SHE always knows..PART 2

Author: crasiezt

N didn’t want P to get mixed up with that shallow, two-faced conniving piece of shit. But of course he didn’t think she was any of these. He failed to see through her farce- all he could see was a bubbly, fun-loving, spirited girl. The idea that her man was friends with a super-fake person pained N. She was sure M had romantic/sexual feelings for P, but he was oblivious to this fact. When she did finally mention what she felt, he strongly denied that something of this sort was plausible. “She’s just your average girl” is what he said.

They had already had several arguments over this issue with no conclusions. Both of them would merely shout at each other for a while, sit in different rooms, and finally one of them would break the ice and they would end up having great make-up sex. After a few days the issue would come up again and the process repeated. A vicious circle with no beginning and definitely no end. N had no clue how she could possibly get out of this predicament.

Now N is sitting all by herself, thinking of the best way to finish off M and make it look like an accident, when P appears in front of her. He wraps his arms around her slender legs and looks into her eyes. She looks away, not knowing how to react to that sudden act of love and affection.

P: (Tenderly) She won’t stay with us. Don’t worry. I’ll think of something.

He kisses her forehead lightly.

4 years later..

N looks stunning in a red ghagra choli and resplendent jewelry- it’s her wedding day! The glow on her face is matched only by that on P’s visage. They look lovely together, basking in each other’s happiness; perfect. People keep coming up to them to congratulate them or just to chat up.

A DJ churns out the very best of Bollywood and Punjabi music as kids and youngsters have fun exhibiting their dancing talents (or a lack of them) on the huge dance floor. Chaat- from Golgappe to Bhelpuri, Chinese cuisine- from Koi Thio to Chopsuey, Indian delicacies- from Paneer Tikka to Butter Chicken…all spread out in the banquet hall, smelling as bit as divine as they looked. It was as if nothing could go wrong today. Then M stepped into the hall with a bouquet of orchids.

Their reactions were diametrically opposite. Her smile faltered, while his became, if possible, even stronger.

N: You invited her????
P: Of course I did. And told you too. Forgot? Ok ok look happy now. She’s right

M hugs N and almost hugs P but stops when she gets a malevolent look from N.

M: Wow N you look gorgeous! Great to have met you at last…and that too on such a special day!

N gives M a simpering smile.

M: By the way P, you’re looking quite hot too!
P: (sheepishly) Thanks. And it’s really great that you made it.
M: (laughs loudly) Don’t be so formal. You literally begged me on your knees to come…how could I say no? Anyway, congratulations guys!
P: Thanks thanks.
M: I need to be at another party, so I’ll be off. Just came to see you two for a bit.
P: That’s not fair. You just got here.
N: (icily): It’s ok if she has to go. We completely understand.
M: Sorry guys, but I really really have to go. Can’t help it. Got this for you.

M gives the bouquet to N, kisses her on both cheeks, says goodbye and leaves. The minute M steps out of the hall N checks the card on the bouquet. To it was attached a piece of paper which said:

N I’m sorry. Sorry for everything. I know I’m a bitch, but then all’s fair in love inne? Accept my apologies. It’ll make me feel a little better. Trust me, I’m out of your life, and your husband’s…for good.

N passed the note to P. He read it looking utterly perplexed. With great difficulty he looked into her eyes, and though she felt maddeningly superior to him at that moment she just said: I KNEW IT.

Moral of the story: A woman’s instinct is usually never wrong. She might not be able to explain how or why, but at the end of it all, she is proved right.


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  1. Gonecase

    Haan bas ho gayi khush tu...ho gayi teri naari shakti zindabad!Aur kahani achi hai par kahani poori filmy hai. Aur mein ladka hun to mera vote to abhi bhi ladke ko hi jayega...wo bataya tha are from rahu women are from ketu!!

    Ladki ko insecure nahi hona chahiye, apne par aur apne bande par bharosa rakhna chahiye!

  2. crasiezt

    I thought at least you of all people had gotten the point that N is not insecure. She hates M, and as the story proves, she had every reason to do so.
    It's not about being a guy/gal. You can't use the same argument every time..

  3. deluded

    oh. yes. i loved the whole thing!!

    sexy! in quite a different way!

    but, umm, the conclusion!

    come on! thats just unfair!

    also, I loved that you used the word 'pained'. dunno too many ppl who use that(except iitians)

  4. deluded

    also, not getting into a debate or anything.

    but i guess, in the end, it was just a excessive stubborness, lack of communication and understanding.......

    probably both their faults ....right?

  5. Anonymous

    thanx ma'am...honoured...hav been following ur blog for quite some time....luved reading them all...the in-ur-face sarcasm and humour ...u're really good at tht

    but then ...this story is a bit hat-ke from the usual stuff in ur blog...liked it like always :)

  6. Anonymous

    story toh achha laga...but then i wud go with gonecase.....ladki ko insecure nahi hona chahiye...apne pyar par bharosa hona chahiye....

    the moral: if the one u luv is right, and u luv tht person frm the core of ur heart, u'll certainly end up with ur 3rd person kan play the haddi in the kebab u've been cooking for yrs :P

  7. crasiezt

    Deluded: Thank you thank you:-)

    Come on, I had to have an ending like that..a little forced it is, I know, but I wanted that! "Unfair" beacuse I said women have good instincts? Dude, that is the truth..we may not be so good with directions and roads, but this thing is what we have:D

    I didn't know usage of that word was restricted to IITians:P But since you loved it, I'm gonna have to say thanks:-)

  8. crasiezt

    Deluded: I dunno is it a lack of communication??? N was pretty vocal about what she felt, but P being a man (no offence) simply wouldn't get it..but like you said, no point in debating!!

