SHE always knows..

Author: crasiezt

This is a story about three people:

  1. Smart, independent gal- Naina (N)
  2. Her boyfriend, the introvert- Parth (P)
  3. And the vamp- Manjan (M)

“Manjan calling”, displays N’s phone’s screen. She doesn’t answer. She’s got better things to do than speak to some twisted little toe rag. P looks questioningly at her.

N: I don’t wanna talk to her. Don’t bother.

In a matter of seconds M calls P. N expected that but said nothing. P answered (obviously).

P: Hey babe ‘sup?
M: Nothing much. I’m in town so thought we’ll meet up. How come your woman didn’t answer my call?
P: Errrrrr. She’s out. Maybe she didn’t realize it was ringing…

N was half wishing that P would tell that pseudo feminist how much she loathed her. Fat chance of that happening though!

M: Lovely! Come down to Ambience. Movie, coffee and me…what say?

P hesitates. He wants to meet M, but knows N won’t come along. And if he left her at home to meet M, woe betide him!

P: Ummm ummmm…no babe, I have to meet a friend somewhere.
M: O come on. Don’t give me this bullshit. Tell that friend you’re sick. Who’s more important, that friend or me huh?
P: (nervous laugh) No really I can’t make it. Next time maybe?
M: You’re breaking my heart buddy…but OK. Next time it is. I’m gonna be in Delhi on the 8th and 9th of next month to attend a conference. How about if I camp at your place? The three of us can totally hang out then…
P: Yeah sure. Great idea!
M: Okie. See you then. Ciao.
P: Yeah. Take care. Bye.

P looks up to see N looking mutinous. His phone’s speaker was so loud that she had heard every word spoken by the vermin on the other side.

N: How exciting! Maybe I should crash at my friend’s place for a few days so you two can have some fun?
P: She invited herself. You heard that.
N: I didn’t hear you say no! Great idea is what you said.
P: How could I say no just then? And what should I have said? “Sorry M, but my girlfriend can’t bear to be within a 2 Km radius of you, so fuck it?”
N: That would have been the truth, but I’m sure you could have thought of some excuse. We both know how good you are at lying.
P: Fuck you. Just stop pissing me off ok. I don’t wanna get into this fuckall discussion all over again alright. YOU have a problem, YOU deal with it ok.
N: Yeah. It’s my problem. It’s my problem that you lie to me when you wanna meet that whore. It’s my problem that you guys are on the phone all the time. It’s my problem that she makes plans to see you whenever I’m not around. It’s my problem that I hate that filthy maggot.

N storms out of the room, banging the door shut behind her. She is fuming mad. If P looked closely, he would have seen smoke coming out of her nostrils. She was ready to breathe fire at him, or anything else for that matter.

This thing was really getting out of hand. She wasn’t just jealous or insecure. This was worse. She trusted P; knew he wouldn’t cheat on her, not for that fat bitch in any case. But she didn’t trust that spineless rat one bit. M was over-smart, manipulative and above all- a SLUT. She made friends with N and through her met P. Ironically N and M had never met. They were chat friends.

Over a period of time N told M about her boyfriend. Though N thought it was a little odd for M to take so much interest in him, she didn’t think too much about it, and finally M befriended him online. That’s when things changed.

M and P exchanged phone numbers in no time (who asked for whose number first N had no clue, but she wanted to believe that it was M). Whenever they were online they would chat for sure- either would ping the other. In fact, M had stopped pinging N altogether! And even the times she called were out of formality or need.

Once when P was out of town, M messaged N, saying she was coming to Delhi for a spot of shopping, and wanted her to come along. It was obvious that M just needed company, not specifically N's, so she said no. Now M went ahead and sms'ed P that N was refusing to go out with her, and wanted him to convince his girl.

N was stumped when P called and asked her to meet M! Maybe, just maybe, he said, she had judged M too soon, and should give her another chance. Plus, he said, she kept avoiding her way too often, and it was not a nice thing to do. N was stuck. She didn't want to go one bit, but she didn't want to refuse P either; she said yes to M.

