  48. crasiezt

    Rant: Thanks so much babe! Gladly accepted every word of it:-)

  49. Echo

    ill be honest!din bother reading the post!!!jus saw ur pic..n gurl u r really pretty!
    n no this is not some guy!its a gurl genuinely complimenting another!(so rare haan!)hehehe!

  50. Gonecase

    Haan, aur is story mein hero hi villain ka role karta hai, usse hi saari junta gaaliyan deti hai !!

  51. crasiezt

    Crimson: Very well put mister...but am sure you'll be not-so-single some day...think about me and curse me some more then:D

  52. crasiezt

    Keshi: Thanks girl!

  53. crasiezt

    Echo: You bet it is super super super rare! And thanks a ton!!

    By the way do try reading the crap too:-) Welcome to my blogging arena!

  54. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Nayi pic laga li to bhaav khayega?
    Koi gaali ni de raha hai..as you can see for yourself..am being a prat..

  55. Crimson Feet

    when did i ever do you any wrong crazy, for you to wish me bad luck and curse me with not-so-single dom ?!? :)... i have seen the other side, and i find this much greener!!
    and don't worry, if you want, i'll think of you either way! ;)

  56. Anonymous

    Guys only brag about the girl if they are flirting around.. not if they truly love her...

    I dunno.. just as they say that guys dnt understand women..similarly sumtimes women dnt understand men too...

    If this is what you are going thru in real life then i hope you get over this phase and everything's well soon



  57. crasiezt

    Crimson: LOL just kidding man...I wish you stay on whichever side you think is greener:D

    Good luck..and yes, do think of me either way:P

  58. crasiezt

    Vishv: You explained it all in one line!! Thanks man..

    It's kinda my story..can't explain..but all's good now:-)

  59. Crimson Feet

    @ Samby and Crazy... I quite disagree with samby there. Firstly 'bragging' about a girl and 'letting ppl know that you are committed' are two different things. Secondly, hiding such a thing or making it public is independent of gender. It wud be wrong to say that "when guys are serious they are shy about making it public" (assuming thats what you wanted to say).
    It also happens that guys shy away from making such a thing public if they are NOT sure about the girl, or when they are not being totally honest with her.

    So no hard and fast rules here brother! ...each situation has its intricacies.

  60. Gonecase

    All I have to say in reply to that is GHANTA ! Ye saare comments kya hain, mujhe kya angrezi samajh nahi aati !!!

  61. Nitu

    Aah..again a nice piece to exhibit mars venus angles!! surprising to see that almost everyone is getting judgmental here.

  62. Anonymous

    Awesome post and blog. Loved it. My first visit here. With your permission, i would be glad to be here more often....

  63. crasiezt

    Crimson: Agreed they are 2 different things. But what Samby said is right. Guys brag about the hottie they're flirting with. But if they're in a serious relationship they don't "brag".

  64. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Whatever:P

    I've given you my explanation already...let this case rest in peace:D

  65. crasiezt

    Nitu: Hahaha yupp we all have our opinions..biased or not!

  66. crasiezt

    Sam: Hearty welcome to my blog! Of course you can keep visiting..I mean after telling me that my blog is awesome I would be a complete ass to ask you not to drop by:P

    Thanks man! Gonna check out your page too...

  67. chacha

    @Krazy: Are you still in the mood of your blog or was that it happens sometime with you?
    Feelings are random, hell we go through many and most of them in very very short span of time.. lesser moratls, haha.
    But the point is if you think like that all the time, then its GENUINE, if not then a POST.
    If GENUINE, I won't comment, because its sensitive issue then.. and I don't know what to say.
    If POST, you can ask me to write whatever you want . :)

  68. chacha

    Little correction there: I quoted myself wrongly.
    I believe it will be genuine, I don't know what to say.

  69. Crimson Feet

    lol... just saw my listing on your blogroll! nice quip! :)
    as requested, the talk with god is updated!

  70. crasiezt

    Chacha: There are several phases in a person's life and this is one of them..read my latest post you'll know:-)

  71. crasiezt

    Crimson: You liked it..I was hoping you would:D

    Updated eh? Lemme see right away...

  72. --xh--

    how did ya get my life story? it was soo same like btw me and my ex... only, thinsg did turn worse... and it was not orkut, but blogs and mails which played villan in my case... brilliantly written :) u really put both sides on the table :)

  73. crasiezt

    Xh: I guess we've all gone through or are going through such insecurities...some get curbed early, while some lead to break ups..am sorry it turned out that way with you:-(

    But thanks for liking my post:-)

  74. dRoZzY!!!

    this doesn't read fiction anywhere.
    damn, is this a private life let open!

    God bless the boy!

    [in support of the boy]

  75. crasiezt

    Drozzy: Yupp got bless the boy..you're the kind that's beyond such stuff so am not gonna bother explaining things to you:D

    God bless the neurotic insecure bitch with some sense and the caring-but-not-understanding guy with sense too!

  76. Tairebabs

    I loved this post. A lot of stuff in there reflected my own relationship so I totally understand.

    Lovely lovely lovely!!!

  77. crasiezt

    Taire: Thank you so much!
    As long as this phase goes away it's fine, isn't it:-)

  78. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    Okay am back here to give you a proper comment. Lemme explain why that didn't happen the first time tho. When i read it, it so reminded of me and someone else, i was literally dumbfounded, absolutely speechless. it was like as if you'd got into my head, collected all my mixed-up feelings, sorted em out and put it all down here!
    anyway, out from the whole ohmigod phase now.. sure seems like a lotta people have gone through the very same.
    lovely post crasiezt! very well and realistically written.. even the fact that you had a longer girl version and cosidering that in real, guys don't think and contemplate that much.. srsly, your post is perfect to the last detail.
    had me hooked and had me ohmigod-:O-ing throughout! :D
    cheers. :)
    oh btw, thanks bout the dull orange font colour suggestion.. it seems to be workin great. :)

  79. crasiezt

    Busy: That was like the best comment ever!!! Mighty sweet of you to have praised my post so much:-)

    Too bad you had to go through all that phase, just like a lotta us..I hope its over though!

    Lemme see the font colour right away!!

  80. Phinzy

    hmmmm .... Neha girl !!! Caught up with your blog ... like after 2 months ... interesting 2 posts...
    provided me a nice read ... i liked the train thingie ... could visualise the stuff... as per the 1st post ....its pseudo crap .. as long u respect and never invade each other's privacy ... u will be happy. Have fun baap.... will call up sometime .. evrytime i call dumb-head u tend 2 b sleeeping !!!

  81. crasiezt

    Phinzy: Heeeeeey man how are you? Where are you? And don't gimme this crap about me sleeping when you call...I can't even remember when you called last!!

    Am glad you liked the train story:-) This one was just a crappy phase..keep dropping by dude:-)

  82. Anonymous

    ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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