Mugged! (Part-1)

Author: crasiezt

I’ve never been away from blogging so long I guess…just that I was occupied / preoccupied with some other stuff that changed my life. I got mugged last week. Yes robbed! This is what happened…

It was some time after 7 when I started walking home from. I didn’t have to, but since I was bound to skip my workout I thought I might as well walk. As always there was a lot of traffic (what else can you expect from Bangalore), but somehow it wasn’t affecting me. I put on my earphones, and the loud blaring music from my phone completely killed the menacing sounds produced by the honking vehicles all around me. All in all I was having fun walking!

What I didn’t foresee was Murphy’s Law coming true. You know, “when something can go wrong, it will.” I was very close to my place. Less than 5 minutes away. That’s when I decided I’ll take a different route home. Why? Just like that! So I started walking down that dark deserted road around 8. It’s a narrow street, lined with houses on both sides. Kareena was crooning “Chaliya Chaliya”, as my hair flew beautifully (I think) in the wind. When suddenly I felt a violent jerk around my arm, and the next thing I know my handbag has been snatched from me by a couple of guys on a bike.

I screamed. I think I’ve never screamed with so much fear, anger, shock all rolled into one. I ran behind the bike to see the license plate. But those motherfuckers were really quick and with a flash they disappeared. I saw a guy nearby, sitting on a stationary bike. I told him my bag had been snatched and I needed to follow the” biker boys”. He just refused!!!

I was shaking all over, but there was no time to lose. I ran some more, trying to figure out where those assholes would have gone in the labyrinth of streets. I lost a lot of precious time there. A car stopped beside me, and a guy stepped out to ask what was wrong. I told him what happened, and he offered to search the streets with me. I sat in the car and he ordered his driver to start the car. As we were searching I called up the bank and cancelled my debit and credit cards. No damage done there.

The search was futile. I knew it would lead to nothing; the fuckers wouldn’t be hanging around there, smoking a joint. But giving up didn’t seem to be the right thing to do either. After a few minutes I thanked the guy and got off the car.

I had to report the theft. I knew the police station was close by, but not the exact location. So I asked a guy walking by. Are you in trouble? Yeah, I just got mugged. He asked me if I knew the local language. Nope. He offered to come along, and did too. He translated whatever I said in English to Kannada (the language spoken here). Then a fat cop wanted to see the scene of crime, and I took him there. The Good Samaritan came along as well.

Now you’re probably wondering how this incident “changed my life” as I claimed initially. True, I lost a lot of stuff, right from the super sexy handbag to my smart new wallet…stylish goggles, cosmetics…and a whole lot of other girlie stuff. True, I had to get all my credit, debit cards reissued; the toughest was the PAN card. True, I lost my house-keys and had to get the lock changed (I wrote down my address on a piece of paper and kept it in my wallet) for the last thing I wanted was to have a burglary. But all this doesn’t change a person’s life does it? That’s because losing some material goods is not the worst that happened to me…

The fearless gal who could walk out of home alone at any time is a paranoid freaked out scared chick now. I keep looking over my shoulder to make sure that no one’s trying to repeat history with me. If it can happen at 8, it can happen at 7 too! I am terrified of walking alone. I need someone to drop me home or I need an auto. And the fact that I’ve walked from office to home at 10 pm is freezing my insides now…

There’s more coming up…fucked up cops, finding some of the stuff, difference between South and North Indians…Wait for the next update!


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  1. Gonecase

    Aur mat sun bade, smjhdaar logon ki baat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. --xh--

    oh man.. that was so bad thing to happen.. which part of Bangalore?

  3. Tairebabs

    oh craziest, this was so sad but am glad you are alright. I was almost mugged once but I got away (story for another day). I know what you mean about looking over your shoulder after such an incidence but it will pass. You can't allow them win by making you scared.

  4. Prakhar

    damn...bangalore is gettin worse ..well u showed lots of courage...runnin after them...nd not givin up...filing a report...not many do that...m not sure if i wud hav done that...prbbly not...

  5. C R D last a new post. but sad that u had to post with such a bad incident in the bkdrop :(

    hope those peeps are caught.someone stole mt cell too, but then...ok ill tell u later :P


  6. gunj

    ye to mujhe already pata tha...aage ki kahani jaldi sunao!!

  7. Ankur



    just take care... and do u really need someone to drop u!!! :D

    waise police sucks... so they wont do anything but to trouble u more, so take more care now!!! :)

  8. Crimson Feet

    hahahaahaha.... ok... sorry for laughing but.... take care

  9. Alok

    Lessons learnt, Murphy's law has done its job.