N cancelled her other plans as she had to go out with M. But all of a sudden M calls and tells her she’s gonna go with another friend. How rude was that! N was pissed off. But she didn’t wanna ruin her mood for that wretched woman, so she went out with her friends and had a lovely evening. Imagine her surprise, when at half past 11 that night M calls to say that her friend ditched her and now she wants to go shopping with N! N wanted to wring that nasty broad’s neck with her hands, but keeping her cool she just chastised M for calling so late and assuming N won’t have any other plans.

To top it all, when she told P of how M insulted her, and was taking her for granted, he just laughed off the whole thing. Why, she couldn’t understand, was P being such a fool? Couldn’t he see what was going on? Every time N said something against M he would defend her. On the other hand, this incident had offended N so much, but he was still taking her side, saying that she has lotsa friends, so it aint a big deal!



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  1. Gonecase

    Pehle to kya hai, to be continued...koi KKK series serial hai kya jo agle episode mein baaki ki kahani dikhayi jayegi ???

    Aur ye kya naam hua, manjan, hehe....funny hai !

    Story achi hai...par fir wo kehte hain na...Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars something something !!

  2. gunj

    is that a story??
    i doubt!!

    i think naina should get over her insecurities...and stop thinking too much!!

    shez got to know her man is with her coz shez worth it n not coz he couldnt find any M before he met her.

    if she will still torture herself n her bf with all this then she sure needs help!!

    poor woman!

  3. Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    I ditto that! I think she shud trust her BF..

    and incase there is any doubts abt M.. just call up and sort it out! simple!!!

  4. Ina

    hmm.interesting one. i think M is a complete gonecase chapter. Gosh she sounds like a desperate b....h. Aint she is not able to find anyone????? what an amazing thought to get P thru N. uuuuuuuuffff!!!what the hell M got dicthed by her freinds.suits her.And still has guts to call N for shooping at 11. wow. M grow up .Looser;-)Looking forward for the next episode .

  5. Anonymous

    very saas bhi kabhi bahu .. this is. but interesting read. able to relate to it. there are so many M's in this world. P shud play a better role though ... send script to balaji films. .. shud be a sure shot buy

  6. crasiezt

    Gonecase: Hehehe mujhe bhi likhte hue serial waali feel aa rhi thi:D But don't worry, there's only 1 more episode!

    Manjan funny to hai hi, but apt bhi hai..and you know why baby:P

    So you liked the story:-) Haan haan I don't expect you to understand..but it's'll get there someday..

  7. crasiezt

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. crasiezt

    Gunj: You know it's for people like you that I cut my story into 2 portions so "finer details" of the narrative won't be missed..but alas in spite of that you missed the main point of the story..

    Don't you get it that Naina is not insecure???? Manjan isn't a threat to her..she knows that..and you have to read the concluding part to know what the "real" story is..that is if you bother to come back here..

  9. crasiezt

    Rahul: So you didn't read the story either:P

    Dude, she trusts her guy. Or else she would have slapped him and walked out of his life (remember Naina's introdcution..she's smart and independent). She'e not some silly teenager who gets jealous because her bf is friends with a girl other than her..her problem is that Manjan is BAD. Like I told the person whose comments you "dittoed", read the next instalment..then you'll know!

    By the way not all things in life can be sorted out over a phone call..

  10. crasiezt

    Ina: I love it when you comment on my page:-)

    Yeah M sure is a loser..the kind that is full of shit, but pretends otherwise:P

    I'll give you the next part very very soon..

  11. crasiezt

    Anony: Thanks for the encouraging words!!

    P is a man..and he behaved the way any man would..can't blame him..that's the character!!

