The F of FRAN

Author: crasiezt

Can you ever tell if a bride is going to cry at her wedding, especially if she’s going away to a different country? That would be pretty natural isn’t it? So when Fiddi didn’t cry I was rather surprised. I was expecting a river to say the least, but there wasn’t a single drop! Not even moist eyes man! Is that merely ’cause she still had a month before she actually left for the US? Or ’cause she was (is) so much in love with her guy and she couldn’t wait to be with him? Beats me!

Not like she didn’t shed a single tear. She did. Not on the D-day, but a few days before it…We were all generally gassing around, when her younger brother (Fasahad) came in and announced that he had written a poem for her and wanted to read it. We all got excited and sat down to listen to him recite. With trembling hands he held the sheet of paper and started reading the poem…it was about what an adorable sis she has been, and how much he’s going to miss having her around…it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. He was on the verge of tears and I could feel myself welling up too. And that’s when Fiddi rubbed her eyes and stepped out of the room…If she hadn’t cried then, I’m sure I would have slapped and made her!

I’m sure I’ll cry my heart out when I get married. I crumble every time I have to say goodbye to my parents and come to Bangalore, which happens every other month. If I can’t handle letting go now, how will I do it when I know am not gonna see them that often? What I can also never understand is why people get married. A live-in relationship is fine, isn’t it? Is marriage just a license to have sex? A legal form of prostitution, where the guy is a pimp and the woman his whore. One small difference is that the whore doesn’t put out for anyone but him.

We were all so busy having fun that we didn’t realize that ultimately she’s gonna get married and be off to a new place! Suddenly the whole process was done and I was hugging her for the last time…it struck me then that life’s gonna be different. True, we don’t stay in the same city any more, but now I might think twice before I call her at 2 am to crib about my new haircut. I don’t know how often we’ll get to talk; even if we speak, will that be for an hour as always or just 10 minutes? Plus she’s not gonna be in Hyderabad when I go visiting. Radhi and I will hang out of course, but we’re gonna miss that nut. The hyena-laughter, the whining, the sing-song tone, the scarf-covered head, the goosebumps…

I was trying to wear my nose pin today, and was totally reminded of how I almost broke your hand while my nose was being pierced. Am sorry for that sweetie…You know you’re the reason I joined orkut, you’re the only person I can call at any time of the day to discuss any damn thing (Radhi doesn’t have patience with me), it’s because of you that I absolutely love haleem and kheema now…Endless list, so I’ll stop right here. You’re the backbone of FRAN baby. I miss you so much so much so much. Love you. Muah muah and so many hugs.


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  1. Gonecase

    I know I am bad with these emotion things but I got what you meant. Friendship is indeed one of the best things that can happen in your life. Don't worry, she's still a phone call away and 2 at night would mean day for her :P

    Good post with a few "not-required" lines.

    God bless your friendship.

  2. niceguy251


    One does miss good & close friends. Some girls controled their emotion little too well. But they too feel the seperation. She must be putting up brave front. Live in is fine but do remember that marriage is a social obligation when you wish to raise a family. Not that anyone stops one from having children without getting married but don't you think it would not be very fair to offsprings in the present society?

    Take care

  3. geet

    very cute post and unlike gonneyyy ,i can totally understand the emotions in this post.. somehow i also have questions on the marriage stuff...and then questions about manglik stuff(like if a gal marries a guy and if she is manglik,it will affect the guy,wonder marriage is just a stamp!!)

    liked one pic in orkut clicked of you three..

    HuGgS... mwaah

    p.s: tu fir bhi pitne waali hai kamini!!!

  4. geet

    very cute post and unlike gonneyyy ,i can totally understand the emotions in this post.. somehow i also have questions on the marriage stuff...and then questions about manglik stuff(like if a gal marries a guy and if she is manglik,it will affect the guy,wonder marriage is just a stamp!!)

    liked one pic in orkut clicked of you three..

    HuGgS... mwaah

    p.s: tu fir bhi pitne waali hai kamini!!!