  10. Princess Mia

    babes glad that u werent hurt.....yur other stuff u can always get later on.....a middle finger to the arseholes who did this......

    u take care n be alert

  11. Sutta


    Anyways, Bellcome back. :P

  12. Anonymous

    Well, so how has your life changed? I mean other than the fear that you now have for times after 7 ?

  13. Rahul.. in the city of Dreamz

    damn yaar! thats horrible.. i know how that feels..

    You know i had this perception that b'lore was this really cool and urbane city n all that.. but on my very first visit only thats changed.. i had gone there two months back.. for a week...

    was walking at nite with a female friend of mine.. and out of a sudden come 3-4 bikers... start passing lewd comments and before i could do anything.. the buggers zoomed off..

    that... and your incident.. only reaffirms my beliefs about b'lore..

    I am staying away from this city!

    You take care gurl! atleast you didnt get hurt.. be careful at nite!


  14. Bhai with Chai

    what the ....... ?
    that is scary!

  15. Shailesh Mishra

    Hope you kick out of the glum of the whole thing soon. Try having some chocolate, lots n lots of it... It supposed to cheer one up. It won't do much good to your workout routine though I guess :D

    I know exactly how it feels... I've been mugged once too that too in a foreign land and it is a scary feeling.

    I don't know if it was anguish or rage that I felt when you really can't do anything about it.

    B'lore's turning from bad to worse... Take care!

  16. Echo

    yaar mera moonh khulla ka khulla reh gaya..but yaar u r such a brave gurl!!i mean i wudnt hav acted the way u did..n i can say tht for many other gurls ..n i want u to noe tht!!the d way u reacted itself showed ur keep tht in mind..n dun let it alter ur life in such a big way.
    n gurl frankly speaking i wud say its not realy safe in india for a gurl to roam around at 10 i wud have been happy had dis exp just taught u tht..but wats wrong here is its taught u more thn wat u need to learn..or may b its just initial hestitaion from tht exp n m sure wid time ull get over it!
    n believe me u r one hell of a brave gurl!

  17. Express

    oh boy! I hate b'lore!

    No, on a serious node, incidents do change the way v look at things and crime against women makes my blood boil!

    Hope u r fine now, me saddened by the entire episode but glad that alls well now.

    Take care and stay safe.

  18. Scribblers Inc

    neat job done...such incidents do shake you up a lil, but dont stress on it too will wake up out of the nightmare one of these days...but only if you really want to...

    Be good...God just rewarded you for being so...

    Scribblers Inc.

  19. Keshi

    omg thats freaky!

    Im glad ur ok. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    I always fear that someone's gonna mug me :(


  20. Keshi

    U should take extra care at night. I dunno how I'd react if something like this happened to me. I'd prolly pass out!


  21. Aditi ''Jiggs''


    omg !!!
    i guess the fear wh has set in will tk some time to go
    take care girl

  22. chacha

    ladki mil jaaye to saale ko pakad ke 2-2 haath lagayenge..
    chal tu 1 hi maar liyo... i will go with 2

  23. Shailesh Mishra

    Thanks for visiting my blog (again) :)

    Hope you're feeling better after the unfortunate incident.

    Personally, I still think iPhon'es got a lot of nice nifty features which in spite of it's limitation is still selling well. But don't just listen to me. You might want to even read this article on if you're seriously thinking about iPhone as a smart phone and not just a flashy lil' thingy :)

  24. τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

    don b scared of thing is nex time wen u walk alone..don't close ur eardrums..m glad that they dint attempted snatching chains..coz that mite had bruised u...and one more thing chor uchhakkes are like keede makode..they are attracted to don be flashy...and unlesss needed dont travel with any cards...

    aur dar k rahogi toh akele toh jiyogi b brave but cautious...cheerz :)

  25. freesherry

    I am back :)

  26. freesherry

    I am back :)

  27. J

    Ooppss.. that's pretty unpleasant to hear, especially at 8 and in B'lore.

    Murphy rules at the end. If something has to go wrong it will.

    Easier said than done, but hope you recover from this shock soon enough.

  28. Akshay

    That's so shitty.... I love to go on long walks... but then this is the thing... i don't carry my wallet.... just some change...I don't really wear any watch or chain (or worse bracelet....) so I guess people who try to mug me...wud really be disappointed....unless they want my precious jeans...damN

    But I am glad you are safe....Ok Murphy's law “when something can go wrong, it will.”