    I know the story is very filmy/ soap opera types, but fortunately, unlike the Balaji stuff, this has only 2 episodes..wait and watch:D

  12. abhi

    i like the way u write. good going. you keep the reader engrossed, i've noticed that in the older entries. try poetry some more. you're not too bad at it too.

    there's a lot of bitch fight going on here, hehe. normal stuff. happens all the time. but i liked the words you have used for manjan. exaggerated i'm sure, but funny all the same. i dont undrstnd y girls get into all this.

    and i definitely pity the guy. he's in a bad situation for no fault of his. i can c tht naina gets pissed becuause manjan makes flirty statements, and parth does nothing to stop it. but she should chill. but i think parth should also do something about it. i think he was wrong to not have reacted when naina felt bad about the whole plan cancellation thingy. he should bhave like her bf, not like some wuss..

    i hope this is a story though..and if it's not, i hope you're not manjan, coz obviously she's bad news!!

    take care. i'll wait to read what happens in the soon girl

  13. geet

    oye ye kya chep diya yahan..venom spitted,i hope someone is feeling good.

    if i were P,even i would hv laughed on what N said. arre,aise plans to change hote rehte hain,in this busy world.i didnt see anything insulting.
    on the top of it,N had given a chance to M only in her mind and never shared it with M. to M ko kya pata ki kya chal raha hai.and if N felt so much insulted, she could have confronted M ,baat wahin khatam!!! N being strong and independent,wo itna katchra apne dimaag main nahin bharegi am sure...communication gap i see!!

    aur taali to dono haathon se bajti hai na, i am sure if P and M are chatting and talking for so many stretched hours, for sure P shaanti se chaat window ko taak-ta nahin hoga. for sure itni baaton ke baad wo friends to bann hi gaye honge.
    bhayiya, yahan to lag raha hai ki P ko koi bhi issue nahi hai M se baat karne ke liye. and no where in the story points that M can be a Sl**. Else i will call P the same!!!

    and its just my POV. rest my wishes for N and P to stay happy together.

  14. sanely insane

    color madam color...ppl will go blind if they read things in purple...gaah my eyes

    hmm the quintessential problem...wat do u do if ure other half (not necessarily better) and ure friends dont get along...much worse if they are insecure about each other

    the crucial balancing act...makes for good stories :)

  15. kalyan

    Nice one...But the N character is not pictured properly...initially u told N is bold and independent..then y the heck she become a dancing doll of P. Link is missing... anyhow nice one... in next episode M shud get screwed or P.. not N... :)

  16. crasiezt

    Abhi: Wow! That was a long comment!

    I'm glad you liked the crap that I write..keep dropping by dearth of shit on my blog:D

    As for the is based on truth, but lots of "masala" has been added to make it what it is:-)

    I know Naina is coming off as insecure, but she ain't. You'll know once the second part is published. Parth, well, he's a guy, a typical guy..can't say anything else about him. But there is no bitch fight, because Naina hasn't and never will confront Manjan directly..this is a different kind of usual story!!

  17. crasiezt

    Geet: I expected you to side with Manjan on this!!

    When Manjan called off the plana and called it back on again it wasn't a big thing. Agreed. It's just that Naina was like the last resort for her. She was only being used!! Manjan doesn't like her one bit..she likes Parth. So why this pretention? And Naina isn't the kind that will question her directly..some things are better left unsaid..

    Yupp Parth chats with her. But he doesn't flirt. Nor does he feel that she flirts with's complicated!! The next part will answer all your questions..

    By the way, just so you know, that although this story is based on reality, there is loads of fiction in here:-)

    I feel I should have published the whole story in one go to avoid the confusion..damn!

  18. crasiezt

    Sane: Ooops sorry!! You should get anti-glare specs:D

    Soap opera drama this is..

  19. crasiezt

    Kalyan: You know it happens in real matter how independent the woman may be, she is like a puppet in the hands of her partner..very sad, but very true..

    And don't worry, N will be safe. She is the heroine of my little drama:-)

  20. geet

    damn you should have published whole story in one ..:).. and i know its a masala natak!!

    per i will still say, if someone is giving a Second chance,that means person should forget everything in the past and start afresh. So if N understands this, then that scenario looks just normal and not insulting. BUT as N was carrying incidents from past, another incident like this and BANG!! and thats really not a Second chance,bass bolne ke liye hai ye. aur jisko second chance de rahe the usko to bata deti N!! apne dimaag main yojna aur execution bhi...

    aur side main M ki nahin li,P ki lagai bhi hai aur N ko suggest bhi kiya hai.