  5. rasika

    neha dahlin..i must say your views on marriage are awfully pious..makes it all sound so sacred and meaningfull now.

    can u PLS not EVER get married...phulleesee!! the world has enuff pimps n whoars! :)

    and apart from ur crappy marrige view, i think rest is VAARy sweet..fiddi is a dahlin so this little dedication is worth it!

  6. Pranav Kumar V

    about marriage... agreed. but I guess it comes down to living a disciplined life at the end... sure you can have fun there too!!

    But yeah, in most cases, its just a license to let it rip!! ;) Things are changing slowly, I feel. Good.

    And why does the emotion always have to be in form of tears?? You can laugh your heart out when you're leaving someone too!! I do that!! Yeah, each one, his own way!!

    See you when I see you... :)

  7. Express


    golden friendship!

  8. Prakhar

    beautiful post...actually I always wondered why brides cried...but a few days back when my sis went home after stayin with me for over 3 months...i felt really bad...and then I realized..why one feels all such emotions...

    luvly pic :)

  9. Reeta Skeeter

    oye bhery cute post this... :)
    good luck to your friend

  10. chacha

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  11. Bhai with Chai

    awwww.. hugs.. hugs.. so many of 'em!

    //I’m sure I’ll cry my heart out when I get married

    :).. mujhe toh bas.. ek push chahiye.. i've cried at my brother's wedding.. random cousin sister's wedding.. I'm sure I'm gonna fill buckets in mine.. IF it ever happens! :D

  12. Shailesh Mishra

    A li'l too girlie post for me!

  13. Pranay

    Aaahhh... so many things to ponder upon...;-).
    I can understand what you felt. Jab jab jo jo hona hai tab tab so so hota hai...hehe.. You will have a wonderful wedding and an even better marriage don't worry...
    I don't think you actually need my consoling...though I can't help wanting to..
    All the best.

  14. Akshay

    I have seen enough weddings for 2008.... I think crying is pretty natural ...wait until my sis gets married..

  15. Anonymous

    Crying, it is okay, as long as it is natural... That is a joke, for it always is.
    Marriages are great, crying or not. Best wishes to your friend. Cheers!

  16. pras

    god bless ur frndship

  17. Anonymous

    I don't agree with your comments on marriage (not the first time:)
    Marriage for me is a religion, some believe in it and some off it, but license to get married and leagal prostitution is simply carp!!
    I mean some people want to spend the life with each other, they DO love each other so much. And it helps when you have a legal relationship; I live in the US and feels kinda strange with kids whoz father broke up with the mother cause they were not "married". Can u imagine yourself in that situation.
    Call it a culture difference of our Indian "conservative" mentality, fact remains that marriage does decipline and brings joy. That said, you may not agree at all!!

  18. Chriz

    F gone and now RAN is left..

  19. Satanic Angel

    i can so very well relate to ur of my bestest frds got married recently n went off to the sucks this marriage business :( especially for the gurls..somehow they manage to lose touch after gettin married n stuff..i so hate it.

  20. annapurna

    FRAN!!! I miss you guys very much! lots of love. everyday I think what stopped me from going.
    Its commitment. That is what marriage is.But i am not married. It maybe a license to let it rip:) but at the end of the day does it really matter? Marriage or a live in relationship? if there is commitment, marriage is just a piece of paper slowly turning yellow as the days go by. Wonder why I never mentioned love? Because love isn't everything. Well let's say it is and isn't and leave it at that.
    Lots of love muaaah babes

  21. C R D

    hope you guys always remain in touch.

    in my case all the friends who got married are out of sight *sigh*

    mainu bhi shaadi karni hai :d


  22. sharad

    NEHA i dint expect this kind of stuff from u .....i mean its unfair to blaim an institution ..just because ur loosing someone!!!! dont let ur emotions to play around ur creativity...and moreover relationships are intangibles assets ...if u really have one than one can snatch those beautiful memories from u!! not even a distance of merely few lakh kilometers.(baap re first comment mein hee critcs... sory hannn..but tats wat i feel....)

  23. whoelsebutme

    Society operates by rules. Marriage is a rule which makes your life a bit sane. Today we may have people adoring us but when we are like 50, we need someone who will smile at you after a bad its not prostitution only after all.

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