    I think just be extra cautious... and you are good to walk...there are crappy things happening everywhere..... but that shouldn't change us!!

  29. Beauty and the BEast


    that was really horrid!!

    And I dread the updates...

    That too in Bangalore!!



    I reallly dont know which is the right thing to say right now..

  30. Pri

    damn!im sorry to hear that...
    hope the cops track down those guys soon...
    and make sure u r more careful from now on...
    one lesson to learn---dont take shortcuts esp the darker lonlier ones :-/

  31. geet

    :O ... i am happy that you are fine.

    wo chu**** ko to jo mila hai na wo bhi usse nuksaan kare... saara makeup reaction kar de ...

    wear purse to your left side(if u were not)...and start carrying pepper spray as well.. just few cents from me.

  32. Satanic Angel

    DUDEEE!!! Tats so shocking ya..and tat too in bangalore? u r a brave gal i must say..i mean i imagined myself in tat situation and i saw myself crying and everythin i wudnta dared run behind the motorcycles..take care babes..and abt yu gettin freaked out chill..give it sum time u shall be fine soon :)

  33. rantravereflect/ jane

    i know how creepy that could get... i would totaly get freaked out if it were 2 happen 2 me :(

    well, i'm glad thy stopped with the bag though! a few weeks ago, a guy in broad daylight, with traffic outdoing the space on the roads, called out to me, and said 'variya'!! (which meaqns 'will ya come and sleep with me?')
    i got freaked...

    i know how these things get one creeped out, n make ya sick n weak in the knees.. it's scary, but ya'll be fine :):):)

  34. rantravereflect/ jane

    jus get sum1 ya know to drop ya at nyte.. i always get tat done.. ya never know the kinda freaks that could be lurking in the darkness :)


  35. nefariousoutlook

    you got mugged..i got hit by a TATA sumo...bangalore is getting nastier by the day..waiting for the next part :)

  36. Anonymous

    ooh!! maa'm well its kinda better they snatched away ur bag and ran away instead of confronting u....cause i know that if they would have u would have beaten the shit out of them...but then u never know..stabbing and everything...

    plz plz... do not give up on ur courage to walk home.... sab ladkiya band kardengi to jo thodi bahut hai they will get mugged... plz..try to make a group or sumthing.... and pllz dnt think ur weak man..come on !

  37. pj

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. pj

    ...too bad..:(
    i m kind of goin thru the same situation...i've know of incidents like urs happening close to my place and i m shitty scared to leave my house late in the evening or even early in the morning.....

    guess no place is safe , be it b'lore or mumbai..:(..

  39. Express

    uve been tagged


  40. Roo-Ba-Roo

    Oh God banglore is also not the safe place. I have a diffrent Image of city..but i think all the cities are alike..

    Anway you are dint get hurt in that incident..Be careful

    Tack care

  41. Cane-an

    Good God!!!
    I am so sorry for you!
    I am just waiting to see how the "fucked-up cops" acted! I am sure I know how they did!
    Stay safe gal!

  42. Ashutosh Didwania

    I wouldn't say anythin abt Bangalore..nor wud I comment on ur experience coz a lot has already been said above..
    But ya I wud sure like to compliment u on ur style of narration..Its damn gud!

  43. Reeta Skeeter


  44. Anonymous

    oye whre are u maa'm ?

  45. Bleep

    Long time bey. So just thought i'd make my presence known..not like i am gonna sit and wite a meaningful post..not like i have anything meanngful to say to the meaningless nonsense u churn :p btw how was kol? nice fun u had? put to me and put more love to the other one.

  46. ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥

    OMG!! I'm so glad you're okay!

  47. Tairebabs

    Ok I think its time for an update.

  48. Tys on Ice

    tht must have been really scary....but cudnt help noticing that u also seemed to have recieved help from total strangers...maybe the world is not so bad afterall...

    btw, iam very impressed with ur damage control...

  49. Ankur

    hey... how u doing now???

    hope u r alright!! :)

  50. chacha

    where is the next update ? :D

  51. Anonymous

    It could have been much worse; the car guy could have been part of that conspiracy and could've easily kidnapped you. Good that you only lost your bag.

    Looking fwd to your south/north indians write up...

  52. Macadamia The Nut

    Damn! I;m sorry that had to happen to you... the fear factor I mean.
    I know what you mean.. I was at the wrong end of a break-in some years ago... and even today, I get chills when I hear piercing whistles at night


    At least, I'm just glad you weren't physically injured

  53. litun

    hey girl,are you on a sabbatical or somethin?