  21. pras

    waiting to see the continuation part..

    and yeah! pls visit my blog

  22. crasiezt

    Geet: Yeah I know I should have!! But it is perhaps more fun this way..I'm not going to say anything yet..just read the next part and you'll know why N hated M so much!

  23. crasiezt

    Pras: You won't have to wait too long man!!

  24. deluded



    waiting for the next part!

  25. Satanic Angel

    hmmmmm..interesting masala! However I have this feeling N is somewhere inside tad bit insecure..and hey..p doesnt come across as an introvert in the post..u make him out to be pretty much outgoing..umm guess the 2nd part wud make the entire thing much clearer..lekin kahani toh mast hai..masaledaar gossip material

  26. Reeta Skeeter

    ye kya hai!
    it hurt my eyes :( your font colour..grr!

  27. sanely insane

    see second complaint abt the color...we will go on strike in protest!!!


  28. umangexuberance

    well i think its not insecurity, just irritation at being used, which is quite natural. I know why naina is seething. and yes no guy should be expected to understand it.

  29. oo7

    gr8 going...
    waiting for the next part...


  30. Akshay

    Intezaar....intezaar.....tumhare story part....

  31. Tairebabs

    I was trying to figure out if this was fictional. It doesn't matter eitherway. I think N handled it the wrong way eventhough I think she had every right to be angry. The thing is P obviously enjoys the attention he receives from M but if N keeps snappy at P, trust me it will only bring P closer to M.

    P however needs to respect the fact that the friendship with M makes N uncomfortable and put an end to it if he is serious about what he and N share.

  32. Crimson Feet

    the spineless prick sucks!

  33. Anonymous

    nice one...liked this one and the rest of the posts on the blog.... i liked ur tag answers particularly :P

    btw, when's the next episode coming up??

  34. crasiezt

    Deluded: Thanks man! Well, the next part is check it out

  35. crasiezt

    Satanic Angel: Hehehe I know it is full on masala:D

    See P is an introvert, but he does have friends, and obviously he likes to talk to them..and if that friend is a girl..all the more reason!!

    I know N comes across as an insecure person..but read the 2nd half and you'll disagree:-)

  36. crasiezt

    Skeety: sorry sorry!! Will change it for sure

  37. crasiezt

    Sanely: Sorry man..I'll change it real soon

  38. crasiezt

    Umang: You're the best!!! Finally someone who understands N's agony and frustration..muah for that

  39. crasiezt

    007: Thanks!
    Your wait is finally over:D

  40. crasiezt

    Akshay: It's here dude..dekh le and comment bhi kar!

  41. crasiezt

    Tairebabs: You know what people say about long stories..that they are 70% fact and 30% fiction..that's not the case here though!

    I know what you mean about N handling the situation in a wrong manner..but come on, can you blame the poor thing:-(

    I don't quite agree with you on the other point though..just imagine..if your partner were to ask you to stop hanging out with a certain friend only coz he had a problem with it, would you? I don't think so. It's just not right..

  42. crasiezt

    Crimsonfeet: liner, but the best comment till now:D

  43. crasiezt

    Krazy: :D Try doing the tag yourself..some of them are fun!!

    Next episode is here..

  44. BIG Omi

    So miss N is getting a bit Posessive eh?? anyways if N trusts her Guy completely thn it shouldn't matter to her if hes talking, or pinging or hanging arnd with M or Barbara moore ! :P

    anyways too complicated gals never understand guys needs friends too to live or to socialize!
    Ciao Buddy!

  45. Prax

    I don't understand. Why is everyone psychoanalysin' a the story, fiction or otherwise.

    Every person 'd relate differently. Like I think... Crasie probably has had enough theories... & I gotta read the second part.

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