  9. crasiezt

    Krazy: Thanks man!! Coming from you, I feel honored..I've read your blog too, and you're real good..which is why I've blogrolled you:-)

  10. crasiezt

    Krazy: You too??? Dude, I'm actually surprised that all you people haven't understood the story..N isn't insecure one bit..she's smart enough to have noticed that M is an evil witch, and wanted to shield her man from her..which in my opinion isn't wrong..she's possessive, but certainly not insecure:-)

  11. Anonymous

    hmmmm..if it's masala it's grand ;)
    but if it's a real story then well..if N really feels the need to "shield" her man from this "witch", she's somewhr scared that the "witch" will be succesful in whatever her plans are..doesn't that make N insecure?..n hey there's nothin wrong in being insecure..we all are! we dont wanna lose our loved ones.

    -satanic angel :)

  12. Prakhar

    hahaha..too good...I knew she knew :)

    jokes apart..interestin read...I guess this is the thing about relationships...sometimes you got to trust the person ...even if its blind trust and against your wish..

    ..nd you have to give it to women..I feel often they get it spot on...atleast more often than men :D

    So what exactly happend in those 4 years??

  13. ina

    Poor M. she tried her best but its fine suits her best. wow N must be looking stunning am sure. she is a smart lady !!!! D

  14. Pranay

    Well...All's well that ends well =)...Even though M got proved right in the end suddenly, I didn't find anything before that which proved M was right. Or maybe that was just because I am a guy..:P.
    Well written..I do believe girls have a good instinct but then they do have (in some cases jealousy and insecurity against other girls). How does one make out? :)

  15. crasiezt

    Anony alias Satanic: Yeah babe it's masala absolutely:-)

    N doesn't want to shield P from M because she fears M will steal him. It's like how when your best friend starts hanging out with someone you despise, you don't like it...and even though you know that your position isn't threatened, you don't want your buddy to be with that dig what I'm saying?? It's the same case here..

  16. crasiezt

    Prakhar: You're a doll:D

    In those 4 years their bond grew stronger..and stronger..and maybe P and M grew a little apart, but of course when they were getting married he invited that woman..
    I dunno's a story and I didn't think of that intermediate period..

  17. crasiezt

    Pranay: Yeah man it's because you're a guy:P

    And dude..get this are more jealous and insecure..seriously!

  18. Shailesh Mishra

    I choose to differ - I still has to meet a girl who's "Feline Instinct Compass" still points North.

    The Thing is that it may work (at times) against judging what another female thinks or feels but when it comes to judging the morality or the intentions of a guy - Oh boy!! They never get it right... on top of that any concerned friend's (Let's call him S) advice on the topic usually is met with the same vehemence that N showed here.

    And I won't call P neither introvert nor shy... What he lacks is a spine and some chivalry... I wouldn't be surprised that later in the episodes of this soap, P might turn out to be a chauvinist and a Wife beating Husband.

  19. Anonymous

    blogrolled!!! thanx :D

    k fine now tht u hav put me on blogroll, is ek baat pe i wud go with u :P,
    she's indeed possessive...and not insecure :P

  20. Crimson Feet

    i still believe marrying P is the lousiest decision of N's life!

    cheers :)

    nice "story"

  21. Express

    Darn, Now I feel guilty for not lissening to my mum more often!

    But but, I like your story.. and more, I like the description of N's personality.. good job crazy; GOOD job :-)

  22. Kallu

    Nice story!!!!!!! but not explainable completely!!!!!!! fist half was awesome and cant tell the same for next half... Nice effort!! and finally u made hero as a dummy hero like female oriented movie!!!!!!! one thing for sure..Take it from not all the guys are P and very rarely N will exist

  23. deluded

    you write so fine.

    but you write rarely.


  24. deluded

    *by fine I mean great

    as in the fine they use when they say

    that booty is fine
    or something like that

    you get the drift.....

    dont you?

    you DO!
    thank god for that!

  25. aditi

    niceeeeeeeeeee gal!!!
    keep them coming :D

  26. Bhai with Chai

    yes yes yes.
    totally agree

  27. umangexuberance

    of course girls are always right about things like this.
    guys accept it..u don't have the instincts for it :D

    by the way full filmy end tha re but mast :)

  28. Anonymous

    I agree with you, totally. Women: They are never wrong. I have three of them at my home, wifey and two lovely girls. And they too are never wrong. Instincts: We guys are usually very poor. Only diffrence: Once decided we stay with our instincts.

    Good, moving write up.

  29. BIG Omi

    :P :P :P

    Should i go n delete my last comment on ur earlier post! :P goddamn ! Feeling like a Shmuck!

  30. Prakhar

    Next post kab??

  31. kinu

    too obvious!
    quite boring!
    come neha, ur imagination can fly higher...
    murders, conspiracies...
    but it really is too obvious!

  32. Shailesh Mishra

    Long time.. No new post.
    I'm stuck with a writer's block so no new post here either. :(

  33. Raghav

    10 years in a relationship has taught me many things, one of them being..never to argue or doubt her instinct.

    or mine for that matter.

    nice post, well written

  34. Anonymous

    Hey Pretty girl!
    Where are you? No updates on your blog. Trust all is well.

  35. bhav

    hi neha...i loved it...i agree with this "girl instict" thing thisz true....:)

  36. Prax

    'bout the girl shouldn't be insecure thing...I think it's easier said than done.

    When a guy does it, he's bein' nice-so-protective, but when a girl does it...she' oh-so-possessive.

    When love enters, logic is outta window. Period.
    No, not askin' people not to debate...just Zzz...

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