  54. litun

    hey girl,are you on a sabbatical or somethin?



  55. litun

    hey girl,are you on a sabbatical or somethin?



  56. Scribblers Inc

    gave up writin or what??

  57. Ekta

    oh god!!!!!!!
    thats scary girl!!!
    am glad that u r safe and sound..
    These incidents just disgust the hell outta me....
    bangalore was supposed to be safe...and now its gone from bad to worse!

  58. Ekta

    oh god!!!!!!!
    thats scary girl!!!
    am glad that u r safe and sound..
    These incidents just disgust the hell outta me....
    bangalore was supposed to be safe...and now its gone from bad to worse!

  59. Pranay

    Oh Scary!!! But try to think of it as just a one off incident...I know easier said than done. Awaiting your next posts...hope everyting is fine now...
    Oh and yes.....You have been tagged by my own tagg..:)...Plz do it...

  60. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Tu taunt maar le bas:-(

  61. crasiezt

    Xh:"Bad" would be an understatement!! That was BTM..are you familiar with Blore?

  62. crasiezt

    Tairebabs: Almost is scary enough too..but I'm over that incident now..all's well:-)

  63. crasiezt

    Prakhar: You really wouldn't have done that? Really??? I felt I didn't do enough...

  64. crasiezt

    CRD: Shit! Your phone!! I wanna know now:P

    Those guys are never gonna get caught dude..the cops couldn't care less..

  65. crasiezt

    Gunj: Haan haan tu to antaryaami hai:P

  66. crasiezt

    Ankur: Hehehe kisliye tha bey??

    Yeah the cops did nothing but trouble me..and you bet I've become a little more cautious now!

  67. Ankur

    lagta hai koi ganesh chaturthi ki chutti enjoy kar raha hai.. good!!

    and nice to hear u r good!! :)

    and hehe... mai hansta rehta hoon, par tere saath jo hua uske liye nahi tha definately! :D

    how u doing now... :)

  68. crasiezt

    Crimson feet: LOL you are rude!!

  69. crasiezt

    Alok: Damn Murphy!!

    But yeah I'm a wiser person now..

  70. crasiezt

    Princess Mia: Hmmm so true..and fuck those assholes:-(

    Thanks babe! Muah

  71. crasiezt

    Sutta: Thanks man!

  72. crasiezt

    Mishra: Fear is the worst thing that could happen to someone..what are you without your self-confidence?

  73. crasiezt

    Rahul: I had the same perception about Bangalore before I came here..but this city sucks man..and now I have proof!!

  74. crasiezt

    Bhai: More than scary!!!

  75. crasiezt

    Shailesh: Now I know one more person who's been through it!! Shit man it sucks so bad:-(

  76. crasiezt

    Echo: That was really sweet and very encouraging babe:-) You made my day!! Thanks girl!!

  77. crasiezt

    Express: I hate this city too...grrrrr.

    But I'm ekdum fine now girl:-)

  78. crasiezt

    Scribblers: Neat job? Of writing you mean? Thanks!

    Shook up I was, but am not living in that nightmare any more:-)Thanks for the concern dude!

  79. crasiezt

    Keshi: Thanks babe. *hugs back*

    LOL why do you have that fear? And am sure you won't pass out..but will beat the hell outta the burglar:P Though of course I hope you never ever are in that situation:D

  80. crasiezt

    Aditi: It did take quite a while..but I'm over it now:-) Thanks babe!

  81. crasiezt

    Chacha: Just 2??? Main to uski waat laga doongi *ashleel bhaasha ka prayog ni kar sakti yahan pe*

  82. crasiezt

    Shailesh: Well the iPhone is in India now (officially I mean) and it's so friggin expensive that am happy with my HTC:-)

  83. crasiezt

    Daydreamer: Well luckily I don't wear chains:-) But I'll keep your advice in mind..

    No darr any more..the independent woman is back:D

  84. crasiezt

    Freesherry: Yeeeeeey I know!! Welcome back..but you aren't writing too often:-(

  85. crasiezt

    J: I know..exactly my point..but apparently it's not about what time it is any more...

    Welcome to my page by the way:-) Am all fine now!

  86. crasiezt

    Akshay:Yeah man I can't let some losers change the course of my life!! It's all back to normal now..of course with a pinch of caution..

  87. crasiezt

    Beauty: You didn't have to say anything babe..the hug was enough:-)

  88. crasiezt

    Pri: Yeah babe no shortcuts whatsoever!! Those fuckers are never gonna get caught, coz the cops give a shit about such "petty" stuff..*sighs*

  89. crasiezt

    Geet: Saali Maybelline se kisi ko kya nuksaan hoga:P Pepper spray is useful when someone attacks this case those guys didn't give me any reaction time at to baja deti unki..

    Purse waali baat yaad rakhongi. Thanks babe. muah!

  90. crasiezt

    Satanic: Sab log aisa kehte hain, but I'm sure (God forbid) if you do find yourself in a similar situation you'll do the best you can!!

  91. crasiezt

    Rant: Fuck! I'm sure you were superly freaked out babe!! What a desperate freak that guy musta been..Sick!

    That shady phase is over though..I'm fine now:-)

  92. crasiezt

    Nefarious: Oh you're in Bangalore too! What a screwed up city man..

    Got hit? Shoot!! Hope it wasn't major and you're alright:-)

  93. crasiezt

    Samby: LOL I haven't stopped walkinh home..thanks for the comforting words man!

    Stabbing, kidnapping..anything could have a way I am lucky!

  94. crasiezt

    Pj: Hey girl welcome here:-)

    I know how must feel..though the incident shook me up big time, I'm not scared any more..a little cautious that's all:-)

    You're city is safe:-( And not even in broad daylight..

  95. crasiezt

    Express: Thank you thank you:-)

  96. crasiezt

    Roo ba roo (Sandy): I know it could have been much worse! Thanks dude! And welcome to my space:-)

  97. crasiezt

    Cane-an: Am sure you know:P

    Thanks for the concern though:-)

  98. crasiezt

    Ashutosh: Thanks so much dude!! Really appreciate the praise:-)

    Keep visiting!

  99. crasiezt

    Reeta: :-(

  100. crasiezt

    Samby: Been busy man..but you've disappeared from the face of the earth now:-(

  101. crasiezt

    Bleep: Bah! You know I didn't go:-(

  102. crasiezt

    Busy: Thanks babe! OMG it is!!!

  103. crasiezt

    Tairebabs: Super busy me couldn't post anything for 2 months..hopefully I'll be a little more regular from now on...

  104. crasiezt

    Tys: Had i received help from that asshole who refused, things would have been better..but *sigh* no point in cribbing now, is there..

    Thanks, and welcome here:-)

  105. crasiezt

    Ankur: Haanji I'm fine:-)

  106. crasiezt

    Chacha: On my blog, where else:P

  107. crasiezt

    Anonymous: That thought struck me several hours later as I was talking to my bro..scary!!

  108. crasiezt

    Macadamia: Break in? Fuck! That's 100 times worse than what happened to me:-( *hugs back*

  109. crasiezt

    Litun: That coming from a lazy bum:P

  110. crasiezt

    Scribblers: No No No..just neck deep in work:-(

  111. crasiezt

    Ekta: No babe..Blore isn't safe..for that matter no city is..

  112. crasiezt

    Pranay: yeah man am over it..and your tag is frikkin tough dude!!!

  113. crasiezt

    Ankur: Agar mere saath hue haadse pe hasta to tu psycho hota:P

    It's good vaise..hasta raha kar:-)

  114. Ankur

    arre dumbo... uski tension thi isliye toh poocha.. hansa toh main tere last reply par tha!! :D

    waise time for update.. isnt!!

  115. crasiezt

    Ankur: Saale tujhe update dikh ni raha hai kya???? There is another post there mister

  116. My Blog Your Thoughts

    I am sad for u..but well ur ok thats the only thinh what matters..


  117. Smoochy

    Moral of the story - never skip your workout!

  118. seriously_frivolous

    and you thought the best way to nab the mugger is to get a ride in a car from a total stranger ;) Boy! you got guts!

  119. crasiezt

    Amit: Thanks man. That was really sweet:-)
    Welcome to my page!

  120. crasiezt

    Smoochy: Lesson learnt!!

  121. crasiezt

    Serious: I did realize later that it was probably a stupid thing to do..but there you go, it's done now, and I can't change it! In fact I'm sure I would do the same if (god forbid) this happens again!!

    Keep dropping by!

  122. Vee...

    I had much bitter experience one plus year ago when I was in Bangalore. At 5 in the evening, I got a call from my neighbors that my house door was broke open. And the damage was all done. My roomie who came back from his on-site trip lost his dollars and a brand new DSLR camera. All in all, a damage of 1 Lakh Rupees and a few restless days as we had to roam around Police station with which turned out to be of no use.

  123. crasiezt

    Vee: Holy shit!! And i thought I got the raw deal!!

  124. Anonymous

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